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  1. As the story line goes. "Reptilian DNA" is the prime 12 strand construct. But not as to what one might think, the reptilian part is the resilient part for regeneration and evolutionary growth. In part of the education to learn there are 22 other disconnected twisted and wrapped string far up in our DNA link content already there.
    Bringers of the Dawn explained in part as to in addition too the learning of unconditional love the ability to learn of other 22 for too, unravel untwist reconnect and activate.

    In of all this world right now! Where by is this notation to education of such details!
    Where by is the mastery to teach and learning of such in for our ability.

    Nothing in any library or historical institute, the all info that deliberately was left out. and by whom. easy guess.

    Would could it all have been in the other 711 books of the actual real bible of 777 books in all suppressed of mankind. Leaving twisted 66 only books parsed in play!!

    All been there for such teachings. Hard to find anything other than some snippets or one paying attention to hidden word, of where even most imprinted with implant manipulations have set us so far behind to this and other spiritual discernment to growth and actual evolution, To see by our observers can and if we do see to learn such.
    (and yet discussion of such no one believes) "Pity ! "

    The hybridization of our gnome and DNA has been changing and manipulated. By { the universe to grow an evolve }, the mankind man made format to keep us dumbed down and subjected to manipulation and control at ground level sludge.
    (chem trails flu shots animated and manufactured pollutant scientific additives land air waters and foods. Follow the science what has it been worked on for as to what in benefit all mankind or just the few diabolical ! ) an now they have crisper tech reading dna is like reading a book of constructs. now in the wrong hands. hence creation of virus and poisonous venoms. Dr B. Ardis shares a great deal to detail.

    Like and believe Diomedes share as the true lead to the story as its to become. An awaiting too long past where we should already be by now times. 5D consciousness and changes to the all life dynamics of 5D Standards. The yet of all 12 strand activation in thought "maybe not quite" on the flip but in addition of the current single double helix and more as we mature to such change. Be rather a whole entire level! a hard learn Curve level Education of 350,000 yrs plus catch up in learning of its such feature and ability. Or "the Next Time Around" to the when to how long or zap reveal a whole new wardrobe of all feature..

    Magic wand will please and no frogs to complete the chaotic chain of order. crystaline body structure out of this carbon base life form. Transition to meet the sparkle of all change. When is the mix Switch to happen. as it currently goes in word. Never lose faith.

  2. alien DNA? humanity is a mixture of a different advance civilization in the Universe and multi verse,earth and humanity was a divine experiment, in a lower 3D we are almost 2 strand of DNA were active & functioning, as planet earth shifting it Dimension from 3D to 4th density up to 5th Dimension, and human 12 strand of DNA will be awaken due to a new much higher frequency vibration,this is a process of Ascension,Ascending earth and all its living being into much higher level of consciousness our dormant DNA will going to reactivate, I disagree into a alien DNA because humanity created from DNA of different species of our galactic brothers and sisters,

  3. would believe to think now dots connect the Chimera and Orion deals the demon puppet controllers assembled this syrup to poke in the original master piece of creation. As too they have been practicing since the mid 70's on RNA/DNA manipulation experiments.
    "And it is all man made to deliver an execute" without blame to knowing where it all actually originally came from. Its only the unbalanced mind in belief they can control all thing when given a 'dark plan they believe in'.
    Little do they know once they get to plan they really did not devise in and only to pass the buck. They all will be extinguished even that harari chap saying Free thinking is all over. He forget he too is simply a broken discolored amoeba factor in disguise. If this is an illusion then no one has anything to worry. Greater forces are filtering it all out side by side and will eventually be put to the litmus test further up the Light Chain of "Purity blockers".

  4. I am sorry,but isn't our bodies riddled with alien DNA already?Isn't that one of the big disclosures,that we made ,using lots of alien dna?Or did I miss something?


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