By Frank Bergman,

The United Nations (UN) is demanding that taxpayers around the world cough up a staggering $150 trillion to fight “man-made climate change”  – a fabricated “crisis” that the unelected globalist organization helped to create.

The UN made the demands in a new report published by its Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

The agency claims that it needs global governments to commit to handing over $5.3 trillion per year to the bureaucratic agency.

According to the report, the UN needs $150 trillion in order to “save the planet” from “global warming” by complying with the “Agenda 2050” goals of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

In its report on the World Economic Situation and Prospects for 2024, the UN reiterates its 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

However, the “goals” are deeply aligned with Marxism and appear to have little to do with actually protecting the environment.

The widely criticized goals are often used as inspiration for many Western nations’ diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) legislation, as well as policies related to climate change.

“Gender Equity,” “Sustainable Cities and Communities,” and “Quality Education” are among the 17 goals.

Also included are “Affordable and Clean Energy” and “Climate Action.”

It is under these categories that the United Nations suggests astronomical amounts of funding in order to reach its goals.

The organization’s climate action goals are referred to as “global climate finance,” which it reveals reached a whopping $803 billion annually in 2020.

This was reportedly a 12% increase compared to prior years.

However, just a few years later the global organization has decided that this figure is nowhere near enough.

The report stated that the enormous sum “still falls short of the levels needed to limit warming.”

“Fossil-fuel-related flows exceeded climate financing for adaptation and mitigation in 2020,” the report warns.

However, despite pushing for Marxist ideology to fight climate “inequity,” the report fails to call out China – the largest polluter in the world by a very large margin.

The full report revealed the true desired number; an estimated $150 trillion by 2050. This equates to $5.3 trillion annually to “combat climate change and its impacts,” the report

The funds are supposedly needed to transition energy and infrastructure.

The report also complained that the terms of the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 have not been adhered to by participating countries.

“The pledge by developed countries to provide $100 billion in climate finance annually by 2020 was never fully met, with funding totaling only $89.6 billion in 2021,” the report explained.

The United Nations has also recommended other gigantic budgets to reach the WEF’s “Net Zero” goals to comply with “Agenda 203o.”

An estimated $35-40 billion was suggested to allow for socialist-style universal electricity access.

The global consortium was not shy about dealing in make-believe sums of money throughout the 2024 report.

The word “trillion” in relation to dollars was mentioned 52 times in the document.

Despite the never-ending climate funding, the document also alleges that “conflict and climate change” caused havoc for the lives of millions.

However, the organization also claims to be worried that it jeopardized the UN’s “progress towards sustainable development.”



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  1. Love such in remark Cassandra, simple unity simple. Our Bow String fingers are still intact. Shove that right where the sun does not shine. The Warriors of mankind honest to heart know such and many yet are "poised for the moment" least I feel to the beat.
    Again to repeat a ground level action coming not quite as early last year. Believe it was March, A Mary Poppins was chime to cry what may we do?. My once again thought is "Stop Playing Slave" of their command, simple.

    Stop paying your income tax and property taxes, Unified in of all the lands shall be the starting answer to halt their theft of every person on the earth. 2nd could be in charge of protesting yet to be right is close down all government buildings and cry out to all government vessel "Your Fired we no longer care for your lack of Service"
    Just like as many school kids would love share to be burning down all the school houses the same. "Pink Floyd cried one" We don't need your "Stupid education" We don't need your stupid words." We no longer need your abusive language and ignorance to cover our blind eyes.
    For We now are seeing the all truths behind the veil of their evils and now is the starting time PRIME to enable such action to present the beginning of Man Women Child yet innocent, and all living for the right thing to now start such reversal upon their squabbles and lies.
    The Recent Truthers giving are being whittled down one at a time and again lying story of their fate is all but such entry into the continued state of Lies. Remember too another prime lil addy of such.

    Together we Stand, Divided we fall, Time has established such falling time now to Stand Tall and Proud as every Man as a human and Ever Woman an child Stand as GOD GIVEN FREE TO ALL RIGHTS OF MIND BODY AND SOUL LAND AND SPIRIT UNITED. Yes we are Free and yes we are Human PERFECT.

    It does not take a heart beat to do such. Its the beginning in unified action step by step. Many have prepared also to express much if not already in wide grace of postings already by reveal of such energies. Time right is of the now to begin. Awaiting the sound of universal language to answer as heads of the snake fall into wicker baskets.

    one last as Its pounding: "You can Strike me down Darth… evil. I shall Arise far greater a power than you ! can ever imagine. "

  2. Make it real easy and Zero money contributions. Stop the chemical contrail bombing immediately. A FREE REQUEST.
    2 they want a 150 millions trillions gazillions of cry to monies that don't exist Swift fiat Toilet paper monies.
    They 3 can pull all those magic fake money numbers out of their own banks pockets safe chests what ever, they created the lie around climate change to befuddle the none listening who cares ear.

    The soothing sounds of their lies has always captured Doped drug effect like the all public domains all around the world. Its Called MK-Ultra Brain washing an sleezy tricks to voodoo spell the all public world of humanity. Again its time to start the dismantle and desk boxing your Fired phrase of all time to every government parcel and so called Centers of evil. Shut them down to stop the nonsense. Time to Save the earth from just crossing the point of no return of our all earth destruction. re-read that a couple times to understand what is going on by the illusion in act currently in front of your all possessed and empty view trickery they have clothed all by and magically controlled your minds. Same Lingo
    WAKE UP!

  3. My answer is: the middle finger pointing upwards from the fist.
    The WHO and other Rockefeller-founded and -funded anti-human parasitic entities should beg their evil masters and suck THEM dry!
    We, real humans are fed up with the blood-sucking, evil "elite" parasites and their incompetent, brainless and corrupt "useful idiot" minions.

    It's high time that we, real humans all say NO to their ridiculous "climate", "covid" and other tantrums, once and for all! Look what's happening in Germany, where farmers have had enough of the government's utter stupidity! Enough is enough!

  4. Way beyond time they stopped this climate crisis hoax and also all the chemtrailing and other things they are doing to geoengineer the planet. Get after these racketeers and arrest them we are all losing out patience while a bunch of crooks change life on the planet for the worse. I say they are deliberately impacting peoples lives with their agenda and they should not get money to help them cause more destruction. Nice racket for them

  5. There needs to be more focus on how they are going to sexualize children as part of agenda 30. That is totally unacceptable and I can't imagine parents being okay with that. Of course, I could be mistaken. If it turns out that parents are okay with and accept that, we really are way past saving humanity. I've been amazed at what people have accepted in the last few years. No agendas 21 30 or any other year, No WEF, No WHO health tyranny, No sexualization of children. End the madness!

  6. Well then, why don't they ask their allied bankers or trust corporations to add balance to their bank accounts? 🙂
    Is it because they are aware that money is just figures in computer systems and that money is useless without backing it up with actions and products? 😉

    So they are asking people for money, but they actually are asking for attention and thus our time and spiritual energy?


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