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Four agreements between Israel and Pfizer have been released via FOI lawsuit, still in a heavily redacted form. They prove that the Israeli government conducted forced experiments on people.

Supplementary agreements here.

There are at least four key agreements/documents that the Israeli Ministry of Health (IMOH) signed with Pfizer, and the release of these documents after legal wrangling that went for months reveals that all four were signed even before the vaccine received the EUA from the FDA. The government attempted to conceal the real dates of the signing, and apparently created a false representation that it was signed later in order to lie to the people that the product was “authorized” by the FDA and EMA. The four agreements that were released include:

The data sharing agreement with Pfizer – a copy was published by the IMOH on January 17, 2021, as the “Israel-Pfizer Agreement” or “Real-World Epidemiological Evidence Collaboration Agreement”. This is the agreement that specifies the terms of information sharing between the State of Israel and Pfizer in a “real world” study to be conducted in Israel – on Israeli citizens. The stated purpose of this agreement was to collect and analyze epidemiological data resulting from the vaccination of the Israeli population, and to determine whether herd immunity would be achieved as a result of the vaccine.

As a result of the FOI lawsuit, a signed copy of this agreement was found by the Israeli government. Previously, the government stated they “lost” it or could not locate it, but now they found it. The most important finding from these two documents is the real date of signing of this agreement. In the latest released version, (see link in this paragraph, p.4 of the pdf) the IMOH admits that this agreement was signed on December 1, 2020 – about five weeks earlier than was claimed before (i.e. January 6, 2021).

This proves that the IMOH actively concealed the true date of the signing of the agreement and lied about it while claiming a later date. This deception is important since the Israeli government relies entirely on FDA and EMA for approvals of medical products in the country and has little to no capacity to formally verify the completeness and rigorousness of the data used in making decisions by these ex-Israel government agencies. Thus, the Israeli public was entirely misled by the Israeli government. The EUA was granted to Pfizer by the FDA only on December 11, 2020. An EUA by the FDA simply means “we have no real evidence this works or is safe, but you can use it if you are desperate” – an EUA product is unlicensed and unapproved for anything. Thus, “The Information Sharing Agreement” with Israel was signed about ten days before even an emergency permit was received from the FDA for this product, and the IMOH tried to hide it and lied about it.

The released version of the agreement has many redactions and even the page numbers in the new copy are also redacted. The parts about liability waiver/potential pledge of state assets to Pfizer (US DOD/central bank owners?) are 100% redacted. There is a concern that the copy of the agreement may not include all of its pages.

The production and supply agreement with Pfizer (aka “Manufacturing and Supply Agreement”) – This agreement is released for the firs time, however, its existence has been known since the unsigned copy of “The Information Sharing Agreement” was first published in January 2021. It is now clear that the purchase transaction itself, was signed on December 1, 2020, at the same time as “The Information Sharing Agreement”.

Confidentiality Agreement – it appears that this agreement was signed by the Ministry of Health and Pfizer on July 12, 2020. In fact, this agreement was signed three months before Pfizer submitted an application, and even before the company began the phase 3 study on its product.

“The series of agreements signed with Pfizer thus includes at least four agreements/documents: a Confidentiality Agreement signed on July 12, 2020; a Principles document signed on November 13, 2020; a Production and Distribution Agreement signed on December 1, 2020; and an Information Sharing agreement also signed on December 1, 2020. As shown in the timeline diagram attached below, all four agreements were signed before the vaccine received the EUA, and the Principles document was even signed before Pfizer submitted the request for approval. Additionally, the confidentiality agreement was signed before the company began its Phase 3 study, says Attorney Gur. “Under such circumstances, it is very difficult to take seriously the claim that this is not a real human experiment”.

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The main conclusion from the above is the following:

The Israeli Ministry of Health “approved” the import of Pfizer mRNA injections before even the superficial FDA’s issuance of the EUA! At the same time they agreed to give Pfizer the medical data on the effects of this “black box” substance on the Israeli population. Then they lied to the people claiming the product was tested and approved by the FDA, and furthermore, forced the injections without informed consent by using extremely harsh and coercive measures.

If this doesn’t say “forced medical experimentation without consent” I don’t know what does.

I would like to state that I am very much anti- the anti-Semitism that is evidently practiced by the Israeli government against the population of Israel. I am having hard time identifying material differences between the actions of the Israeli government towards the Israeli people and what happened under the Nazi rule in Germany 1941-1945. CIA library Wiki is not a reliable source, but one key difference stands out – there were about 15,000 victims of Nazi medical experiments in Germany, perhaps more. With the current mRNA injected atrocity in Israel we have millions of victims who were forced into the mRNA transfection experiment, including pregnant women and children. Population of Israel is around 9 million, and coerced covid injections uptake was high (approx 4 million received 3 shots):

within 2 months about half of the total population had received a vaccine dose. As of 1st June 2021, 81% of the population aged ≥16 years had received the second vaccine dose. Vaccine uptake was high, exceeding 75% among those aged 20 years and increasing with age, surpassing 90% in individuals aged ≥60 years.

The numbers of the medical experimentation victims (deaths, disabilities and injuries) is likewise very high. Vaccine injured group on Facebook in Israel has 42,000 participants according to this article. If the estimated short-term death numbers from worldwide data apply in Israel (~1/800 – 1/1000 injections), that we can expect at least 100,000 deaths from these shots (a conservative estimate).


On a more technical note, the Pfizer-Israel contracts refer to “Rule 29”, i.e. the covid injections were expected to be imported into Israel under this rule. Confirming that the government was knowingly signing off on a dangerous mass experiment. The rule is an “exception” to marketing of approved medical products, including for what appears to indicate use of chemical and radiological weapons. This is equivalent to the “countermeasures” provisions in the US and EU law.

Exceptions to pharmaceutical marketing authorization procedures “Rule 29” (source describing regulations of pharmaceuticals in Israel):

In special circumstances, a medicine may be exempt from registration in Israel if it falls within one of the exemptions listed in Regulation 29(a) of the Pharmacists Regulations (Preparations), as implemented by the MOH’s Director General. This includes where:

  • The medicine is to be used as part of a compassionate use programme.
  • The medicine is intended for the treatment of a serious disease or medical condition and no alternative medicines for treating the same disease or medical condition are registered and marketed in Israel.
  • The medicine is designated for the medical treatment of Israeli residents in relation to an epidemic or other contagious disease.
  • The medicine concerns protection from chemical or radioactive substances.


Finally, my educated guess on what happened in Israel, and worldwide with regard to knowingly pushing poisonous injections across various state borders: the top government/intelligence officials probably knew that covid exercise was a global population control/enslavement/NWO plan. That’s just a few people/country however who are fully briefed on the real reasons. The rest of the officialdom were sold the ostensible reasons, the CIA-Pentagon story of e.g., “engineered lethal virus/lab leak from China” and thus all the military style responses, countermeasures and associated secrecy + panic + forced lockstep measures propagated from WHO were deemed ok throughout the many layers of bureaucracy. Down below that are the layers which were sold Hollywood bullshit about pandemics from bats and monkeys and told to be healthcare heroes: “doing their jobs” and “we are in it together” and “protect grandma or our precious socialist healthcare system”. My readers are well aware by now that a large scale atrocity is very easily committed by nice people as long as the tasks are compartmentalized enough and minimally plausible narratives supplied to provide the excuse for the moral cowards to go along.

I may be paranoid or too jaded, but I can’t help but see the connections to the most recent “screw-up” of the Israeli intelligence somehow missing the Hamas attack along what is supposed to be some of the most secure and surveilled border in the world.


Riiight, they just “missed” the breach of that super-wall for 20+ hours. Was it intentional? This means everything happening now was planned. The Israel Government has refused to explain why the Israel Defense Forces, with 173,000 active personnel, 193 fighter jets, 38 attack helicopters and 1,760 tanks on standby, and advance warning of an attack, took almost 3 days to cross the 77 miles from Jerusalem to Gaza.

Was this orchestrated attack precipitated by the truth about global covid atrocity coming out and people realizing what has been done to them and why – the ultimate goals of the cabal? Is the globalist cabal behind the puppets in the Israeli government (and all other major governments) unhappy with the population reduction numbers achieved so far, e.g. far short of the Deagel predictions (population reduction targets were US -70%, Israel -63%) and now needs to push for the next phase of destruction – the kinetic global war?

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  1. Derek, I'm hoping you'll pass this on to Sasha Latypova. He needs to look deeper, back to WWII, and this article may be helpful in uncovering more facts. It's disturbing…. Jews working with Nazi's against Jews.


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