Nothing in WHO’s Pandemic Treaty can rise from the ashes of the negotiations to be voted on this week. The treaty is done. 

And of the amended International Health Regulations articles that were agreed upon and will be put forward for countries to vote on this week, the only one of any real concern relates to the surveillance of citizens to combat misinformation and disinformation.

However, as Dr. Meryl Nass points out, governments are already monitoring our speech, censoring and propagandising us.  So, although it is a great concern, it is nothing new.

On Friday, as the International Negotiating Body were admitting that they were unable to reach an agreement on the text of the Pandemic Treaty, corporate media were trying to salvage whatever credibility the World Health Organisation’s (“WHO’s”) pandemic plans had left, if any.

Writing for The New York Times, Apoorva Mandavilli’s article ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous, according to Dr. Mery Nass.

Countries Fail to Agree on Treaty to Prepare the World for the Next Pandemic’, The New York Times headed its article.  Followed by the lede: “Negotiators plan to ask for more time. Among the sticking points are equitable access to vaccines and financing to set up surveillance systems.”

WHO was hoping to present two pandemic instruments to the 77th World Health Assembly (“WHA77”) for adoption.  One is the Pandemic Treaty, also referred to as the Pandemic Accord, and the other is the amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005) (“IHR”).

“Negotiators had hoped to adopt the treaty this week,” The New York Times noted, “But cancelled meetings and fractious debates – sometimes over a single word – stalled agreement on key sections, including equitable access to vaccines.”

But regarding the IHR amendments, The New York Times only made one small mention: “The countries are also working on bolstering the WHO’s International Health Regulations, which were last revised in 2005 and set detailed rules for countries to follow in the event of an outbreak that may breach borders.”

The New York Times followed the corporate media line that we’ve been witnessing of late, fear-mongering about a bird flu outbreak.  The author of the article, Apoorva Mandavilli, also threw in mpox (formerly called monkeypox) and smallpox for good measure. The “fear” of both had made a comeback in the press during the first half of 2022 before being stomped out fairly quickly by pesky “conspiracy theorists” but it seems they could be resurrected again.

Dr. Nass corrected The New York Times: “Smallpox is still vanquished, Apoorva.”  Adding, “Loyce … knows nothing about pandemics. Best to let those ignorant about disease negotiate these two treaties, since if they actually understood what they were negotiating they might jump off a bridge.”

Dr. Nass also pointed out an article in The Guardian last week that showed “covid cockroaches coming out of the woodwork to whine for more money for pandemic preparedness.”

And then corporate media appeared to go silent about the whole affair. Until yesterday.

Dr. Nass received an advance copy of the media pack containing the report that the WHO Director-General Tedros the Terrorist gave at the WHA77 yesterday.  And, because WHO is known to spread disinformation, Dr. Nass fact-checked it in an article appropriately titled ‘Today’s lies from the WHO’s Director-General, regarding old failed goals’. “It’s more lipstick on more pigs,” she wrote.

Not only did Tedros state that more dangerous vaccines would be rolled out, without adequate testing and often without a licence, but “note the new adjuvants being tested by placing them in vaccines for tropical diseases, not western diseases,” she said.

And shockingly, “WHO has made itself an FDA and is essentially issuing licenses for vaccines and drugs for developing countries,” she noted.  She followed her remark with two questions:

  • Where did the WHO find the expertise to do so?
  • Could it be that staff from the Gates Foundation are quietly morphing into drug regulators?

Other remarks Dictator-General Tedros made were: “We’re increasing our work on behavioural science, to understand better why people make decisions about their health.”  Which sounds like a tool for control.

He also highlighted a decline in cigarette use; immediately followed by the statement: “more than 90 countries increased their tobacco excise tax between 2020 and 2022.”  Judging by its performance in recent years, WHO is not celebrated for being concerned about improving health so we can assume that the collection of taxes is what Tedros is really pleased about.

The cherry on the cake was his outright lie about one of three targets that had been set and that he expected would be met by next year.  He claimed: “1.5 billion people [are] expected to be enjoying better health and well-being by 2025.”

“The best way to look at health is to look at mortality rates,” Dr. Nass said.  And used United Nations (“UN”) projections to see what expected mortality rates looked like. Looking at the rising death rates and the falling birth rates – “how does this look like better health?”

WHO’s own rules require that the IHR amendments be released to the public and member states four months before being voted on.

“To be lawful, any procedures to amend the IHR have to be carried out in accordance with legal requirements set out in the IHR itself,” the Global Health Responsibility Agency wrote in an open letter to Tedros the Terrorist earlier this year.

Despite knowing the unlawfulness of its procedures, yesterday, the day the WHA began, WHO released its latest draft of the amended IHR expecting member states to vote on it during this meeting.  It was released along with numerous “main documents” for WHA77.

You can read the latest draft of the amended IHR HERE.  While some are pointing out nefarious clauses that remain in the document, Dr. Nass feels they are not “the dangerous ones.”

“While it is true that some articles in the amendments had the agreement of negotiators, and could be voted on, the agreed-upon items were not the dangerous ones,” she said. “They tended to be the flowery language ones, not the meaningful ones.” However, there is one exception. “Interestingly, the negotiators were fine telling nations to surveil their citizens and combat misinformation and disinformation, i.e., they were fine with censorship and propaganda,” Dr. Nass said.  She continued:

But the really good news is: “NOTHING in the [Pandemic Accord] can rise from the ashes of the negotiations to be voted on this week. The treaty is done. People now understand what it was about, what was in it and how it was the first step to a One World Government. They have said NO to all that,” Dr. Nass said.

Meanwhile, in the real world, where it matters most …

On Saturday, a freedom rally was held outside the UN headquarters in New York. Speakers included Vera Sharav, Mary Holland, Reggie Littlejohn, Tricia Lindsay, Cara Catronuovo and Mel K. Tricia.  Read more HERE and HERE.

And on Sunday, furious Malaysians united in rage and prayer against WHO, showing solidarity with victims of mRNA injections.  Read more HERE.

Finally, as we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, on 31 May, the second last day of WHA77, Japan is mobilising for what promises to be a historic gathering to “save lives from the WHO.”



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