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Are the Stars influencing us? How does it work?
by Katharina Bless

This is an explanation about the stars, what role they play in our lives, looking at the linear/horizontal and the vertical analogy of life.

Katharina works with the real star constellations as you can see them in the sky. Neither Western nor Vedic astrology uses the same data.

I made for you a table that you can see more clear how those vertical analogies work. As I said, the word “cosmos” is order. Every thing is in a certain order, a certain rhythm. Every thing is connected to a rhythm that has a beginning, a phase of ascending, a peak and a descending phase that leads to the end. There are many different rhythms some quite short and some very long. You can see the same principle in the Mayan Calendar.

Now the moment you are born, all the different rhythms start at that moment you take your first breath and then the quality of time unfolds. YOU have chosen to be born at a certain moment and that is the free will. During your life time you also have a free will that is about HOW you approach life and what you do with the curriculum you have chosen.

Again: the stars are not an influence, but they show you the quality of time, rhythms unfolding.

Of course there are much more horizontal analogy levels or “kingdoms” and if you are interested to study this more closely, I offer my book now to you for a special price of book costs plus international shipping. You can buy me 3 coffees (link at the end of this page) for 15$ and I will get a notification and then will contact you for your address. This is the most easy way to pay me, I don’t have PayPal anymore. This is a working book with images.

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The book that I recommended is out of print … if you want to pay a lot you can order at Amazon.

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