The French government just passed a law to fine and imprison people for refusing to get injected with mRNA (modRNA) “vaccines.”

All opposition to mRNA-LNP (lipid nanoparticles) injections in France is now considered to be “sectarian aberration.” Violations carry with them a penalty of 45,000 euros and up to three years imprisonment.

“It will not tolerate any criticism of the therapeutic treatments which will be recommended or made obligatory by the state,” tweeted Dr. Kat Lindley. “Any person who dares to openly criticize these therapies will be liable to fines and imprisonment.”

Known as Article 4, the highly illiberal law prohibits residents and citizens from saying anything bad about “therapeutic” treatments like mRNA shots that are either mandatory or just recommended by the French government.

“Already, renowned doctors are being targeted, whom this article will silence,” said a French X account called Annie Arnaud. “France is taking a totalitarian run. Macron and his henchmen are followers of the WEF (World Economic Forum) and globalist policies.”

“It is a catastrophe for the country where a majority of citizens no longer obey vaccine propaganda. Social unrest ahead.”

Medical fascism on the rise

Some accounts are saying that Article 4 was proposed but not actually passed, so it remains to be seen if any enforcement comes about because of this alleged ruling. Even so, the fact that there are politicians out there who believe in this type of medical fascism is concerning in and of itself.

“It’s nonetheless a very important warning to everybody about how extreme fascist members of the WEF and other globalists try to push their insanely sick ideas through everywhere, in all free countries,” one account wrote.

“That’s also the reason for the current mix of mass murder of the old freedom keeping cultures, the individuals holding these cultures of freedom, mass murder via poisons and in every other way, and combined with the replacement by totalitarian immigrants that is taking place, and combined with floating extreme fascist legislation everywhere. This massive push started with the extreme covid measures. They weren’t temporary, they were meant to be fully implemented from that moment on and forward. That’s also why the “emergency measures” have been kept for years after any “emergency” – in order to condition populations to extreme fascist measures.”

Another person wrote that it is critical for We the People, no matter in which country we live, to speak up and speak out against this type of thing. Not only that, but naming and calling out each and every medical fascist in government who promotes this kind of thing will likewise deter government abuses of power.

Another account wrote that Article 4 actually was adopted “in a 2nd vote,” which means France is now a medical dictatorship where residents and citizens have to take the prescribed “medicine” the government gives them – and do it with an approving smile.

Meanwhile, France is accusing Russia of fomenting a disinformation campaign concerning its government in this key election year.

The nation’s authorities say Russia has been running a longstanding online manipulation campaign against Western backers of Ukraine, which of course include France.

France’s foreign ministry issued a statement about how ‘no manipulation attempt will distract France from its support for Ukraine in the face of Russia’s war of aggression.”


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  2. . However – somewhat contradictorily, it must be said – the relevant paragraph in the form passed by the French National Assembly clearly limits the application of the law to persons who are already ill or, per the language of the text, “suffering from a medical condition” (atteint d’une pathologie).

    Hence, it is hard to see how any judge could interpret such provisions as applying to vaccines, whether mRNA-based or otherwise.


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