By Carlo Domenico Cristofori,

«Hitler did not want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he wanted to expel them» but in the meeting in Berlin at the end of 1941 «the mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, objected “they will all come here” and when Hilter asked him “what should I do with them?”, the mufti “replied to burn them”».

These are the words spoken in 2015 by Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. Had I written them or any blogger on the internet would have already been investigated by the FBI for anti-Semitism and spreading fake news.

But Bibi (pseudonym of Israel’s longest-serving statesman thanks to Clinton, Obama, Trump and Biden), can say and do everything. Because behind him there are the Zionist Lobbies of Larry Fink (BlackRock) and those of the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) who control the Western economy.

There is a substantial and tragic difference between Hitler and Netanyahu: unlike the Nazi dictator, the Zionist dictator has an arsenal of at least 70/90 nuclear missiles capable of destroying the entire planet…

From severely critical and honest journalists in denouncing the blatant genocide in Gaza (denied only by infamous politicians such as former Italian PM Matteo Renzi now candidate for the European elections with Emma Bonino’s party who influenced the acquittal of the Ukrainian criminal who killed the Italian reporter Andrea Rocchelli, after receiving funding from George Soros as the authors of the coup in Ukraine which gave rise to the current conflict)

So Gospa News, having written dozens of articles on the murderous collusions between Freemasonry and Zionists, is very happy that today the pseudo-omnipotent nature of Israel and Netanyahu is revealed after the request for an arrest warrant from the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (arriving months late compared to the shameful crimes including human organ trafficking) and after the call for a “ceasefire” by the UN International Court of Justice, it absolutely ignored these measures and continued to bomb massively both Gaza and Rafah, and conquering and closing the Rafah gap with Egypt.

Here are the comments of the Zionist criminal and his supporter reported by the Zionist sycophants of RAI News (which should be an Italian TV and not an Israeli propaganda one):

“It’s a scandal. This won’t stop me or us.” This is how Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, quoted by the media, defined the ICC Prosecutor’s move against him and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant at a Likud meeting.

“The International Criminal Court prosecutor’s request for arrest warrants against Israeli leaders is scandalous.” Thus the US President, Joe Biden, after the announcement of the chief prosecutor of the ICC to issue arrest warrants for alleged war crimes against the prime minister and the defense minister of Israel.


More than 35,500 people have been killed in the Gaza Strip since October 7th. The latest toll from the Ministry of Health in Gaza, which came under the control of Hamas in 2007, speaks of at least 35,562 deaths, 106 of which in the last 24 hours. The bulletin, relaunched by satellite TV al-Jazeera, specifies that the injured in the Palestinian enclave are 79,652, including 176 people injured in the last day.

We are waiting for someone to officially explain to us the difference between Netanyahu’s holocaust and that of his “idol” Hitler.

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This is how the NWO dictatorship that we defined as NAZI-ZIONIST is being born.

Thanks to the angry spinster Giorgia Meloni who ran for the European elections with people close to the mafia despite knowing that she will never occupy her seat as an MEP.

Italian politics adrift or whored? For posterity the easy sentence…



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  1. the biggest deception of all is that the jews are not really the jews; the western world is of the bloodline of Judah (Zerah side) and the war has been going on even before the birth of the twins; The urge to remove the human from it's true self has been an age old battle that Steiner could foresee in 1917. The rothschilds are just puppets of the Romaniotes, and Donald Trump aka Drumpf, should tell you which side of the fence he really sits and his show is just all for the public; The prophecy of Nostradamus; "The anti christ will be offered up as a man of the people" It is never too late but the nails hammered into the coffin of humanity are nearly all but gone…

  2. Netanyahu & zelenski is one and common they were on a point of no return,they already know that this is their end game,peace talk and political solution is not an option for them,they believe they can survive using their weakening power,

  3. it was not the Brits Hitler worked with it was the fake British Royal family who are Satanic German Nazi's with Rothschild blood. These families are at the root of all evil the 13 families have caused so much damage all over the world people must waken up to the fact they were the enemy within and that Scotland has had no true Royals since the fifteen hundreds and England since the 16 hundreds that is going to shock the people of UK who worship these wicked evil murdering crooks and have bought the propaganda put out about them. I know it shocked me.

  4. The real Trump (not the fake deep state Trump double) is most certainly not on the side of that Zionist monster of a man. It will be no surprise to people that he is another Rothchild satanic murdering ratfink family member. He will be taken out with the rest of them and soon I hope.

  5. So much disinformation to refute. For shame on this irresponsible moron calling themselves a writer. Fear porn monger is more accurate. Short-timer, headed below, is another accurate characterization of the boob.

    Nuclear weapons do not exist. This is a topic of fake $cience, that fools and fuck-jobs use to create fear. Nukes have been debunked as a fake tech for many decades, but this fuckhead wants to keep the lie alive.

    Hitler had jewish roots, worked to sabotage the Germanic people, as evidenced in multiple events, mist especially allowing British troops to escape the continent in the outset. Clear sign he worked with brits all along. Contolled opposition to bring down Germany from inside, just like Biden sabotaging America today.

    Netanyahu is the controlled opposition, saboteur of Israel. Remember the plan is for global jewry anf global islam to annihilate each other. Then christianity next, leaving Lucerferianism as the only acknowledged choice remaining. Netanyahu is driving ignorant jews, with no clue of the law of karma, to the point where there is only one option for Israel: karmic dissolution. A nation isn’t destroyed by foreign invasions so much as by the reactions the universe imposes on each entity for their actions. In other words, Netanyahu’s purpose is to commit Israel to an inescapable reaction to it’s actions, so severe it can’t be survived. Actions always come home to roost. Israel is self-annihilating itself karmically. This can’t be undone, it will be done.
    Netanyahu is a chucklehead self-destroyer.


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