French farmers are dumping vast quantities of manure on government buildings to protest against excessive environmental regulations that threaten their way of life.

The farmers are protesting against excessive regulations and climate hysteria technocracy that threatens to ruin their livelihoods, as well as an EU ban on glyphosate.

Roads were also blockaded and vehicles set ablaze.

Hundreds of farmers also blocked roads near council buildings around Saint-Brieuc.

Farmers carrying signs that said “France, do you still want your farmers?” and “Without support, France is starving” sprayed manure on the offices of Brittany Regional Council in Rennes.

There have also been clashes with police.

One organization leading the protests said the demonstrations will “remain complete as long as the government does not provide French agriculture with all the means allowing it to be fully involved in the food, energy and environmental issues of the future.”

The Netherlands has been rocked by similar protests in recent years against limits on nitrogen emissions that would have led to the shut down of thousands of farms.

That played a huge role in populist Geert Wilders soaring to victory in last month’s election.


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  1. Well done to the farmers I hope the message gets through – we need the farmers they produce wholesome food for the people and that is exactly why the so called elite are trying to control every aspect of farming and make it impossible. WE cannot accept what they are doing in the name of a hoax climate crisis. This is tyranny and you would have to be very stupid to actually believe it because it does not exist and we have been eating meat and crops from farms for a very long time it has had no affect on climate but it certainly keeps you fit and alive apart from the contaminants that the same people who want us all dead are adding to our food to weaken us and shorten out life span . We will starve if we do not stick up for the farmers and stop believing this utter rubbish that is being sold to us by these globalist based on a lie that is part of their lock step programme . This is a nice racket for them with a very nasty agenda designed to harm the populations of the world. This cannot be allowed to go on.


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