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‘This is what happens when society is evacuated of Christian content’

The founders of many universities in the West started the institutions to teach Christianity.

Some have moved far from that goal.

In fact, a report at The Washington Stand points out how several schools, both in the United Kingdom and the United States, have started teaching witchcraft.

And magic. And occult. And ritual.

Those schools include the University of Exeter in England, which will offer a master’s degree in witchcraft, magic and the occult, by next year.

In America, it’s Rice University that teaches Gnosticism, Esotericism and Mysticism, offering a “certificate” from its religion department that focuses on magic, ritual and witchcraft.

“Witches are back, and they want academic credit,” Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, explained in a recent podcast, the report said.

The Stand report explained, “Mohler discussed how these are ‘universities that once understood the universals, the good, the beautiful, and the true, to be held together within the Christian worldview, which Jesus Christ is the unity of all truth.’ But we are now in a time, he added, where Christ is removed as the unity of all truth, and these universals have been divided, which leads to programs centered around ‘ancient paganism.'”

Joseph Backholm of the Center for Biblical Worldview explained to The Washington Stand that it’s not new that there’s interest in “magic.” In fact, that interest dates to biblical times.

“Witchcraft was specifically condemned in Deuteronomy, and King Saul consulted the Witch of Endor in 1 Samuel,” he said.

But humans are “wired with an interest in the supernatural,” he said.

“[M]agic is sometimes where we turn when we want access to supernatural power but we don’t want to submit to anyone. It creates the illusion of power with control,” he said.

Obviously, not all “supernatural” is good.

“All supernatural power that is not from God is from Satan. It’s real power, but it comes at a tremendous cost that isn’t disclosed up front,” he said.

Backholm explained, “Satan’s goal is just to keep the crown of God’s creation — humanity — from knowing their creator. Both atheism and magic accomplish that goal, so Satan is happy with either choice. Atheism is for those who think something can come from nothing and magic is for those who can’t quit[e] shake the idea that there is something more but still want to be in charge of themselves.”

Officials said the new Exeter program will be based in its Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies.



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  1. Perhaps if Christianity hadn't been so stubborn in recognizing that Revelation was about the 7 chakras and not the 7 seals of "Armageddon" as well as recognizing that Matthew 6:22 was about meditation, it wouldn't have lost so much credibility. The major "Churches" had a chance to examine the evidence and admit to the truth but they denied it to keep the donations rolling in. Now these same "Churches" worship the occupiers of Jerusalem whose DNA tests prove they are not Semitic and therefore have no historical right to the land, while they commit genocide against the Palestinian people so that they can steal the oil and gas in the Gaza strip for their profit. If that's not an abomination before God I don't know what is. Certainly casting spells on people and sacrificing and drinking the blood of innocents is evil, but so is what the Church does in the name of God. "He who lives in a glass house, should not throw stones."

  2. Christ, part of his being here on Earth was going against the pegan gods. And all those bloodlines that stem from those to this day are causing the havoc and the destruction to humanity. Where we could live in peace and harmony and love instead of war and thieves and e oil Mongers that doo satanic ritual acts on the innocence of little children. Jesus said we were meant to be free. He didn't say how long it would take.


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