In what looks like a fight to the death over deck chairs on a sinking Titanic, Donald Trump and Alex Soros are now in a state of open warfare against each other. It is a good bet Soros, his Barack Obama house slave and their entire faction will lose the war. However, this will not stop the fact the US Corporation owes its’ people $200 trillion and the rest of the world $53.4 trillion and so will not be able to continue as is. Israel, meanwhile, is about to be taken over by Egypt and Turkey.

In any case, while the US public was distracted by this fight, the US military, the Russians, the British Empire and the Asian secret societies agreed at emergency Bilderberg plus US/Chinese military meetings last weekend to start a future planning organization. They also agreed the US Corporation will be replaced by the United States of North America.

Anyway, let us start with the US political theater because it shows US and Western political infighting is headed for some sort of climax. US Space Force sources are now telling us Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump is still at the Mt. Cheyenne military base. They claim he is the one who controls the US nuclear arsenal. This was proven by the fact that when so-called US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was hospitalized with cancer in January, nobody in the “Biden administration” knew about it. If “Biden” controlled the US nuclear arsenal this would have been impossible.

In any case, the Space Force sources say the real Trump is now running two different Trump avatars. One is located at Mar A Largo and is running the election campaign against the fake Joe Biden. The other is located in New York and participating in all the legal drama there (We would appreciate it if readers in New York and Florida could investigate these allegations). The source also claims Biden is also controlled by the white hats and is being told to deliberately act the way he does in order to help wake up more sheeple.

According to this source, allowing Trump to be convicted as a felon on what should be minor misdemeanors -while the people against him get away with torturing and murdering children- is part of a psyops to wake up the still sleeping part of the population.


Certainly, it appears to be having that effect, boosting Trump’s popularity and causing a huge influx of donations.

The drama will continue. Alex Soros has now taken over the left-wing propaganda machine and is fighting to avenge the execution of his father George Soros by Donald Trump. He showed that when he tweeted to his servants that “Democrats should refer to Trump as a convicted felon at every opportunity. Repetition is the key…” This is straight from the playbook of Nazi propaganda Chief Joseph Goebbels.

The white hat alliance responded with a barrage of leaks about George Soros and the evil he has been responsible for. The videos below tell us the following things:

In 1993 Soros recommended NATO wage war against Russia using Eastern European populations.

Soros is behind the global illegal immigrant invasion.

Elon Musk says George Soros “fundamentally hates humanity” and that he’s doing things that “erode the fabric of civilization.”

George Soros financed the revolution in the Ukraine and numerous other color revolutions.

Leaked documents from his Open Society Foundation explain how he controlled elections and foreign governments in Europe and elsewhere. His plan was to wreck Europe with his open borders as well as destroy Europe and the USA.

It is Soros and his Khazarian Mafia handlers who are paying all the military-age foreign men to flood Europe and the US.

The alliance has also released previously suppressed emails about Barack “Thunder of Satan” Obama including this one:

“A young boy the age of 5. He will make the perfect catamite for the president. He will arrive from Romania on Tuesday. I’m sure the president will be pleased.” The names listed in the report are nothing short of a who’s who in American politics and Hollywood:

·         Bill Clinton

·         Hillary Clinton

·         Tim Kaine

·         Elizabeth Warren

·         Jimmy Carter

·         Harry Reid

·         Ben Affleck

·         Cory Booker

·         Al Franken

·         Nancy Pelosi

WikiLeaks Bombshell: Obama Ran Pedophile Ring Out of the White House – The Leaked Email!

Exposure of the torture and murder of children is why the KM leaders are literally fighting for their lives. Robert de Niro is a case in point. “He is scared shitless of what’s coming for him and his pedophile buddies,” a CIA source says. According to the BBC, De Niro was detained and questioned by French authorities in 1998, after he was found in the “little black book” and list of customers of Jean-Pierre Bourgeois, the leader of an international human/child trafficking operation. The case uncovered the brutal methods used to snare young women, some as young as 15. De Niro admitted to fornicating with the women Bourgeois introduced him to.

That is why two months ago he said that if Trump wins he will “come looking for me.”


Now he is saying the “government will perish from the earth” if Trump gets re-elected as US President.


The Asian Secret Societies will play a major role in this. A major group with tens of millions of members and hundreds of thousands of professional assassins has come under new leadership. This group now says they will


get justice for the 500,000 Japanese who were murdered by vaccination since 2021. The Japanese underworld is also in on this. Top yakuza bosses met last week with Western white hat representatives and agreed to cooperate in the worldwide takedown of the Khazarian Mafia, They promised to take action on a list of hundreds of names they were given.

Among those being actively targeted are fake US Ambassador Rahm Emanuel and top Satanist Richard Armitage, the underworld sources say.

In a sign of desperation, the US embassy is embarking on a major bribery scam in order to stay in control in Japan, according to Japanese right-wingers who were offered the bribes. Under this scheme, Japan will buy US weapons and the Japanese side will get a kickback of 60% of the cost of the weapons. The other 40% will go to the US side. In other words, it is money laundering Fed funny money using overpriced weapons to try to hire bodyguards. It won’t work.

In a sign the current Japanese government is doomed, tens of thousands of Japanese demonstrated in front of the Health and Welfare Ministry on May 31st accusing them of mass murder.


Speaker after speaker warned the Japanese government was planning to introduce a “replicon vaccine” in September that would cause each person vaccinated to infect people around them. This operation is being run by Fuji Film, a company affiliated with the Rockefellers’ Trilateral Commission, according to Richard Koshimizu of the Japan Independence Party.

At the demonstration, Kazuhiro Haraguchi, the former Japanese Minister for Internal Affairs, became the latest major politician to apologize for the tsunami of deaths among the vaccinated population. The Japanese police and military are aware of this as well. Justice will be done.

This will happen in other countries as well. This Australian politician is a case in point. Look at the picture of him getting vaccinated and then look at the result.

Now an Australian court has ordered the government of Victoria to reveal to the public all “secret” documents that were used in making and formulating COVID-19 policy decisions.

Needless to say, the Khazarian Mafia will keep trying to release more bio-weapons to kill off humanity before they themselves are hung.

This is getting personal for this writer. A female acquaintance was recently diagnosed with an unknown type of tuberculosis and placed in an isolation ward. Health and Welfare Ministry officials then tried to persuade her to say I was also infected in order to give them an excuse to force me into a hospital. This is exactly how they killed Robert David Steele. Needless to say, the people responsible for this attempt are being hunted down.

The Asian societies are also going to remove all KM-affiliated or compromised politicians in South Korea, Taiwan, China and elsewhere the secret society sources say.

The Asians are also certain that even without assassinations, the entire KM control grid will collapse.

The United States is a case in point. In a sign of just how desperate the situation there is, Mexico has deported 240,000 American economic refugees in the past 60 days. Think about it: AMERICANS FLEEING TO MEXICO. Mexican government sources say the American refugees are causing inflation by spending US dollars created out of thin air to buy real stuff. These dollars are no longer accepted by the rest of the world; only Canada and Mexico. They are also being used to goose the stock market to hallucinatory levels.


As a reminder, the US dollars being printed in the US now have been quarantined from the $53.4 trillion held by the rest of the world. These dollars are going to be converted into a BRICS currency soon, according to Russian FSB and other sources.

Biden’s funny money is also causing problems in Canada as well. One in four Canadians does not have enough food and the Canadian food bank system is on the verge of collapse. Since Canada is one of the largest food exporters in the world, this is a clear sign the government of Justin Castrudeau is criminally incompetent.

It is just a matter of time before the whole system implodes. Soon “500 to 1,000 smaller banks are likely to disappear because of insolvency or consolidation,” says Scott Rechler, CEO of RXR. As we have previously shown, the big banks are also de facto insolvent because their bond and loan holdings have lost 50% of their value and commercial real estate prices have evaporated. They are all frozen like deer in the headlights now but it is only a matter of time before a vicious cycle of selling implodes the entire system. This chart shows part of the picture:

The rest of the world has promised to provide financing for the Republic of North America to replace the current corrupt and incompetent regimes in the USA and Canada as soon as the collapse takes place.

The trigger for the collapse is likely to be the fall of the Satanic regime now in place in Israel. Israel’s days are definitely numbered.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan has issued a call to arms saying “’Israel is not just a threat to Gaza but to all of humanity.” He adds “No state is safe as long as Israel does not follow international law and does not feel bound by international law.”

Both Turkey and Egypt have promised to support the International Court of Justices’ genocide case against Israel.

To make things worse, Israel just broke the Camp Peace accords with Egypt by taking control of the Rafah-Egypt border post without crossing the Gaza Strip, by invading the Philadelphia corridor. “Cairo, however, immediately considered that Tel Aviv had declared war on it. If Egypt defends itself, a regional war will ensue that Israel cannot win,” says French journalist Thierry Meyssan.

“Israeli general Yitzhak Brik says the Egyptian army is one of the most powerful in the Middle East boasting around 4,000 tanks, including 2,000 modern ones, as well as powerful ships and fighter planes: breaking the peace with the Egyptians would be a catastrophe for the security of Israel in all respects and, in the event of a conflict, Israel would have no other recourse than to pray to God.”

Mossad sources, however, say before it goes under “Israel plans to set off a major black swan event to distract the world’s attention later this month.”

This is a sign of desperation because Israel is also now under a complete land and sea blockade. In the latest development, the Yemeni Houthis claim to have hit and badly damaged, perhaps even sunk a US aircraft carrier. These photos sent to us by Pentagon sources appear to show the USS Eisenhower being hit by a missile and burning uncontrollably.

There is an attempted news blackout on this but military experts have long said US aircraft carriers are militarily obsolete and indefensible against hypersonic missiles.

Also, according to the Turks, the Russians hit the Yavorovsky training ground in western Ukraine with a hypersonic Kinzhal missile last week killing at least 300 people, including NATO personnel.

Pentagon sources say these strikes may have been retaliation for recent missile strikes inside of Russia. This is a sign that Russia will not use KM provocations to start an out nuclear war but instead will retaliate in ways that hurt but do not start an all-out war.

The Russians also just captured another US Patriot missile system and decided to hand it over to China. Since the US has sold lots of Patriot missiles at great expense to Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, this is bound to hurt.

The Russians also have an interest in shutting down commerce between Europe and Asia via the Middle East. The Houthis’ Red Sea blockade has made Russia’s Northern Sea Route attractive to a desperate West. Russian officials and media have been saying for years the 5,600 km Northern Sea Route is the shortest maritime route between Europe and Asia, and can shave 8,000 km or more of distance, and 40-60 percent in time, off shipments, compared to traditional Europe-Asia routes through the currently troubled waters in the Middle East. Virtually the entire length of the Arctic portion of the route passes through Russian waters. The Russians are keeping it open with a fleet of icebreakers and hope to charge transit fees.

The Russians are also upping the ante in Africa. In the latest development there, Wagner Chief Yevgeny Prigozhin has just shown up in the Central African Republic and Chad. Russian FSB sources say Prigozhin was not in fact killed last year as has been reported in the world’s media.


It seems Wagner has just taken over Gold, Diamond, Uranium and other resources in these countries from the French.


Meanwhile, a few countries away, US troops are being forced out of Niger and Joe Biden is leaving behind a $100 million US airbase to the pro-Russian regime.

ANOTHER US HUMILIATION: Joe Biden Agrees to Remove Remaining US Troops from Niger in Sept – Abandon $100 Million Airbase – As Russian Forces Move in to Same Base

We also suspect (but cannot prove) a Russian hand behind the recent troubles in the French territory of New Caledonia. New Caledonia’s main source of wealth is nickel mining, vital for electric vehicles. Until legal changes hiding ownership were passed in 1988 the sector was entirely controlled by the Rothschilds, former employers of Emmanuelle Macron.

This nickel medal, issued by SLN in the 1960s, features images of French, Dutch and Greek coins on one side and the company logo on the other.

The loss of colonial resources is one of the reasons why Standard & Poor’s just downgraded France’s credit rating from AA to AA-.

This helps explain why French President Emmanuelle Macron Rothschild is trying so hard to push NATO into war with Russia.

The Germans, however, are having none of it because they are too busy rebuilding the German Empire in Eastern Europe. Polish intelligence sources inform us that in his first weeks in office German agent and Polish President Donald Tusk illegally took over public media and the prosecutor’s office. He also canceled or postponed all Polish investment projects that reduced the countries’ dependence on Germany. The current Polish government plans to transfer the remnants of Polish sovereignty into Germany’s hands, the sources say.

The resurgent German empire is also moving to secure energy independence. Germany’s cabinet approved on Wednesday a bill to fast-track the construction of hydrogen infrastructure, import and production facilities as Berlin bets on the fuel to help decarbonize Europe’s biggest economy, government sources said…The Hydrogen Acceleration Law will give infrastructure an “overriding public interest” status, meaning authorities will prioritize it in the approval process.

The Germans are also trying to reverse Brexit and take control of the UK again, MI6 sources say. The sudden resignation of UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his suicidal election campaign strategy seems designed to hand over control to Labour Party leader Keir Starmer. As the video below shows, Starmer does not stand for anything and just says what he is told to say even if it completely contradicts what he said before. In a sign of who his real bosses are, when given the choice between Westminster and Davos, his answer was unequivocally “Davos.”


MI6 sources say Starmer will be “aiming for two terms, moving closer to the EU in the first term and then re-joining in the second, risking a civil war.”

A decapitation of the German operations in the UK is more likely. When a bounty was put on Chief Cabinet Secretary Simon Case by the white hat alliance, Case contacted MI6 to say the problem was former MI6 head, John Scarlett. When a bounty was placed on Scarlett, he turned around and said the problem was European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

German media report von der Leyen is a deeply corrupt politician. The latest of many scandals surrounding her is that she used her influence to help the Russian company “Krasniy Oktyabr” evade sanctions imposed by the European Union after the Russian special operation began in Ukraine. “Krasnij Oktyabr” produces 40 percent of stainless steel in Russia and supplies the German auto industry.

In any case, a bounty has now been placed on her head by the white hat alliance. Not because she helps Germany but because:

The Geneva International Peace Research Institute (GIPRI) has accused the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, of complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Israel against Palestinians in Gaza. The complaint was filed by GIPRI against the European Commission head at the International Criminal Court (ICC) on 22 May. The complaint, supported by various human rights groups and prominent scholars and experts in international criminal law, urges the ICC prosecutor to initiate investigations based on the information provided against von der Leyen.


Behind the scenes, the Davos faction behind von der Leyen is trying to surrender. This was made clear from the discussions at the Bilderberg conference in Spain that just ended.

The reason is that after two years of negotiations, the effort by the World Health Organization to impose a global pandemic treaty has failed. Here you can watch WHO Director-General Tedros announce the failure of the Pandemic Agreement/Treaty.

The treaty was meant to use an artificially created pandemic or crisis to give the WHO power to control governments, force people to take vaccines and place them in concentration camps.

“Goodbye Terrorist Tedros. You and your Zionist buddies have lost. The military tribunals will be coming for you soon enough,” comments a CIA source.

Long-term Bilderberg reporter Daniel Estulin tells Alex Jones some of the things discussed at the recent Bilderberg in the video at the link below.

He says Bilderberg is a place where mid-level people are told what high-level people have decided.

He talks about how the elite have a plan for total control of humanity via technological slavery. “The Bilderbergers have a dream of creating a new synthetic human. Harari and Soros talked about it. You create an artificial uterus and incubate it the same way you incubate chickens. You have artificial insemination and you genetically shorten the gestation period. Then you can make as many human slaves with limited consciousness as you need,” he says.

However, Estulin says that with the failure of this plan, the elite who gathered there were scared and did not know what to do next.

“One of the reasons we are seeing the resistance against Trump is the fact they know if Trump wins a lot of them are going to be killed and most of them are going to be in prison so it’s them or us they are saying,” he notes.

Also, Estulin says:

“What we are seeing right now has only happened twice in the past 2000 years. The first was around the fourth and fifth centuries when the Roman empire collapsed and feudalism came about. And then about a thousand years later between the 16th and the 17th centuries feudalism collapsed and was replaced with modern-day capitalism which today in its current form is on its deathbed so the problem is they don’t know what to replace it with. There is no one in the West who can explain what the model is going to look like.”


The fact is though, our own sources in Asian Secret Societies, the Pentagon, the Russian FSB, MI6 etc. know what it will look like. They all say a decision has been made to replace the five permanent members of the UN Security Council with a council representing seven regions. There was also a decision to create a future planning organization to take over the functional parts of the BIS, the World Bank, the IMF, etc.

As Estulin notes, the director of the Russian central bank works directly for the IMF. The IMF has agreed to the new plan, multiple sources, including the head of MI6 say.

There was a similar agreement at the Shangri La meeting in Singapore last week between military delegates from 45 countries, Pentagon sources say. First though, the current corrupt system needs to finish imploding. That is why we are definitely heading into a summer of discontent.




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  1. I think that much of the information we are getting from the truther community are false flags such as all the arrests it is detrimental to lead people on in the name of hope – do not lie to us anymore we have had enough of it – it has taken 150 years for the Rothschild family to take over the banking and every other important institution. It is clear to us all that the police do not have our back that foreigners like Soros are paying for open borders and every idiotic activism known to man. That the same people are paying for mercenaries to enter Europe and America they are men of fighting age Soros hates us and he is being allowed to destroy our countries with unnecessary colonisation of our enemies from the middle east who oppose our culture and way of life and we can see the government is in cahoots with it all. If we are in a war and if people capable of fighting back are actually there why are they not rounding up these people and preventing all this misery – I am witnessing that everything is going ahead the vaccines were given to 5 billion people no one has stopped that they let it go ahead. I have just been watching this report it is being more truthful and it is asking us to get rid of our expectations that we have about this war and how long it is going to take to take down the deep state Things are being done by Trump and the Navy etc. apparently But getting right down to it no one has the peoples back you are going to have to join the dots and start thinking in real terms to navigate through this lot and if the mercenaries kick in your door no one will help you . My advice is do not comply with the globalists and get out in the sun with your family and live your life because these people will make you forget your own name if you let them. I also watched a Pascal video the things people expect you to believe. To my way of thinking this is just the tyrants all fighting over the planet and we are 100% in the dark we have been on a long journey saw how sick these people are found out many unpalatable truths about the scum. If you want to go insane keep watching this crap I am going to spend my time more wisely and when the shit hits the fan I will duck and dive and deal with it as it comes but they are not getting to steal my energy my time or my life anymore. 😠😏🥱😴 I'm done!

  2. Replace present capitalism with what?
    Worker ownership of companies, cooperatives.
    The workers staff the company, make management decisions and share in the profits. These co-ops put the power back where it belongs, in the hands of the workers who made it possible for the company to exist and provide a living for many people.

  3. "And then about a thousand years later between the 16th and the 17th centuries feudalism collapsed and was replaced with modern-day capitalism which today in its current form is on its deathbed so the problem is they don’t know what to replace it with. There is no one in the West who can explain what the model is going to look like.”

    "so the problem is they don’t know what to replace it with. There is no one in the West who can explain what the model is going to look like.”

    Make a note, that the largest imbeciles/retards, parasites and criminals in this Universe and beyond are in charge of this planet.

    They are total humiliation to any intelligent life forms, systems and God-Source who's mission is to develop higher intelligence.

    Retardation is permanent and progressive. It is a systemic risk to intelligent life forms, systems, planet Earth, Universe and beyond.

    What about the compliance with divine laws as codified in an American Constitution or Galactic Codex?

  4. You wrote:

    "And then about a thousand years later between the 16th and the 17th centuries feudalism collapsed and was replaced with modern-day capitalism which today in its current form is on its deathbed so the problem is they don’t know what to replace it with. There is no one in the West who can explain what the model is going to look like.”

    Current global system is not Capitalism..
    Ron Paul is saying the same, current system is not capitalism in USA.

    Marxist/communists/socialists and their low IQ mutant monkey parasites, criminals are occupying an American government, destroying capitalism by illegal mergers, acquisitions, against antitrust laws (competitive forces) destroying people's God's given rights to Life, Liberty Prosperity as codified in an American Constitution.

    Recent unconstitutional covid-bioweapons and lockdowns were designed by savages to terminate most businesses to implement totalitarian control over product/markets.
    This resulted in planned high inflation = higher taxes at the cost of most people, breeding poverty, crime, starvation, idiocy, wars..

    Current system is NWO- globalism or Marxist/communist/socialist system.

    Global Marxist/communist/socialist monopoly in China exterminated all domestic competitive industries around the globe.
    Read the labels "made in China" and recognize that!
    Dependency on imports or exports, or government.. is a suicidal mission!

    How do you recognize illegal anticompetitive Marxist/communist/socialist monopoly?

    We need to do financial analysis of companies, industries…looking at financial ratio-Net Profit Margin of a company, industries and also looking at production cost.

    In competitive industries like computer or retailers Net Profit Margin is from 0-3% indicating very strong competitive markets.

    This means also that excessive profits were redistributed equally to all people in the form of lower prices not few parasitic Marxist/communist/socialists parasites.

    If we do not have enough competition, than Net Profit Margins are going to 80% and higher like in drug companies, also Microsoft and other savages in oil industries..

    All retards must comprehend that now and recognize that!

    When competitive forces are destroyed by mergers, acquisition, government regulation than Capitalism dies and government parasites – Marxist/communists/socialists are doing nothing to brake these illegal Monopolies by an application of antitrust laws as it was the antitrust law case against AT&T – illegal Marxist/communist/socialist monopoly.

    Examples of Marxist/communist/socialist illegal monopolies in drug industries.

    High Drug Prices

    Monopolies are part of barbaric satanic Marxist/communist/socialist system structure, sucking people's blood to poverty, illegal concentration of wealth at the cost of people!

    The ‘big three’ insulin producers – Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk and Sanofi – dominate more than 90% of the world insulin market by value…/why-insulin-so…/
    8 Reasons Why Insulin is so Outrageously Expensive – T1International
    Colorado’s Insulin Copay Cap: A Foundation to Build Upon 9 Jul 2019 by Allison Bailey. With Governor Polis’ declaration that “the days of insulin price gouging are over in Colorado,” news outlets across the country published stories with headlines about the $100 price cap, patients lauded Colorado’s big step forward, and lawmakers from other states voiced interest in following suit.
    The Antitrust laws were created in compliance with an Am. Constitution to destroy totalitarian powers of monopolies, nonintelligent systems-communism, socialism to bring the prices down to prosperity levels to the benefit of all people
    End monopolies now!…/competition…/guide-antitrust-laws

    Guide to Antitrust Laws | Federal Trade Commission
    Free and open markets are the foundation of a vibrant economy. Aggressive competition among sellers in an open marketplace gives consumers — both individuals and businesses — the benefits of lower prices, higher quality products and services, more choices, and greater innovation.

    Recognize monopoly pricing by fin. ratios.
    High Net Profit Margin-NPM, more than 10% indicates price control due to lack of competition
    In Competitive industry like technology, NPM is less than 5%.

    Eli Lilly NPM as of June 30, 2019 is 33.76%…/LLY/eli-lilly/profit-margins
    Eli Lilly Profit Margin 2006-2020 | LLY | MacroTrends
    Current and historical gross margin, operating margin and net profit margin for Eli Lilly (LLY) over the last 10 years. Profit margin can be defined as the percentage of revenue that a company retains as income after the deduction of expenses. Eli Lilly net profit margin as of March 31, 2020 is 23.97% .

    Savages in drug industry, illegal price-market control.
    Profit margin can be defined as the percentage of revenue that a company retains as income after the deduction of expenses. Novo Nordisk net profit margin as of March 31, 2019 is 32.16%…/novo-nordisk/profit-margins
    Novo Nordisk Profit Margin 2006-2020 | NVO | MacroTrends
    Current and historical gross margin, operating margin and net profit margin for Novo Nordisk (NVO) over the last 10 years. Profit margin can be defined as the percentage of revenue that a company retains as income after the deduction of expenses. Novo Nordisk net profit margin as of March 31, 2020 is 31.91% .
    When monopoly enters the market than capitalism dies. Comprehend that.

    Monopolies in drug industries exterminated other companies by mergers, acquisition to control the prices/markets.
    879% drug price hike is one of 3,400 in 2019 so far; rate of hikes……/big-pharma-raising-drug…/

    879% drug price hike is one of 3,400 in 2019 so far; rate of hikes increasing | Ars Technica
    higher and higher — 879% drug price hike is one of 3,400 in 2019 so far; rate of hikes increasing Despite public and political pressure, pharma keeps on ratcheting up prices.

    We need to apply antitrust laws to terminate Marxism/communism/socialism system and parasites who are living high at taxpayer's cost. All people should work!.

    Tax the rich is Marxist/communist/socialist concept= poverty, eat the poisons now because you do not have any product choice.

    Restore Strong competitive forces ( antitrust laws) restore domestic production = prosperity to all people in the form of lower prices, product choices..

    The compliance with divine laws as codified in an American Constitution is the solution to all problems!!

  5. Anyone who votes for Keir Starmer is an idiot. Labour and conservative are 2 cheeks of the same backside that stinks to high heaven. Of course it is evident that we do not have a democracy they are fronts for the satanist cabal scum bloodline families who have infiltrated our government and I want to make it perfectly clear we do not want to re-join or work with the Nazi EU who want centralisation and globalist hell on earth. They are putting in their man again who will try to fulfil their agenda. As it is we are still living under their authority and are still not free of them. I want every MP and PM working for these crooks fired for treason and crimes against humanity because they are working against the people of UK and it is destroying us and our country. You cannot vote your way out of corruption in a sham election as your vote is worthless in a fake democracy decided before the count by the cabal. These people are unfit for office and taking orders from our enemy they must close parliament remove them all and protect the people of UK from their machinations we have an unit for office broken treasonous government that is acting as an enemy of the people they are supposed to serve. Go to hell the lot of you !!! Thank you for the report Benjamin we are making good progress the truth will out and God wins. Looking forward to the end of this carry on.

  6. "…Biden is also controlled by the white hats and is being told to deliberately act the way he does in order to help wake up more sheeple."

    Are you kidding, Mr. Fulford? So the so-called "white hats" let the Biden-avatar(s) run amok and destroy entire countries, so that they can wake up more sheeple who are beyond hope anyway? This is the lamest excuse for what's going on, and the biggest intellectual insult to those having even one working brain cell left!

  7. "…after two years of negotiations, the effort by the World Health Organization to impose a global pandemic treaty has failed."

    No, Mr. Fulford, it hasn't, and I'm sure you are well aware of the following:

    Updated 12:08 AM CEST, June 2, 2024
    "GENEVA (AP) — The World Health Organization said member countries on Saturday approved new steps to improve global preparedness for and response to pandemics like COVID-19 and mpox, and set a new deadline for agreeing on a broader treaty.
    Countries agreed by consensus to amend the International Health Regulations, which were last changed in 2005, such as by defining the term “pandemic emergency” and helping developing countries to gain better access to financing and medical products, WHO said. …"

    Howcome this piece of very bad news hasn't been worth being published on this website?


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