The weed in the Garden of Eden

Research compilation by Rev. Kat Carroll

I’m hoping to connect some dots you may not have considered and avoid offending the marijuana users reading this post.  This article is meant to inform you and get you thinking about your relationship with Cannabis. Personally, I have no issue with medical marijuana to help with seizure disorders, nor the occaisional joint for relaxation, which in my youth, I too imbibed on rare occaisions. My lungs can’t handle the smoke and I’ve been sensitive to tomacco smoke since childhood, frequently hiding cigarette packages of family members and friends. Even then, I felt I was protecting their health.

My concern today is for the many who use “Mary Jane” as a crutch in their daily lives rather than confronting issues or seeking therapy for their PTSD and other problems. However, in this article, I’m not addressing medical use, but the recreational use of the plant and what it has become in the past 40 years. It’s no longer the innocent plant from the garden of eden and natural plant medicine it was originally designed to be.

A view of the exterior of the Garden of Eden cannabis dispensary on Foothill Boulevard in Hayward, Calif., on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018.

Massive changes have taken place in today’s cannabis compared to what was smoked in the 60’s and 70’s. THC levels are nearing 100% depending on strain. It’s being touted as beneficial for depression and pain.  A lot of cannabis has been patented but you can only own a patent on a living organism after it has been genetically modified, and there are many patent holders.

Per Deepa K Tiku and Juhi Sakrikar of K&S Partners who analyzed the latest trends in cannabis patent filings around the world:

“The US has the highest number of cannabis-related patents applications, with Australia, China, Canada and Europe following close behind”. 

Who has a patent on marijuana?

The following chart represents the top 10 medical cannabis patent holders in the U.S. as of 2019, by number of patents:

Click the above image for more information and charts

Why are so many pharmaceutical companies involved in patenting Marijuana?  The simple answer is profits. Cannabis production has become a big money-making industry.

According to the Leafly Cannabis Harvest Report 2022, marijuana was the sixth most valuable wholesale crop in the United States last year at a $5 billion worth, trailing only corn, soybeans, hay, wheat and cotton. The calculation includes only crops in states where state-sanctioned sales of legal weed are already up and running and exclude production in medical marijuana-only states.

Just as when naturopathic doctors were being taken out for offering natural alternatives to the drug industry (especially during Covid), the same was happening with private cultivators who wanted to sell natural strains of marijuana. They were labeled National Security Concerns, a fire hazard and more. You were not allowed to grow but a small amount of cannabis, let alone sell it. But corporations can and for big profits!

What people are smoking and vaping today is not the weed your grandparents smoked to get high. What they were using back then was illegal, even though the THC percentage was only about 3%.  Now it’s at record highs (if you’ll pardon the pun). Despite claims to the contrary, it is addictive.  Just as what happened with the tobacco industry & cigarettes; these are patented strains designed to get you very stoned, and to be addictive.  So, why is it now legal for recreational use by the general public after years of being a prohibited substance?

I was shocked at the chart on marijuana pricing by state in the US (click on the first chart on patent companies to see more), the highest prices being in the District of Columbia, where American Government resides! Can you guess who some of the investors might be?

Anti-Cannabis Republican May Be Largest Holder of Cannabis Stocks in Congress

Some of the readers may be old enough to remember the stories of the concentration camps of Nazi Germany in WWII. They were  dosing the workers with fluoride placed in the water, to make them more compliant and less likely to resist or revolt. There were numerous experiments conducted that also reduced the ability to have children.  If you think about it, is that not what we have been experiencing over the last 3+ years?

Reductions in fertility, more psychotic breaks, and apathy? If you’re a long-time user, would you even recognize the changes taking place in your body and thinking?

There is a small fraction of society that believes it is better than everyone else, ethnically pure, and the ones who should be in charge.  This is an old subject, but one of their beliefs and practices is still prevalent in modern society,… Eugenics.

Here is an excerpt from a 2008 National Library of Medicine report for PubMed, U.S. Scientists’ Role in the Eugenics Movement (1907–1939): A Contemporary Biologist’s Perspective, by Steven A. Farber:

“In this special issue devoted to the study of pigmentation, it is only fitting that we reflect on how this trait has been utilized to promote specific political and social agendas in both the United States and Europe. It was Francis Galton, a cousin of Darwin, who coined the term “eugenics” in 1883 while advocating that society should promote the marriage of what he felt were the fittest individuals by providing monetary incentives.  Shortly thereafter, many intellectuals and political leaders (e.g., Alexander Graham Bell, Winston Churchill, John Maynard Keynes, and Woodrow Wilson) accepted the notion that modern societies, as a matter of policy, should promote the improvement of the human race through various forms of governmental intervention. While initially this desire was manifested as the promotion of selective breeding, it ultimately contributed to the intellectual underpinnings of state-sponsored discrimination, forced sterilization, and genocide.”

Were you even a little surprised by the number of pharmaceutical companies involved in cannabis production and modification… All those patents?  You shouldn’t be.  Many Nazi scientists had been transferred to America and other nations following the Nuremberg trials and that lineage continues with their agenda (Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Agenda 2050).

Some of the issues reported with long term cannabis use mirrors the studies in concentration camps on other substances, such as Fluoridation which is in most US waters as an additive. Long term cannabis use study:

“The search strategy yielded seven clinical studies (Table 1) and 23 animal/in vitro studies (Table S1) describing the relationship between marijuana and male factor infertility. Overall, the clinical studies suggest that cannabis consumption has a negative impact on fertility using semen parameters as a surrogate. Only one of the clinical studies did not find a relationship between marijuana usage and fertility. All of the animal/in vitro studies reported a negative or potentially negative impact of cannabis on male factor fertility.”

“Chronic marijuana use can negatively affect female reproductive health and result in ovulatory dysfunction, menstrual cycle irregularity, and reproductive hormones”.

Besides the GMO changes to increase THC, there is an issue with synthetic strains.  Do you know which you are using and what it may be doing to your body?

“The addictive properties of synthetic marijuana may be more dangerous and lead to chronic drug use. Its chemical formulation produces a high-quality euphoric effect, and people who abuse it are more likely to develop dependency.

Withdrawal symptoms may include depression, anxiety, mood swings, and paranoia. Furthermore, prolonged drug use of synthetic marijuana can cause cardiovascular damage and kidney failure”.

At the time the study was conducted, young males were the predominant users of cannabis.  The number of women also using cannabis has likely increased with legalization, availability of cannabis products and the huge number of dispensaries in many states. As of November 2023, 51 US states have legal or mixed legal status on Marijuana laws.

Those who smoke or vape are already aware of the obvious side effects such as the munchies, dry mouth, fatigue, drowsiness (and stoned people are easy to spot on the roadway).

But there are more dangerous side effects from long term use:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Disorientation
  • Increased heart rate
  • Psychosis, Schizophrenia (risk is highest with regular use of high potency marijuana)
  • Increased appetite
  • Hallucinations

Cannabis is the most commonly abused drug in the UK, with hundreds of thousands of people using it regularly. While some may be able to stop taking cannabis if they want to, many will have a physical dependence on the drug, which means that they can find it difficult to stop and will experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when they try.

Don’t feel guilty about your addiction as that was one of the purposes of the genetic modification and the patents to hide what they’ve done to one of nature’s remedies.

If you are trying to reduce or stop the use of Marijuana, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. The cannabinoid receptors of your brain return to normal in about 4 weeks.  Don’t give up, stay hydrated to flush out your system and eat a healthy diet. Some people may find they need the help of a detox or rehab center to help purge the THC and other ingredients from the body. There are major health benefits to detoxing:

  • Improved sleep
  • Increased appetite
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved concentration and memory
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved mental and emotional health
  • Reduced risk of developing or worsening mental health issues
  • More money in your pocket!

If you succumbed, or were suckered into the use of weed, vaping, THC gummies, it’s not entirely your fault.  When you take a natural substance and tell the public it’s illegal, there will be pushback.  My aunts and uncles were, smoking joints and dropping acid in the 60’s and 70’s to fight against “the man” or government control of our freedoms. That youthful pushback was hijacked and used to put dangerous drugs on the street as a way to make money for some agencies and also to control the population.  You need only look to the CIA involvement with opium trafficking, or Communist China pushing the components of Fentanyl via Mexico to make it readily available as a street drug resembling candy. There has been a massive increase in addiction and overdose deaths from fentanyl and other drugs. We also saw a rise in cancers and lung disease with tobacco smoking after the addition of nicotine. It shouldn’t be a shock to realize that marijuana is not as safe as it used to be, now that it has been modified and turned into a huge money maker for pharmaceutical companies.

It’s your body, your choice. I’m suggesting you don’t give away control of your thinking to an agency who prefers you remain in a docile fog and easily controlled through drugs that have been made readily accessible.

Be sovereign, be authentic, and find ways to cope with the stressors in your life that don’t include daily self-medicating.  If you find yourself needing chemical compensation on a regular basis, then consider the driving source(s) and look into that new job, new relationship, or just spending more time on the things that make you happy. Get out into nature and let it heal you.  Play music, sing, dance or become creative in ways you’ve never explored.  It’s your life, strive for that natural high.

But don’t listen to me, listen to Dr. Drew Pensky from Pragar University in this video, What’s Wrong with Marijuana? Click the image below to find out!

What’s wrong with marijuana (video)

For a deeper dive…

Goodbye, unsustainable cannabis cultivation. Hello, cannabinoids from genetically engineered yeast

What’s Wrong With Marijuana? Video by Dr. Drew Pinsky of Prager University

Eugenics: Its Origin and Development (1883 – Present)

Operation Paperclip – Chemical company cabal during WWII

Patenting cannabis in India and beyond

Good enough for public, but not the government (about water fluoridation)

State of the Cannabis Industry

Classification System in Nazi Concentration Camps

Eugenics Movement (1907–1939): A Contemporary Biologist’s Perspective

The relationship between cannabis and male infertility, sexual health, and neoplasm: a systematic review

Effects of marijuana on reproductive health: preconception and gestational effects

Long Term Effects of Weed

Cannabis detox

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  1. All good points per the Industrialization of Mary Jane.

    Simply point never ever brought out by all these pro-against its X-health charge etc etc. Is Anything by Citric content oranges lemons limes grapefruit with fair "Natural" degreasing effect. Surprise many natural Life Given juices naturally counter act to neutralize on the effects of Mary Jane within minutes of 20 to its effect. You cannot do that drinking Alcohol beers or wines by over indulging !
    Funny even some to many industrial cleaners harbor Orange Citris a powerful cleanser ingredients.

    Any and all now legal weed products that have been super GMO'd all seeds by guess "Monsanto-Bayer" have altered and additionally added 5 or more similar chemicals from the cigarette world now added to 17 or more of new chemicals added to Mary Jane creating such the addictive and mind altering messing with in some health degrading effects.

    As in anything this current scientific of evil meddling with anything natural is all going to produce the unknown effect on multiple consumers by their own very chemically mixed up body conditions to Effect,
    Affect and well cover all that is all here in post. If its not naturally grown in the real ground in real nutritious soils with all natural additives (fish parts and food humus) ie: Natural form of such does not carry the same abuse to don't do it "Well its not the same".

    Its the consumption to life by the moment effect something is wrong. Caused by the Accumulation long term of all the dangerous "Everyday Chemicals" Unknown scientific precise designed poisonous snake venom nanoTech additives to our all every Foods we eat. Let alone an enforce of dark clouded gestapo tactics to force and take a prick or 10 now modular building blocks to complete break and destroy yet physically changing the human vessel unknown to their choice at the time.

    Only in such natural farmed condition it then is 180 degree totally different than the cosmetic assault set in condition for one to believe all natural is wrong to intake you have to take our Blue Pill only or Else.

    Simply just say NO! I shall experiment on my own, Posts like this also respond onto the Completion backwards principle. They will say oh this is really bad but in a short step of reality people do the opposite and charge to more intake of this blue pill effect. These evil spell casters produce the right result by the how many they can attract to such specially collected set of word strings.

    Smoking real weed produced by this method Naturally is far far safer than taking simply 1 Bayer Aspirin. / tylenol etc etc on the drug store otc products (otc-over the counter). anything in those places are petroleum based. They only have evil doctored and frankeinstyned all that is good for mankind to flood the atrocious high costs to grains of sand they colored and call food. And dastardly rob their own phony toilet paper back to their own. Let them have the and they can rot by their own design. Brics is gaining popularity by trading in gold backed values.

    Everything told is a lie, until we can stop lying to each other nor continue this facade' of ignorance. Drain the swamp and allow the tar smell swamp gas to escape. Remove all the exoskeletons from the shores. Gain some good seasonal warmth by burning all the monopoly games and light up a by 100 dollar sheets of pooPaper.

    I think in the rightful door step "Choice" we're about to make should be the better one. 5D consciousness will be such a massive jump for mankind. Those aboard Time to change the what we know to be all the possible.

    a new challenge and learning curve the offer and share is about. Dream think and condition your self to say No to their scams and stand tall and proud to be human. Let the Shine of Light touch each heart mind and soul.

    We yet do not know the marvels as to what this new field of dreams shall embrace mankind. The Thrill of its vibrational intro is tingling ! Ask and ye-shall participate. We then can easily cross the road to reach
    "the Other Side"

    • Thanks, well said…. A lot said!! I hope to join you in that field of dreams. Looking forward to the next part in this cosmic play!


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