The white hats have won the secret war for the planet Earth. We are now in an interregnum. However, not much will be visible to the public until preparatory work for new institutions and world norms is finished. Public announcements are likely in the autumn.

Nonetheless here are the rough outlines of what is about to happen: The United States of America Corporation will officially declare bankruptcy. The Republic of the United States of North America will replace it. It will build a new capital, possibly in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The state of Israel will also cease to exist. It will be replaced by the state of Judea. The original Judeans (misleadingly called Palestinians) will manage the new state together with the European immigrants. Both peoples will have equal rights and guarantees of religious and personal freedom.

The United Nations Security Council will be replaced with a seven-member World Council. It will probably be headquartered in Laos. The members will be representatives from Africa, the Americas, China, and East Asia excluding China (but including Oceania), Europe (including Russia), India and the Muslim world. Decisions on issues affecting the entire planet will be reached by a majority vote. Each region will have a veto only applicable to that region. With the two exceptions mentioned above, existing nation-states and corporations will continue business as usual.

The transition process to the new system will start with a jubilee. This will involve a one-time cancellation of all debts, public and private. It will also involve a redistribution of assets. The details will be worked out in public with feedback from the people, the private sector, governments and other interested parties.

There will also be war crimes tribunals together with a truth and reconciliation process to ensure the criminality that infested so many governments and institutions is removed root and branch.

The functional parts of the World Bank, the IMF, the BIS, etc. will be taken over by a newly established meritocratically staffed Future Planning Organization. Each region will have its own separate future planning systems.

The Western military-industrial complex will be given a new mission. Instead of stealing resources for oligarchs, they will be protecting earth life, including human life. This means they will be using force, if necessary, to stop things like the destruction of rainforests and overfishing. They will also hunt down and destroy transnational criminal organizations, in particular the global slave traders. They will be subject to international law and act as the enforcement arm of the International Criminal Court.

The decisions mentioned above are the result of years of negotiations between representatives of the East, West, North and South.

A hundred trillion dollars’ worth of gold-backed dollars will be issued to make all these changes possible. Also, as soon as the systems are in place, more funding will be made available to start a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and then massively increase the amount and variety of life.

The big breakthrough that made all this possible came last week when Russia and Persia gave the US military an ultimatum:



Either abandon Israel or watch it be annihilated by nuclear warheads delivered by hypersonic missiles.

Here is what a US Space Force Commander had to say about the situation:

“Persia has more than 30 nuclear active warheads. Persia and Russia are the only nations that have hypersonic missiles with a speed over Mach 20. The Israelis and the Americans don’t have the technology to detect it, let alone intercept them.


This advanced technology from Persia to the US military alliance scientists (under CIC Trump) will be given in exchange for peace in the region.


The US government has agreed to throw Israel under the bus in exchange for this technology.


The US government has sold out Israel, but they have to keep face to the rest of the world.


Israel will pay a heavy price once the situation is sorted out. An independent Palestinian State will be approved within the United Nations, which is going to be done sooner rather than later. It is most likely that the State of Israel will cease to exist and all of Palestine [Judea]: will be restored again.


Israel will have to pay war damages to the Palestinian [Judean] Nation and will have to rebuild the whole Nation free for the Palestinian [Judean] people which means what is left of the Zionist Deep State will have to pay for the reconstruction.


If he does not have a fatal accident first, Netanyahu will be in the Hague to face war crimes. He will be found guilty and publicly executed.

There are some news items to back up these assertions.

For example, CIA Director William Burns flew to Qatar to deal with “a situation that demands immediate action.”

Also, for the first time since the October 7 genocide started, the Biden administration has stopped weapons shipments to the Israeli military.

For his part, Iran’s foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian says international pressure on Israel to end its genocidal war on the Gaza Strip has increased, meaning the rights of Judeans (Palestinians) will be upheld and that the Israeli genocide in the besieged Gaza will stop.

The International Criminal Court is also publicly preparing to file war crimes charges against the Israeli government. The ICC has also warned Israel not to threaten its staff.

Here is what a Mossad source had to say about the situation:

“The Avatar Zionist Netanyahu who is not of Hebrew descent but a Zionist Khazar, sings their favorite song …. anti-semitism.

Netanyahu says that because he’s Jewish, the International Criminal Court (ICC) CANNOT issue an arrest warrant against him because that would be ‘Anti-Semitism.’

In making this claim, he just inadvertently suggested that every criminal in America simply convert to Judaism, and then when they carry out rapes, murders, carjackings, home invasions and child trafficking, they can simply tell the police, ‘You can’t arrest me! That would be anti-Semitic!’”

Polish intelligence agency sources confirm “sufficient evidence to issue an arrest warrant for Benjamin Netanyahu for war crimes and genocide against the Palestinians was transmitted to the ICC on a confidential basis. The USA has been forced not to intervene in what is happening.”

Another war criminal is House Speaker Mike Johnson who just condemned himself to death on charges of inciting genocide by saying “The calls for a [Gaza] ceasefire are outrageous.”

Most other US politicians are also likely to face war crimes charges related to KM controlled Israel and Ukraine.

Only 7 out of 100 senators have not taken any money from AIPAC:

Tommy Tuberville- Alabama

Alex Padilla & Laphonza Butler- California

Maxie Hirono- Hawaii

Rand Paul- Kentucky

Bernie Sanders- Vermont

Cynthia Lumis- West Virginia

Amazing how the Zionists control the government. Not for much longer.

Turkey is also forcing Israel to hand over Netanyahu and his fellow Satanists by cutting off all trade. Forty Percent of Israel’s annual oil consumption is piped to the Turkish oil hub port of Ceyhan and then shipped to Israel. Oil and other shipments from the Red Sea to Israel have also been cut off by the Houthis.

The Houthis are now also going to cut Israel off from the Mediterranean. “We will target any ship heading to Israeli ports in the Mediterranean, in any area we are able to reach,” says Houthi spokesperson Yahya Saree.

Israel will now have no choice but to surrender, just like the Ukraine.

The ICC will also definitely be issuing war crimes indictments against the criminal regime of Vladimir Zelensky in Ukraine. Polish intelligence notes they are now rounding up “mentally disabled people, alcoholics and drug addicts, schizophrenics and epileptics,” for slaughter. This won’t last long because only 15 percent of conscripts are currently fighting, the sources say.


By the way, even though the fake Trump being shown on most US screens is a Zionist slave mouthing support of Israel and Ukraine, the real CIC Trump is throwing both under the bus as the source above notes. For confirmation there is more than one Trump, look at the photo below and decide for yourself.

This is what Polish intelligence sources had to say about the actions of the real Trump:

“Around the world, special operations teams composed of elite military units and top-secret intelligence units are conducting risky raids aimed at dismantling Biden’s network of actors and clones. From hidden facilities in European warehouses to secret underground complexes in Asia, these teams storm bastions of deception and uncover the grotesque truth, one clone at a time.”

Field Marshal Douglas Macgregor is also rallying US forces against the satanic globalists.

The 4th Psychological Operations Group is basically telling us that the world in which we live in is a digital battlefield filled with psychological warfare in every corner and every sector within society… aka The Matrix. They are now working for the white hats to take down the KM.

Also, even though KM controlled media reports Russian troops have entered an airbase in Niger occupied by US troops make it seem some sort of fight is brewing; The truth is the opposite as the video of Russian and US troops dancing there linked below shows.

The US military white hats are working with the Russians to take down the KM.

In a visible manifestation of this international take down, El Salvador’s Predident Nayib Bukele announces that he is investigating every single official in the executive branch of his government for bribery.

A similar process will happen throughout the West as the white hat military end state capture by criminals, the head of MI6 promises.

The pharmacidical corporations are a case in point as these news items show:

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer reportedly “chose not to” inform Health Canada, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory agencies that the cancer-linked Polyomavirus Simian Virus 40 (SV40) DNA sequence was in their widely distributed COVID-19 vaccine.

This corroborates the evidence Bill Gates deliberately injected tens of millions of people with cancer causing vaccines.

They have also been trying to cause heart problems:

AstraZeneca faces up to £255million compensation bill for ‘defective’ Covid vaccine after pharma titan admitted it DOES cause ultra-rare blood clot side effect.

A Pentagon medical doctor says “When this is finally exposed globally, all of the pharmaceutical CEO’s and their cohorts will be tried and executed for crimes against humanity including attempted Genocide.”

In any case the Zionist US Corporation behind these crimes is visibly ending.

The Federal Reserve Board, owners of the US Corporation just released numbers showing they have just $51 billion in capital versus $948 billion in losses. This means the Fed is insolvent 19 times over.

They are trying to cover this up with funny money and outright fraud. For example last week they yet again used “seasonal adjustment (=fake data)” to turn a $37 billion bank deposit outflow into a $126 billion inflow.

In the hilarious clip below Jared Bernstein, the Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers -the main agency advising Biden on economic policy- is forced to spout nonsense as FRB fraud is exposed.

The fraud is leading to hyper-inflation. If you add up the various subcategories in this Gallup Poll linked below you will find 81% of Americans think inflation and dropping living standards are their main worry.

In yet another sign the corporation is bankrupt, the Ludwig Institute used government data to show the real unemployment rate is 24.2% and not the 3.5% the government says.

The situation is so bad that in April, 43 percent of all small business renters in the United States were not able to pay their rent.

The years of Fed fraud means more than 40 percent of the total population fall in the category of ALICE — Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed earning above the poverty line but less than what’s needed to get by or else live in poverty.


Speaking about fraud; here you can watch the director of NASA basically admitting the lunar missions were fake when he said “we don’t know” what is on the far side of the moon.

Of course the Rockefellers are trying to keep their fraudulent corporation in business by stealing from soon to be former allies like Japan, the EU and Canada.

Japan and the EU have now revolted by refusing to pay through the nose for Rockefeller oil or buy more US debt.

Americans are still paying the price though. Canada in March posted the largest trade deficit since June 2023 following unplanned shutdowns at refineries in the US Midwest — an important destination for Canadian crude oil. This was the Rockefellers forcing Americans to buy expensive oil they control instead of cheap Canadian oil they don’t.

Of course Canada has its’ own problems under the incompetent Castrudeau. He lets in more than a million immigrants per year even though there is no housing for them. This is creating an unprecedented housing crisis. Also Canada’s low labor productivity level means it is losing to Mexico.

Canada has low productivity because Castrudeau created too many government jobs to enforce things like LGTBQ etc. ideology. It reminds of the joke: “How does a bureaucrat wink?”

“He opens one eye.”

Canadians spend 46% of their money on taxes to support this.

Castrudeau’s government is definitely going to be forced to back down from its bureaucratic push to promote anal sex etc. though as Scottlands’ example shows. Scotland’s leader Humza Yousaf resigned last Monday after the Scottish public flooded law enforcement agencies with fake calls accusing various trans activists and even political leaders of various hate crimes following the enactment of his wildly unpopular “Hate Crime Act.”

Speaking about trans, look at this picture of the Macrons of France and the Scholzes of Germany at the “Sausage Fest 2024.”

Another fake leader, the rubber masked “Pope Francis” meanwhile has given explicit approval for transgender godparents and blessings of same-sex couples.

He is also hosting about a hundred transvestite prostitutes in the Vatican.

These self-appointed perverts are increasingly resorting to violence to stay in power. In the video below you can watch opposition leader Pierre Poilievre being removed from the House of Commons for calling Justin Castrudeau a wacko. He should have called him a mass murderer. Take note the Speaker of The House of Commons is Castrudeau’s secret boyfriend

Next you can watch MEP Christine Anderson expose Ursula Von der Leyden before having her microphone cut:

“We must show Von der Leyen the Red Card – now the public prosecutor’s office is investigating her for corruption… Von der Leyen negotiated a €35 billion vaccine contract with Pfizer CEO by SMS text messages.”

Watch how they cut her off while others want to hear her message.

Getting your mike cut off is lenient for these people. “The collective West, led by the United States, is practicing violence and murder of opponents as a routine political process,” says Viktor Medvedchuk, leader of the Other Ukraine movement.

Here is an example. Popular actress Anne Heche was alive and tried to get out the body bag on a stretcher after her crash.  She was later pronounced dead. They killed her because she made a movie on child trafficking

They have been doing this sort of thing all over the world.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says “The United States has sought to overthrow more than 50 foreign governments, blatantly interfered in the elections of at least 30 countries, and attempted to assassinate more than 50 foreign leaders.”

It looks like China is making a move to stop this. The number of Chinese nationals illegally crossing the US southern border is up by 7,000% since 2021, and at the current pace will be 14,000% by the end of the fiscal year.

They are part of a 20 million man army of military aged foreign men that has moved into the US since 2021. You can be sure these men are there to help take down the US Corporation.

A takedown of the UK is also underway. In just the last 20 years, the number of Christians in the country has dropped from 81% to 48%. And the number of pure Muslims increased from 3% to 18%, i.e. sixfold. Based on demographic data, it is easy to calculate that within 20 years, Muslims will overtake Christians in terms of numbers.

In Germany Christian schoolchildren are converting to Islam out of fear & desperation to fit in since migrant influx, per new survey. In several schools in large cities like Berlin or Frankfurt, Muslim children make up more than 80 per cent of the student body, due to the strong immigration in the last eight years. Now 67.8% of students believe the Koran is ‘more important’ than the laws in Germany; 45.6% think that ‘Islamic Theocracy is the best form of government’ and 35.3% said that they can understand violence against people who insult Allah or the prophet Mohammed.

Regime change is coming to the UK and Germany soon and native born Europeans will once again increase in number.

Europe as a whole is not going to be under Khazarian Mafia control much longer. Chinese President Xi Jinping is in Europe this week to confirm this. He says China is working in “close coordination and cooperation on climate response, biodiversity protection and global governance.”

“France is advancing re-industrialization based on green innovation, whereas China is accelerating the development of new quality productive forces. Our two countries can deepen cooperation on innovation and jointly promote green development,” he said.

French intelligence sources for their part say Emmanuelle Macron has been replaced with an avatar who will support the plan to unite the EU with Russia as a part of the move to a polycentric world with 7 big divisions.

The Paris Olympics are scheduled to showcase this. As French journalist Thierry Meyssan reports:

In Macrons’ mind, the forthcoming Olympic Games will be an opportunity to manipulate the masses into magnifying the “United States of Europe”, so that they will be spontaneously ready for the dissolution of the EU member states…remember there will be Russian athletes, but no Russian anthem, and every time a member state wins, the European anthem will be played…the war in Ukraine is the pretext for gigantic arms transfers, so that today no member state has the means to defend itself for more than two days if attacked conventionally by a developed state [Russia]…Its supporters tell us that they want to create an entity capable of competing with the United States of America and China. [They have] laid the foundations for greater technological and industrial sovereignty (with Germany in the battery sector, then in hydrogen, electronics and healthcare),

This confirms Polish sources who say Germany is about to unleash the hydrogen genie.

Hopeful as all this sounds, the war is not over yet. The WEF Satanists just had a big meeting in Saudi Arabia to rally their forces. Notice Klaus Schwab Rothschild was not there. Oops, I forgot, he is dead

BlackRock head Larry Fink was there though and confirmed he works for a rogue AI when he said “substituting humans for machines is going to be far easier in those countries that have declining populations.”

Fink will not be with us much longer, Mexican cartel sources promise.

We also saw climate doomsday preacher, Al Gore, speaking at the WEF saying: “[Greenhouse gases are] now trapping as much extra heat as would be released by 600,000 Hiroshima-class atomic bombs exploding every single day.” We hear he has made lots of money from Algoreisms of this sort.

The KM attempt to starve us into submission is also continuing. “Four years ago, a farmer had to sell 171 tons of wheat to buy a tractor. Now he has to sell almost 500 tons. These data confirm the shocking scale of the crisis in agriculture, especially since purchase prices were lower then,” says Dr. Arkadiusz Zalewski from the Polish Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics.

One of the master minds of this, Bill Gates said at COP 28: “The issue of food systems and how with climate change, a lot of farmers aren’t able to grow their crops, which is a tragedy for them. We’ll talk about using innovation to absolutely solve that problem.”

Globalist doublespeak translation: Due to our deliberate war on agriculture, a lot of farmers aren’t able to grow their crops, which is a blessing for us because it allows us to replace traditional agriculture with insect farms and fake meat laboratories, in order to assume absolute control of the global food supply, under the guise of “saving the planet “

The video below shows how they are using 3d printers to create meat made from stem cells.

The Chinese are taking it further. You have heard of fake news, well now they have fake food. This video shows they are using plastic to create all kinds of fake food that finds its’ way into the super markets.

A reaction to this is under way. In Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed SB 1084 to prohibit the sale of lab-grown meat in the state of Florida. Florida is taking action to stop the World Economic Forum’s goal of forcing the world to eat lab-grown meat and insects,

Of course in the future we are being told food will be made inside digital replicators completely eliminating the need to kill animals. Presumably traditional agriculture will also continue to supply people who want “real food.” All I can say for sure is we are definitely entering uncharted territory.





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  1. If Vladimir PUTIN was a real opponent to the New World Order, he would have sent a Tactical Nuclear Hypersonic Missile on that hideous den of multi-billionaire, globalist sewer rats of DAVOS and the satanic World Economic Forum a long time ago!…

  2. Retired Colonel Douglas MacGregor served as the lead officer in the famous tank battle in the 1991 Gulf War.

    He's one of a very few former US army officers (the other being Scott Ritter) to have a popular following from around the world including people of countries directly impacted negatively by Cabal-driven US foreign policy indicated by Youtube comments under videos of his interviews.

    He's been accurate about his predictions for the fate of Ukraine and the misguided foreign policy of the US government.

  3. Mr Fulford and when the stuff you taking while writing these fairy tales stop working ,you find that we are still at each throats,cutting each other heads ,stealing resources,perpetuating wars, killing politicians who do not subscribe to satanic rule,destroying planet in order to make few members of satanic club rich.So called Human is faulty design and there for is not able to make this fairy tale of yours possible.You are best medicine for weak minds.It would be my dream come true when I would have to apologize to you that I was wrong.I wish I'm wrong as your writings are so sweet,and gluttons do believe you.Many people you write previously been executed are still around.I know I know this is info you getting from other fairy tales sources.

    • Exactly! Not a SINGLE prediction or so-called "intel" ever excreted by this "Benjamin Fullford" grifter has ever come true. NOT A SINGLE ONE of them!… Fact! Undoubtedly a major "New Age" crypto-globalist disinformation agent…

  4. human (masses,government leaders,politician,military) unity consciousness is now occurring in a Geo-economic,Geopolitics we may see by our naked eye in to the fight against fake Covid, fake vaccine,terrorism policies, anti warmonger, government corruption,war of information, financial war, war of invasion & aggression,war on economy & spiritual battle are getting more intense when President Vladimir Putin revealed the truth about Jesus Christ is black man,,humanity is seeking and shouting for government, changes, million were now died sacrifice their lives for the liberation of planet earth from dark enslavement for a thousand of years & more awaken human & light warrior ready to sacrifices their lives to the goal of liberating humanity from dark enslavement, I am human of planet earth a reflection of almighty creator & I am the essence of god (we called) Daily Mantra; I embrace all upgrade appropriate on me this time under the protection of my higher self, I power up the pyramid of life that protect me from all lower vibration I am safe, I am love , I am grounded, I am a reflection of almighty god creator, I am a part of this grand solar system, I am new awaken human DNA creating new 5D reality,

  5. What would be the Consequences, if the any Convertite to Islam (Aryan-descent White or not) were, for example, to visit any Venue of the True Buddha School (真佛宗) and to break it to anyone at such a Venue, that he or she converted to Islam and perhaps even boycotted religious literature like The Goal of the Wise (a religious book of the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light, not to be confused with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at) solely or partly out of the Fear of being tormented by the Muslim Migrants, whom the Judeo-Satanic Deeply Odious Oligarchs may have intended to be demographic Replacements?

    Paul Craig Roberts, would you be surprised, if there will ever be Justice for the Aryan-descent White Folks, whether in the Form of Chinese and other new religious Movements, or the Aldebaranians and other extraterrestrial Beings, or anything else, or all of them?

    Thanks for reading,

    Elfriede Lentner,

    • Any White Aryan person willingly subscribing to the satanic "religion" of Islam must be indeed very seriously mentally ill! Islam is fanatically anti-White, and enslaving and exterminating White Europeans has been the one top priority of Islam since the very day of its inception… Fact!

    • By the way, islamic "Sharia Law", with its sick, truly demonic obsession with mass murder and decapitation, is closely related to the equally demonic "Noahide Laws"!… Both of these monstrous law codes are fanatically anti-White, and should be fought and destroyed everywhere on Earth without mercy!


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