In the video, Benjamin Fulford discusses the ongoing power struggle between the so-called “White Hats” and “Black Hats” within global political and financial systems. He claims that the “White Hats,” a group of military and intelligence insiders, are working to dismantle a corrupt network of elites who have long manipulated global events for their benefit. Fulford outlines recent developments and actions taken by the “White Hats,” including arrests and financial interventions, to restore justice and transparency. He emphasizes the importance of public awareness and support for these efforts to ensure their success.

You can view the video here.

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  1. Chem Trails
    Silver Iodide is an active investment on the stock markets.
    Many other ingredients have been used as well for Sun Blocking, Rain creation, polluting the skies and the earth, and obviously the populations.
    Chem Trails need urgently stopping.
    The removal of the Cabal is essential and although mention is made of certain individuals no longer being alive, unless clones and masks are being used they are still on this planet.
    I am not making light of the task needed, but I prefer to be hearing the truth, otherwise I might just as well listen to the Cabal Press.
    The Reptilian involvement will be too much for many to digest. The Galactic members arriving would I imagine be also too much, whereas the rewriting of History will just about be the "over the edge of the cliff."
    The truth needs to be told, take over the media to achieve this.
    What is the alternative ?

  2. Figures you all make excuses for the kabal, oh I sorry please.pass the jam, crap all.crap. Ben Evisorote all these bad people

  3. Mr. Fulford has been predicting the arrest of mass murderers and war criminals like Netanjahu for many years now, but "somehow" he is still in power, exterminating the rest of the Palestinians in Gaza, and he seems to get away with anything and everything.

    Meanwhile, those leaders who ever resisted the globalist coup (not just in words but in deeds) were murdered, and the list is getting longer and longer. Like the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico, who has been assassinated recently, and is still in hospital.
    The latest news says that the Iranian President and a minister have disappeared in a helicopter crash…

    Howcome all those resisting the globalist psychopaths' rule are murdered, while the psychopaths and their minions are alive and well? Has anyone heard of the assassination of ANY of the most infamous psychopaths? What about the alleged "execution" of the Nth version of Killary Clinton, Anthony Fauci or the fake Joe Biden? Has anyone seen any genuine footage of their trial and execution, like the one of the late Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceasescu?

    What we can see is another dog and pony show to buy time for the ultimate enslavement of humanity, who, by the way, will be sitting around and "enjoying the show", as psy-op "Q" suggested. By the time the dumb down majority realizes what is happening, it will be too late.

    "Dark hats" or "white hats" are the two sides of the same coin: the global maffia calling themselves the "elite". We can't trust any of them, we can only rely on ourselves.


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