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  1. Chaos is the current Sand Storms in the midst, awaiting its settlement is our test in faith. Would clearly feel to believe much greater things unseen are in full action beyond a less thought an cognitive bias. One in thought might not judge what one does not know to see the who is to what is truth or not. To guess an think be Russian position to flirt an attack. One might be missing the puppet masters using the US.Corporations name to be-front the facade whereby in more possible the controlled at end of these strings are to blame more along ones pulling as when all are defused in entirety.
    Even if its in your own backyard. 29 solutions could they be another 29 statements of oppression and tyranny by a different view. No one yet shall know what direction the Light shall promote Until all is neutral and all is SAFE. When this peaks to the pendulum stopping its stride and True Enlightened descend to finish, cleans and guide. Then one might know to understand the real truth and not cast a stone, unlearned in thought. See only the progressive things, think of marvelous beyond to what we might conceive and await to see if your Dreams come to bare fruit.

  2. 26 June 2024
    FALSE FLAG ALERT! Russian MOD Warns United States Of Zionist Leaders aka grey aliens Set To Release Avian Bioweapon Ahead Of 2024 Election, Blame New Pandemic On Putin

    Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, Chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, issued a video briefing this week claiming the United States may soon launch a biological false flag to blame on the Kremlin.

    The U.S. military veteran and researcher known as WarClandestine on X posted a segment of the Kirillov statement, explaining the new report alleges the Pentagon relocated its secretive Ukrainian biolab operation to Africa.

    The Russian military general specifically said U.S. biolab activities are taking place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where a new variant of monkeypox that reportedly “causes miscarriage and has a fatality rate of 10 percent” is currently spreading.

    Kirillov also explained how the U.S. government is using third-party companies such as the Hunter Biden-linked groups Metabiota and EcoHealth Alliance, as well as a company called Quicksilver and over twenty others

    Come join the New Blueprint for Humanity for Peace !
    29 Solutions to fix the mess on this Planet !
    Including the American overhaul Solution! and Full Disclosure for Full Disclaimer Solution !

  3. We have not seen the real Joe for a long time. We are being played and apparently everyone is okay with that because nobody is willing to call it out. That is concerning to me. Is everyone in on the deception or just deaf dumb and blind?

  4. Be real nice to see the Clown Show Stage finally have the Closing Drapes Drawn on this last episode. It really is getting most boring. the who' is left of darkened programming is only to be awaiting .. condition 451 to be finalized and the brooms to sweep away the remains. The dusting off of ones dancing shoes and its rival trumpet calling will be the welcome Cry for many.

  5. Biden, is as History will reveal: *An Ultra Liberal, with *No Morality, or *conscience! Inept, With-intent, to "Commit great Constitutional harm"~Unconditionally crooked, & with all malintent! A real Opportunist, & *Anti-God, conspiratorial fool! { History?…You listening? }….You just got a "re-cap", of truth in Politics!

  6. Many people know that humanity were dealing with clone,,soulless human,double bloodline know to be an AI, that only appeared as natural human,


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