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Are Mainstream Narratives Collapsing?
COVID, Ukraine, and Green New Deal All Falling Apart

Hosted by Dave Lemmons –

Over the past year I have seen plenty of evidence that many mainstream narratives are being challenged, and even totally discredited, and this is waking up more people. Trust in the media, in “the science”, and in the government, is hitting all-time lows. People are looking to alternate sources for information and asking more questions.

At Prepare for Change, we like to say “Trust but Verify”. We provide information but it’s always best to do some research for yourself. We have found that the mainstream, or legacy media, is given a script to follow, what they can and cannot talk about. Some journalist are even willing to lie on camera. That’s why we look for articles from the internet and from the alt media sources.

Multiple links are provided in this artice for those that want that dive down the rabbit hole. And there’s always more to be found if you are willing to do a little research. We hope you’ll come and share what you know or are just now learning on the Thursday call.

Here are some of the narratives that are being challenged or are falling apart:

COVID – It’s taken years, more of the truth to come out about the Wuhan lab leak origin, the suppression of effective treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, Fauci’s corruption, the fake numbers on Covid deaths, and the severe extent of vaccine injuries. Millions of doses of booster shots are being thrown away because, so few people want any more of these jabs. Less than 3% got the booster:

Epstein Island – the prevalence of pedophilia among the elites was just a “conspiracy theory” for such a long time, but now it’s common knowledge that Epstein didn’t kill himself. Then the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell and the recent release of the names of Epstein associates has brought much more attention to this topic. (of course they try to smear Trump in this biased article). Behind the scenes, more arrests of pedophile rings have taken place but but the stories are largely not included in mainstream media news.

Ukraine – Realistic assessments two years ago were basically saying that Ukraine, on its own, had no real chance of defeating Russia’s military, but the MSM pushed the fantasy that Ukraine military could win if we (the US) just kept sending weapons and tens of billions of dollars. A Ukraine counter-offensive was hyped but amounted to pretty much no change on the battlefield.  Also, the idea of US bio-weapons labs in Ukraine has been discussed by RFK Jr and others more in the mainstream. “I think all of the lies that have been told for more than a year and a half about the Ukrainians are winning—Ukrainian causes just, the Russians are evil, the Russians are incompetent—all of that is collapsing,” Colonel Macgregor told Tucker Carlson.

Green New Deal – more people are realizing that climate policies are not about preserving the environment but are actually all about the elite grabbing more power for themselves. Record-cold winter temperatures in Europe and North America are leading people to question the climate narrative. Massive farmer protests in Germany, France, and the Netherlands and Belgium are showing that people are fed up with extremist environmental policies.
European Farmer Rise Up Against EU and WEF Environmental Policies:

Orange Man Bad – whether you like him personally or not, you have to admit that Trump has been under extensive attack by the Establishment for at least 7 years now. And the repeated MSM refrain that “we got Trump now” is sounding increasingly absurd to many. Trump is more popular than ever and is doing significantly better than he ever has in all the presidential election polls, whether at the national or swing state level. “We’re Broke with Biden – We Weren’t with Trump” – Black man at Barbershop Tells MSNC “a lot” of His Friends are Voting Trump:

Boarder – Globalists have been trying to convince people for years that open borders are a good idea, but the pushback against mass illegal immigration is growing much stronger in America and several European countries.

NY City Hospitals Overwhelmed by Illegals :

What other conventional narratives do you see coming into question recently? Come share your thoughts on the collapse of mainstream narratives this Thursday.

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