Also wants words such as ‘pushy’ and ‘shrill’ replaced, because they are too often “associated with women”.

A European Union body has called for all ‘gendered language’ to be purged from existence, including completely innocuous sayings such as ‘Joe Public’, as well as words such as ‘virile’ which it claims are too often associated with men.

The Telegraph reports that The European Institute for Gender Equality (yes that exists) has compelled a 61-page document outlining what words should be wiped from existence and have more “sensitive” replacements.

The document has been named Toolkit on Gender-sensitive Communication. Examples of words and terms to be resigned to the dustbin of history include ‘Master of ceremonies,’ ‘No man’s land,’ ‘Manpower,’ and ‘Repairman.’

In EU Newspeak, those terms would become ‘host,’ ‘Unclaimed territory,’ ‘human power,’ and ‘Repairer’, while they want the term ‘Joe public’ replaced with ‘average citizen’.

Comply average citizen.

Conservative MP Nigel Mills commented “This is utter madness. It’s an attack on the English language.”

The EU also suggests swapping around the words ‘King and Queen’, so Queen comes first. The fundamental problem with this is that the reason people put ‘King’ first is because he’s the guy in charge. He was supposedly chosen by God to be the leader. The Queen is just the woman he married. She isn’t in charge of anything. Swapping around words doesn’t change that concept, it just makes you sound a bit stupid.

Where this gets really creepy, however, is with the call to erase words that have nothing to do with gender.

The document suggests that words like ‘bossy,’ ‘pushy,’ and shrill should not be used because they “have strong connotations that are strongly associated with only women”.

They used the word ‘strong’ twice there.

Suggested newspeak replacements for those words are ‘assertive’ and ‘high-pitched’ or ‘grating voice’.

Let’s try this out for size.

‘The female sports commentator is annoyingly high pitched and has a very grating voice’.

Is that acceptable?

The EU institute also wants to consign the concept of virility to the scrapheap, reasoning that it is “strongly associated with only men” and should be replaced by “strong or energetic.”

They really do like the word ‘strong.’

The development comes in the wake of legions of other efforts to police and change language considered to be ‘insensitive’ or ‘gendered.

Here are some examples of this ongoing absurdity:





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  1. I am wondering what would be the politically correct Orwellian terminology for a suggestion on just where the EU can stick its most modern Newspeak Dictionary manuscript?


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