From our friends John and Teresa Millward:

One billion hearts beating just one message.

For those not already aware, we have been organising collective consciousness meditations to eliminate introduced virus from the human race.

In light of events worldwide, this Sunday will be devoted entirely to a mass Peace meditation. We are aiming to be one billion strong and would be overjoyed to exceed that number. Even those not confident in their ability to meditate are welcome, if we connect it may be the meditative experience we were waiting for.

About Our Next Meditation

It is a time of grave violence and threat of violence on this planet. We all deserve to enjoy well-being and sleep peacefully in our beds at night.

It is pointless to appeal to those who have assumed authority, as their agenda is power, even by perpetrating mass violence. It is time to take the power of love into our own hands through a mass meditation for world peace.

In the last two weeks, there have been multiple calls for peace. Lee Caroll (who channels Kryon) has appealed for the help of one billion souls to participate in mass meditation to achieve world peace. As this group is already in the hundreds of millions, we can make a significant difference, so let’s join in that purpose on Sunday, November 5, and resume with meditations to eliminate viruses the following week.

To achieve world peace at this time in history would be a triumph for the collective consciousness even greater than we have already demonstrated in our past series of meditations ( It would also bring joy to us and all the good people of Earth.

We will give to the world our love and five minutes of our time in a meditation for peace. Please focus upon the forgiveness/peace frequency (994), which also has harmonics of love, joy and gratitude; as well as peace as a mantra, your own vision of peace, or any symbol of peace that appeals to your heart. Let our love save lives, and end violence and strife.

November 5th Mass Meditation

Date: November 5, 2023
Time: 2:30 pm/14.30 GMT
Duration: FIVE minutes
Convert: Convert to your timezone.

Beware of Daylight Savings Time: Please note that Daylight Savings time transition occurs between September 24 and November 5, depending on your country, so be especially careful to use the conversion above for every planned meditation around these dates. Thank you.

Instructions for November 5th Mass Meditation

The method begins with relaxing into your place of stillness, opening up your heart and sending love globally. Using visualisation, or a slow mantra, or any method that works for you, keep the focus on the number below.

  • 994 is the frequency
  • FIVE minutes is the duration                     Love and gratitude to you all.

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