By a Mortal Man,

Some people equate the word ‘myth’ as in false reality or a fable. But we know fables can come to be true and often enough such stories teach lessons for life. Ironically, there is no cognitive dissonance when many Christians hear, or read, other religions like paganism, are considered myths, but they wince at the idea of anything like falsity could be contaminating the Big Book of the Bible (as if it had been published by God and delivered by alien Angels).


Perhaps things are more complex? Maybe myth can be truer than fiction? Who is to say where truth begins and fake news ends in a book so big and so old and so tampered with by so many peoples and languages over so many centuries?


Regardless, there is a significant difference between mankind’s awareness of verifiable reality, such as science, versus man’s imaginative capacity to dream up any given religion, as past history and future prophesy (as Gospel Truth because Holy Scriptures were handed down by none other than Prophets). Nevertheless, religious belief systems are based mainly on faith rather than provable facts.


This series of essays is, in a big way, on trying to understand truth from fiction—because this is one of the most important tasks we humans have before us in this age of ultra-deceit. More attention needs to on how extensive, how elaborate, how conspiratorial, how well-financed, how truly sophisticated this age of deceit truly is juxtaposed to still how naïve many people are (even as they agree with the hackneyed statements that the mainstream media is lying to us).


More problematic still for truth seekers, is there is less of a categorical difference between different levels of propaganda ‘purported’ as truth, yet all of it competing as “real news” supposedly based on reputed facts, because so much of multifaceted streams of news source verbiage today remains questionable. Many of us are aware there are vast oceans of swirling lies chaotically competing to be registered onto our psychic battlegrounds—even if we, as individuals, cannot always tell what is false from the truth. In our age of hyper-deceit, with so much conflicting reporting, there are some things we know we know as self-evident; somethings we think we know as presumed; and then somethings we think we know because primarily by our own biases and presumptions (what fits to our preconceptions). Whereas, some subjects are so mired with lies and propaganda that the fog of war is heavily blurred to a bleak darkening indeed.


Regardless of this hostile and complicated information environments we navigate, there is also End Times Prophesies that are very much on many peoples’ minds these days—which are ANOTHER layer of filters in which to analyze current events. These filters can play as much of a role to misinformation as can any other in this mix of cognitive landmines that we transverse.


And naturally prophesies vary depending on a given religion, and which religious sect or cult within a given religion, and which scriptural passages or Gospels one chooses to focus and accept as particularly valid (if any at all). Not so much research shows this area of trying to come to terms with which Biblical canons are considered legitimate is in itself a subject requiring extensive time and research.


All in all, after explaining this list of potentially conflicting authority and information sources (and presumed motives) it is very easy to understand why so many people are confused (or in some people’s minds why some seem deluded or misled).


Reality, or our independent views on reality, is indeed a grab-bag of grey zones. And it is almost impossible to find two people who think exactly the same about what constitutes reality on a host of subjects in our times. In fact the common experience of confronting divergent opinions (often enough hostile and hysterical) tends to inhibit people from debating or sharing alternative opinions and facts (supposed as such).


There sure seems like a plethora of arbitrary facts out there? Especially there is all manner of what people call terms to stereotype others (not sure if these are dog whistles but likely play into the real world of communication).


Many Americans, and western world citizens, have become more isolated (atomized). This especially became true with Covid-19 and the dichotomy of truth versus lies on this health matter. It was obvious to all the world was not operating with the mainstream media and alternative sources playing from one play book with the primary goal of putting out facts and real news. Suddenly entire groupings of people were some other groups of people were obviously being fed lies. We all knew there were lies floating around but we had different impressions as to which ideas were true and others false (and many of us were and still are damn certain of it!).


Surely, you dear reader, are steeped in truth as opposed to others you are certain are tremendously misled? This writer certainly feels this way.


Google’s search convention: “People Also Ask” says: “What is social atomization?” From Archives of Design ResearchIn a nutshell, social atomization arises from the lack of social connections and becomes the deconstructive force of human life together.


Rather than schools or fish swimming in the vast seas we feel more like lanky loners trying to find sources of honesty. From:

Diogenes of Sinope (l. c. 404-323 BCE) was a Greek Cynic philosopher best known for holding a lantern (or candle) to the faces of the citizens of Athens claiming he was searching for an honest man. He rejected the concept of “manners” as a lie and advocated complete truthfulness at all times and under any circumstance.


Funny how those ancient Greek philosophers (probably evil white people) knew a thing or two about slop water of deceit flowing in the streets? Plato’s Allegory of the Cave is, maybe, even more relevant today than it was in his day? Back then the cave technology was pretty simple compared to all the deep fake possibilities of our day (compounded with the enormity of money used to create false news and all the money allocated to professional duplicitous dissimulation.


Herein we will spend a good deal of effort exploring misinformation and disinformation in religious scripture and religious belief.


Whereas religions has played a major role in congealing group cohesion and values. And depending on the amount of stories and religious literature in a given faith (doctrines and dogma) religions too serve as gateways to determining truth from falsity (even if it could be possible some religious literature itself is based more on fable then fact).


While religion is definitely under scrutiny in these papers it is not from the assumption religions are not a necessary part of society. We understand that religions have important roles to play in various societies—which is why practically every society known throughout history has had some form of religion or another.


Why We Need Religion by Stephen T. Asma seems to be written from a secular point of view and frankly it is a profound book. Here is one online review:,greater%20good%20of%20their%20ingroup.


Religious belief is not often subject to the same more logical and rational analysis as are many other categories of belief in modern societies. So even as we acknowledge the importance of religion in human affairs we equally need to be willing to evaluate and criticize it to the extent that it plays an important part in helping people decide the moral course of action and worship. Most people are not readily open to this kind of scrutiny. Say something contrarian to what people believe and they routinely red flag and close the mind.


Nevertheless there are few categories of belief that are taken more seriously than are one’s religious beliefs. These important animating filters also used to understand current events, such as for many Christian believers, is an attempting to see certain events, such as international affairs (especially in Palestine) as somehow conforming to ancient scriptural prophesies, that can, and often do, distort reality to certain mythical expectations.


This is why people who believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible, especially the Book of Revelations, are so impervious to alternative interpretations to reality. The Book of Revelations is on many, many believer’s minds these days (especially given a great many evangelical preachers thumping their Bibles precisely about it).


[Note: We recognize that arguing religion is often a waste of time for most people. To ‘argue’ (the Latin root ‘arguere’ means “make clear, make known, prove, declare, demonstrate” which is why lawyers supposedly argue to clarify). Many people automatically equate argue with anger because people tend to argue what the care about (how evident). Therefore some people think that arguing is bad and is something to be avoided. As often people use this label as an escape to avoid arguing anything they feel is unpleasant (such as having the weaker intellectual hand).


Regardless, there are subjects in the drama of human life that demand and need vigorous argumentation (which is why Gerry Spense, a famous American lawyer, wrote How to Argue and Win Every Time.


But when it comes to religious matters, mostly, people who have argued end up walking away thinking exactly how they did prior to the exchange. Our religious beliefs are deeply set and often enough guarding by alarmist dogs of emotional attachment. Is this because of the emotional filters that are attached to our psychological investment? It seems, to at least plenty, rationality and logic do not seem to play a big part in such debates (frankly the same seems to be true for many arguments about politics in general—in fact we are too less willing to argue secular issues).


It is easy to credit what seems the irrationality of others on what we could label as fictional brainwashes, because it very much seems there is almost nothing you can do to challenge certain peoples’ reality). Moreover, built into the countering positions is: if you are attempting to argue against a person’s belief systems they you are, yourself, possessed of daemonic influences and are attempting to undermine another’s after-life salvation.


How do you argue against religions that have integrated poison pills within them?


Or historically, your Catholicism could be detrimental to another’s Protestantism. Sometimes it wasn’t enough to be a Christian.  You needed to believe the exact correct doctrines and engage in exactly the right rituals. The threat of false religious contamination was everywhere with dire consequences some centuries ago (but not thay many)! See Wikipedia entry:


European wars of religion


A world of black versus white is a world of starkness. It’s either good or evil (even if it is really not—given that the Christian Bible is arguably based on many judgements that are anything but charitable, kind, fair-minded and just).


We are going to get controversial here. Arguing about religious beliefs has become an absolute necessity in our modern age. There is no hiding form controversy if humanity wants to thrive. Politics has become too grave.


One of our English speaking world’s greatest living historians and political writers, namely Laurent Guyenot, has a recent article published at an important website called The Unz Review. The article is called:

The Devil’s Trick: Unmasking the God of Israel


This article starts out:  “Do I believe in the existence of the devil? It depends on the definition. I believe that humans are under the influence of the ideas that they have collectively engendered over the ages, for ideas are spiritual forces. And from that standpoint, I regard Yahweh’s impersonation of the Divine Creator as the most devastating deception ever played on the human race, a crime against divinity.” …


Yahweh is a character of fiction, but one that has gained tremendous influence over a huge portion of mankind, either directly or indirectly.”  …


What I wish to demonstrate here is that Yahweh has the character of the devil as most people imagine it. That goes a long way towards explaining the satanic quality of Jewish Power that is becoming more and more apparent every day …”


This article by Laurent Guyonet is definitely worth reading for anyone truly interested in investigating truth (as opposed to ‘assuming’ truth is based on whatever the Bible says it is). Many people, in general, say they want to know the truth but when their particular Sacred Cows (religious and secular) are challenged they intellectually hightail it pretty quickly.


[Note: If you are ‘not’ truly interested in trying to find truth, including and especially as related to religious positions, or sincere attempts to find truth (within what humans can know) you might as well stop reading this article because it does not automatically assume anything, or anyone is so sacred, that it, or they, cannot be questioned. Herein, we assume the right, and frankly the responsibility, to question even GOD (and moreover, everything anyone of standing has claimed to be God’s word and will)! If you do not have the psychological wherewithal (and frankly many people do not) don’t expect to have your pet assumptions reinforced. This is not how real intellectual exploration or discovery happens. … Hopefully you will stay the course, and delay final judgment. After all, religious history is filled with heresy and much controversy, and there are indeed a lot of interesting and important things to reflect on. Note as well these series of essays are ‘not’ motivated by dark forces—but that remains for each and every reader to decide. Amen.]


To summarize so far: Within the many grey zones and filters of interpreting events, it follows that people, in general, are vulnerable to pick up on a variety of fallacious facts and theories. Probably every human being who has ever existed has carried around ideas he or she thought true but could be argued as false.


Dry air in our atmosphere consists primarily of nitrogen (about 78%), oxygen (about 21%) and argon (0.9%). But what did all those people think prior to these taken facts being assumed scientifically valid? Wikipedia says: The miasma theory (also called the miasmic theory) is an abandoned medical theory that held that diseases—such as cholera, chlamydia, or the Black Death—were caused by a miasma (μίασμα, Ancient Greek for ‘pollution’), a noxious form of “bad air”, also known as night air.


It is our human habit to pigeonhole ideas and arguments as either on the left or the right, as liberal or conservative, as by a believer or atheist (note too there are some pretty ‘noble’ and ‘ethical’ atheists whilst some believers seem pretty shady). Nevertheless many of us like to generalize and over-generalize.


After all we have only so much time in any given day. While we need to possess some sense of reality (to believe we operate on sound mental constructs) or we would be floundering in doubt most the time. So our minds become efficient one way or another—including being intellectually lazy (and dismissing the time and energy to invest in thinking about so and so). Even the best readers are likely only going to be interested in less than 1% of all the books published in their language—it that!!


Plus many of us routinely and readily cop an attitude that the complexity of trying to sort out truth from fiction is too complex and time consuming (especially in the disinformation mind fields we transverse regarding politics) so we shirk such responsibility from our awareness with alibis like: “You can’t do anything about all the corruption anyway, so why bother getting bent out shape worrying about it?” … “Just focus on your own, more, manageable life.” “You are not responsible for everything that happens.” Etc.


And this too is how the Powers-That-Be want us masses to readily resign to their psychological warfare, of confusion and torrents of changing narratives, so nothing stands still long enough to make sense of it. They want peoples’ cynical resignation. They like it when the majority are either voting for a false prophets or resigned to the willingness to stay corralled within the continuously corrupt Democratic and Republican party matrix that offers no real remedies for The People as taxpayers.


The fact that many people are ‘still’ supporting either Democratic or Republican candidates from these underhanded political parties, shows us how far the American people have lost their capacity for viability, creativity, flexibility, control, and novelty, etc. Too many have resigned to whatever choices the Powers-That-Be allow, and now both political parties are chock full of corrupt tyrants who are not even willing to allow for Free Speech! Things are dire indeed!


Maybe America, both the left and the right (and the many who do not vote) is so cowed and blunted that we are like a “class of people” one could designate as “deplorable”? To stay resigned to either a Biden or a Trump train is beyond pathetic (but that is another essay).


End Times Prophesies, or what religious scriptures says will happen in the end of days is called ‘eschatology’ [from ancient Greek ἔσχατος ‘éskhatos’ meaning ‘last’] or conceptions of last things, like immortality of the soul, rebirth, resurrection, migration of the soul, and the end of time.


Ironically, people in many past centuries have also assumed their particular lifetimes would witness the end of times. Yet all those centuries have continued to transpire into more epochs of future history with no end of time in sight.


Still, now in our times especially, it is double compelling to believe in a hastening of catastrophic events closing in to suddenly happen to masses of people any day or the foreseeable future.


In modernity change is everywhere. It happens ever more frequently with modern technology. To get a sense of today’s zeitgeist read the first paragraph of a recently published article called “Fugazy Land” by Jim Kunstler;


Really, you must agree: just about anything can happen now, and probably will, and possibly all at the same time — war, sickness, a disordered economy, chaos in money and finance, savages pouring across the open borders, assassination, mayhem in the streets, systems failure, mental illness everywhere you look. … What could go wrong? All of it.”


That is a pretty our End Times mindset, and this is from a purely secular outlook. It is fairly common. Add on all the religious propaganda and you have a cocktail of worry and apprehension. Read this 2014 Front Line by Paul Boyer essay: Apocalyptism Explained: Signs of the End Time:  The first section reads:


It’s extremely important to prophecy believers to be able to read the signs of the times, that is, events that are signaling to us that the end time is near, and such events as wars, conflicts, increasing levels of evil and wickedness in the world, rising environmental hazards, the emergence of a global economy–all of these are seen as signs of the times that signal to us that the Rapture is near; the final sequence of events could unfold, at any moment. … 

So prophecy believers are very careful readers of the newspapers. They’re very careful observers of current events. And they view those events through a particular prism of biblical interpretation that they are convinced tells us the true meaning of these unfolding events. … “


Our take away should be pretty obvious. People are trying to interpret reality from a lot of potentially distorted lenses. It can also be argued, given the diversity of so many sources of ideas, and the individuality of people to process their chosen sources, almost everyone could be, and likely is, walking around and believing some fallacious set of facts that are not true taken from all the many diverse propaganda machines competing for their attention.


Thus, residing within each of our complicated pictures of the world (as we choose to focus or not) and as we, of course, all assume to “know” beliefs and assumptions to be true, even in their multifaceted and possibly skewed deviations, we each, individually, think we have a pretty good handle on reality. How many people do you know who will readily admit he or she does not really know anything real about a given important subject?


We also pretty much know shite is going to hit the fan, even if we are not sure as to when, or what feculence will have the most scattered impact, and who will suffer the greatest (even if it should seem obvious that Palestinians and Ukrainians in war are these days).


We know the Titanic is going to sink and a lot of people are going to drown. The future is expected to be a calamitous disaster (one way or another). People, by enlarge, have their ears to the ground. They do feel anxiety and know something (much—too much) is up. The Covid-19 hoax (the same symptoms of the common flue and cold) did much to wake up a lot of people.


Moreover, in this age of anxiety and conspiracy they are more apt to ‘cling’ to any ideas that seen even half way convincing. In this age of nuclear warheads, thermonuclear, space weapons, secret weapons, there still is going to be some sort of end time’s paroxysm of one sort or another even if not all at once in finality.


Optimism is not in vogue. Those who are educating themselves are not simply floating on swimming pool air mattresses and drinking exotic cocktails.


Another important aspect to all this confusion, is almost no one who is religious believes all the religious scriptures of various religions and publishing copyright (various Bibles) can be equally true—especially when religions and sects vary so readily, and more or less seem to compete with each other. The huge universe of religious beliefs, themselves, are Towers of Babel in their diversity (and Schools of Divinity at Universities). This is not just true of different belief systems of our day: it is even more so when we consider the diversity of religion and myth throughout history.


It is important to stress the fact that End Times prophesy has been on human beings minds throughout history. Take the 16th century figure Isaac Luria, founder of Kabbalah. During his time people were equally focused on End Times alarmism. As were Jews who focused later in the 18th century during the times of Jacob Frank, and his now debunked false Messiah complex. Nevertheless, he apparently had millions of diaspora Jews all over Europe and the Middle East believing he was their Messiah.


Whereas, Zionists zealots in Israel today are all a buzz with anticipation of sacrificing red heifers and rebuilding a third Temple (as the ‘Caucasians’ they are, recently imported as settlers there, now trying to whack off indigenous Palestinians and the Al-Aqsa Mosque).


The Jewish Plot to Enslave Humanity: At the Roots of Political Judaism


Check out the many listings within this Entry at Wikipedia’s List of dates predicted for apocalyptic events!!


This entry starts out:

Predictions of apocalyptic events that would result in the extinction of humanity, a collapse of civilization, or the destruction of the planet have been made since at least the early Common Era. … Christian predictions typically refer to events like the rapture, the Great Tribulation, the Last Judgment, and the Second Coming of Christ. Many religious-related end-time events are predicted to occur within the lifetime of the person making the prediction, who often quote the Bible, and in particular the New Testament, as either the primary or exclusive source for the predictions.”


Quite obviously those ‘many’ earlier predictions were wrong? How do we account for this series of discrepancies?


Could it be people living today, of flesh and blood, are now absolutely sure that their biblical end times because they are so much more educated and enlightened?


Is it so wrong to throw some cold water on seeming fanatical people of faith when so many dominate our political landscape?


Is it really disgraceful and mere effrontery to question the likes of all the various evangelical Bible crusaders and thumpers today awaiting the Second Coming? Note this recent mainstream media news headlines:

The dispiriting truth about why many evangelical Christians support Israel    “For Christian Zionists, what happens to the Jews and Palestinians is, to put it very mildly, collateral damage.”


Christian Zionism, Christian Nationalism, and the Threat to Democracy


There are dozens more such stories easily found on the Internet.


It is well documented that religious belief is contravening what would normally be more public outrage against the horrific crimes taking place in Gaza. This is not just differences in opinion regarding interpreting current events; rather this is about an entire brainwashing of masses of people who are supposed to be responsible voters and participants in a Republican Democracy!


All thinking people (not just free thinkers) have a both a right and duty to question religious belief systems, if they happen to have this much influence and power on how history plays out.


Nothing should be beyond question—including solemn questioning of various people’s sanity and religious institutional sanity as well (religious scripture).


The word ‘authority’ comes from ‘author’, essentially meaning to document law and religion for moral reasons. Those who write, in this case, mortal scribes write from ‘purported’ authority. But how do we really know what is in fact some source of authority that beyond question? Anyone can fabricate a set of ideas and attribute it to a Divine Deity! Any self-serving cult leader can claim powers and insights far beyond his or her human ken. To make such claims does not prove them true. People do not know, as fact, any of the Bible’s many prophets, had ever truly represented any kind of divine deity—these things are taken on faith and repetition. Perhaps no divine deity ever directly communicated to any of the famous prophets of the Bible. If you are honest you have to admit you cannot prove any of it.


More confuting still, according to todays’ Zionist Christians, is after the so-called Second Coming of Christ, then Jews, en masse, suddenly will come around to accept Jesus as their Messiah! Supposedly, then, Jews will then embrace the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


But don’t bet your bottom Bible on it (unless you are of one faith and can only appreciate the complexity of mindset diversity from your own singular perspective—naturally your own special creeds’ infallible faith). Because Jews, en masse, do NOT currently intend to follow the Christian Bible on any matter!! In fact many have a great resentment for Christians and Christianity—especially the idea that Christianity’s prophesies will come to dominate at the expense of Judaic prophesies.


This is just another of many layers of naiveté that inform the masses.


Definition of Social Control: Overview of a key concept in sociology,controls%20our%20participation%20in%20society.&text=By%20Nicki%20Lisa%20Cole%2C%20Ph,a%20part%20of%20social%20control.


Religions obviously are included in the institutions that engage in social control (and indoctrination as to what is acceptable group think). And when religions have as doctrine what amounts to ruinous and violent predictions this should seem troubling to all people. Consider how many millions of Americans believe these predictions. Watch the following video below by Joel C. Rosenberg, who is described in Wikipedia:


He has stated that his father is of Jewish descent and his mother was born into a Methodist family of English descent. His parents were agnostic and became Born-again Christians when he was a child in 1973. At the age of 17, he became a born-again Christian and identifies as a Messianic Jew. 


Israel profits politically from the Christian psychological investment in such prophesy. People like Ben Shapiro are promoting Christianity for gentiles. Zionist Christians are America’s strongest allies believing Israel can do no wrong. In reality human history is a history of war. Famines, earthquakes, trouble times etc. have too has always existed.


Biblical Prophecy 2023: Could These be the END TIMES?


Believers of other religions, such as religious Jews who believe in Judaism, naturally believe in their own prophesies will come to pass, which too vary within their own different sects’ prophesies, but are largely still contrarian to important Christian’ assumptions.


Again, this needs to be re-emphasized: most Jews, whether religious or not (and many are not) do NOT believe in what various Christians believe will happen in the so-called End Times (although there is a Christian overlap since the New Testament generally take cues from the Old Testament).


Jews do not consider Jesus Christ as the Messiah [their word is ‘Moshiach’]: or the idea that Jesus is God or of Godhead.


So it should follow, they, Jews en masse, do NOT believe in the New Testament—equally and especially the Book of Revelations that pertains with the End Times. They are NOT going to fall in line with, what are likely, the ‘delusions’ of dispensational theology, and those compromised hucksters like John Hagee and his Pentecostal evangelism.

Pastor John Hagee – “Jerusalem and WWIII”


Pastor John Hagee can preach all he wants. Both religious and secular Jews are not going to play to such hyperbole as hell and brimstone.


And these things matter because Jews still control the media, the money systems, public relations firms, politicians, much of the globalist agenda, etc. The world is simply not going to devolve into these seemingly unsound expectations—because 90 million Americans think some formulation of End Times seems eminent.


Therefore, we can tentatively assume that it stands to reason many people may, in fact, be quite beguiled as to if, and when, the so-called End Times (in the religious prophesy sense) will transpire soon and appropriately how and when it will occur.


This is not to confuse prophesy and those people conspiring to make it happen (as to push it along). Yeah the Al-Aqsa Mosque will likely be destroyed and red heifers sacrificed, and even the rebuilding of a Third Temple could be likely, within the milieu of wars and tribulations (and economic hardship etc.) but, the idea of the full blown Gospel size the Book of Revelations happening is highly unlikely as to be real.


Still, there are currently more expressed concerns about the biblical End Times then predictions of when the big financial crash of the American petro-dollar (which equally should have happened decades ago). Smart money is betting on the dollar’s hyperinflation ascent (sadly a scenario of real End Times in all material senses).


Inauspiciously as well, we can’t seem to get from one month to the next without some announced expectation of a massive calamity of one sort or another. While there are many real panic issues like wars in Ukraine, etc., along with the depopulation of white people world-wide, we are also invited to spend psychic energy on more theoretical issues that are not as important or likely. Now days every month seems to have its own unique calamities. This must to part of the cultural wars to keep people distracted and divided.


The bottom line is that people cannot efficiently worry excessively in 360 degree directions, and to whatever is the latest alarmist fad and still address the most imminent dangers? The world is topsy-turvy.


Some months ago there a build-up from various sources on space aliens. Now, as usual, it is endless stories of Trump trials and tribulations (never ending). Listen to this important podcast by Mike Gaddy at his Rebel Mad Man Radio show at Republican Broadcasting Network:


[Note: Mike Gaddy is one of the best real historians of our day for American History (especially for early American History such as the American Revolution and the American Civil War). As usual we have been given a false sense of history in our school upbringings. Whereas he works from the original documents as a forensic historian. Furthermore he worked at the NSA so he and his good-old-boy southern accent buddies have a lot to share that is definitely worth paying attention. Here you will get some real scoopings on the latest Donald Trump convictions—food for thought—plus other important insights.].


And if you are still unsure on what to think about The Donald consider what Andrew Anglin has to say in this Unz Review article (no mincing words here):


Don’t Vote for the Child-Murderer Donald Trump. Don’t Vote for Anyone


Another big red herring issue is a focus on the menace of China and Russia, as opposed to truly focusing on the real problems that are destroying our nation. Side issues. Wedge issues.


Of course the endless persecution and prosecution of Donald Trump, including his recent conviction in respect to Stormy Daniels, it very much being pursued for political reasons. Moreover, it is very alarming how corrupt the judicial system has become in the United States. Justice needs to prevail. Absolutely!


However, that does not mean Donald Trump should get some get-out-jail-free card as far as people scrutinizing and criticizing his political positions and his performance. He should be held to the same critical accounting as all other candidates. If you listen to the Mike Gaddy recording listed earlier in this essay you were told Donald Trump was selected because he could, as a Republican, go along with policies, his republican constituency would never had gone along with under Hilary Clinton, such as the vaccines.


This is how psychological warfare works—to get people so distracted on so many issues that they cannot adequately focus on the most important.


You have the chemical trails and food additives that are harmful. You have endless strategies warring against Western values and meritocracy; never ending spending in Congress; migration invasion around the world; inflation threatening hyperinflation; supposed secret enemy training camps across the country, etc. It comes to one debilitating whack to the psyche after another, some more real than others, some exaggerated to corral the masses into political suasions and voting blocks.


To summarize so far:  In these trials and times of our Age of Anxiety we are dealing with then very real end time’s conflicts of economic, population, environment, war machine, political conspiracy and corruption, surveillance, New World Order, biological and chemical warfare, etc. as a hodgepodge of chaos and conflagration. But on top of that we also have people screaming about a highly overdue religious end time’s denouement as well. Plus within these various information genres we have all manner of not just real legitimate news, but rumors, mal-information and disinformation as well. It’s amazing anyone is still sane.


The bottom line is there are too many real things to be concerned. We should be leery about those things that are less likely to happen.


Was not the end of the world supposed to have happened in the first century of the Common Era? (Refer to the Wikipedia entry listed above: List of dates predicted for apocalyptic events!!)


Whereas, Pollyanna optimists ironically and triumphantly trumpet: “Isn’t it a great time in history to be alive!, that we get to witness all these exciting things likely to come to pass soon?!”


What can one say but only rejoin in: “AMEN!”


How lovely to be born in such interesting times. Who could miss it for all the blissful dream time in the Kingdom of Almighty God? Are you too not just ecstatic and eagerly anticipating famines, earthquakes, pestilence, wars, the moon turning red, and the four horsemen of the apocalypse, etc.? Bring it on baby while the popcorn is still warm.


If not there is always room for nuclear war, civil turmoil, police state lockdown, electrical grid crash, the draft for unpopular wars, hunger, homelessness, violence, ad infinitum. Lucky us of humanity to have such a precious place in history.


This world is hangs on to a likely brink to World War 3. We are smack dab in the middle of wars in the Middle East because we are still stuck in religious conflicts, or political and economic conflicts centered along religious fault lines.


Specific religions scriptures, which one can argue are outdated and anachronistic, are playing too much of a role in modern affairs.


As anti-religious as it may seem to argue, it is high time the three Abrahamic religions had a far less role in modern politics and world affairs (even if it is true that some secular points of view that were turned ideologies, such as Communism (or a newer secular religion of Environmental Righteousness).



[Note: This essay is ‘not’ an argument against religion per se. Religion, sacred values and beliefs are important aspects of human and social life. There are many, many, people who derive their basic and core meanings of life from their religious beliefs and experiences (and religious communities). Even Alcoholics Anonymous, although marketed as a ‘spiritual’ program is heavily enmeshed in religious principles, even if not tethered to a particular belief system. Many people are dependent on faith and supernatural belief as part of their daily life programs. Their very meaning in life is related to their religious feelings and doctrines. …


[… Still this does not mean philosophical people (whether religious or not) cannot, or should not, question religious belief systems, especially in how they impinge on the human race and history, in the same way people should question self-appointed World Economic Forum and United Nations leaders assumptions on what is right and worthy for the rest of the world.]


Was not freedom from religious domination one of the hallmarks of the birth of the United States (when various dominations were trying to force their particular religious interpretations on other people (which ultimately created so many wars in Europe))?


Why should any particular brand of Bible advocate have the right to determine how we think about life and our historical times (filtering their realities and then insisting the rest of the world should follow suit)?


What if someone does not think the Book of Revelations is in any way a real reflection of truth?


Maybe it was made up like a fiction?


Why should middle of the road Americans feel content so many political websites insist on forcing their own religious, and thus-derived political points of view, onto the rest of world?


Just like we readily, in due diligence, question leftist fascists, who promote phony values and equally questionable faith-based ideologies, such as climate change fear-mongering about the carbon atom, or critical race theory, or all manner of denigrating social sanity come to dominate politics as well?


Where is there any room for commonsense people who have, at least, a theoretical appreciation for religious values but do not subscribe to ‘all’ the ancient biblical fictions (and frankly ‘ungodly’ punishments and decrees of a tyrannical tribal God) nor all the eminent predictions about Second Comings of a Messiah?


Don’t we people have a right to participate in creating the news reporting and interpretations of history?


Not all white, goyim, people are especially religious in some dogmatic sense. Where is there a voice for millions and millions of people who are not, literally, victims to what can be argued as religious insanity—namely The Book of Revelations?


And especially important today, is why have not more academics and other intellectuals saw it fit to study the very important role various religious beliefs play in the ‘psychology’ and ‘politics’ of human history? These aspects of scholarship are absolutely essential, in order to become aware of ways that religious delusions are used to manipulate and exploit masses of people.


Religions today are especially related to international and national conflicts of all manner—least not world wars.


A definition of a delusion is normally defined as holding false beliefs or judgments about external reality that are held despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, as typically as a symptom of a mental condition.


If there is, in fact, false predictions regarding the end of the world, according to religious scripture, derived from past millennia (thousands of years ago) is it too assumptive to classify such thoughts as borderline delusion?


Even Donald Trump, and his presidential campaign, has succumbed to the deluded notions of playing on expectations regarding the Second Coming and Messianic drama. Not only does he therefore seem a narcissistic personality, but he seems to also suffer from delusions of grandiosity, as covered by Adam Green at his website KnowMoreNews.Org: (a few of many podcasts related to Trump include):


The Resurrection of Donald Trump | Know More News w/ Adam Green


God Made Trump, Christ Givers, & Jewish Jesus | Know More News


[Note on Adam Green. He unabashedly seems to think the Bible and its religious tradition can have little to nothing positive to add to human affairs (this author’s impression of him). He believes the Bible is a massive fiction, and more importantly has led the Western converted world down a road to slavery to Jewish domination. He thinks Christianity is being used to train adherents into accepting the Old Testament God, Yahweh, as the true God (subordinating all non-Jews to Noahide laws). Regardless of his interpretation of the history of religion as rather extreme and conspiratorial, the fact remains this man has done an enormous amount of research in the Bible, and all manner of controversies about the Bible, and his insights are very interesting and so he adds an important voice to various aspects on religious studies. This is to say many atheists and agnostics too have lines of thought worthy of consideration. Amen]


[Note: It is unfortunate that so many Americans have come to think Donald Trump is their ‘only’ answer to any kind of national salvation (especially given there are over three hundred million people in this country). He was mostly a major let down in his first term. Many argue he was stabbed in the back and too many were working against him. But he appointed the swamp he was supposed to drain. He still takes credit for Operation Warp Speed and the efficaciousness of the vaccines! Recently we was siding with Congress for sending billions of dollars more to Ukraine even though it is a sure loss! He too will do everything to make sure that Israel’s genocide of Palestinians is white washed. He currently conflates leftists’ communist politics with American college kids’ sympathies for the Israel’s genocide of Palestinians, essentially espousing the horrific violence taking place in Gaza, while being willing to ban of our First Amendment on American colleges and Universities. Therefore the 1st Amendment means nothing to him and his “situational politics” of pick and choose. Moreover American values therefore means little to nothing to this real politician. This constant Israel-Firster will, like so much of Washington D.C. and European politicians, compromise on “all” matters, especially to Jewish power, no matter how unethical and egregious, to protect the psychopathic tendencies of Israel’s’ army and leadership.]


To such people The Bill of Rights can bite the dust like the tens of thousands of Gaza buildings blown up near Megiddo (the ‘Armageddon’ site of the final battle between the forces of good and evil at the end of time).


It should be obvious Donald Trump cannot differentiate between American values versus oppressive ones in Israel. Instead he calls for the quick death of the Palestinians (this Genocide has to happen quickly because it is taking too long). This is the most obvious genocide in our life times and he is OK with it!


He knows how to work a crowd. All the persecution is finding him more followers by the day (apparently just as planned). The dog’s tail is wagging gingerly. No question on this sophisticated Psy-Op.


But it doesn’t take that much to promise all manner of correction against the obvious atrocities of the Biden administration and the corrupt left (that the right has tolerated). It is not that hard to use boilerplate memes and sophomoric metaphors to smear opponents like bungle Biden. You do not have to be anything special when your opponent, Joe Biden, a highly corrupt politician and morally bankrupt human being with a long sordid history many are too familiar. A dead carcass could beat such a puppet caricature. Could not anything be more obvious?


People need to stop overlooking obvious truths that are smacking them in the face, whether it is more of the same dreams or hopism—and wishing some prince politician will come along and make everything honky-dory.


Donald Trump is one mere human being with plenty limitations, save all the enormous support he gets from his right-wing Jewish supporters. He is in fact part of the elite circles and he did nothing to lock up the Clintons. He is simply another politician player who too does not resound deeply in American values. Face reality Americans! If we get him again do not be surprised if he is worse than a disappointment.


No politician who calls himself a Democrat or a Republican can possibly save this corrupt, crumbling empire. Rhetorically, most Americans know this but they still actively await the next election as if something major is going to change.


What we as a society need is a cataclysmic sea change within ourselves.


End of Part One.



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  1. As long as people in the Western world continue to equate the Khazars occupying Jerusalem as God's Chosen People, in spite of DNA evidence proving they are not even Semitic, they will never be able to rightfully interpret the Bible, or what pieces of it that were not adulterated by the pointy headed hats in Rome when they put it together.

    The Western world, and especially White Americans, are willfully blind of the prophecies pertaining to them because they don't like what they say.

    Luke 21 clearly says that when the Son of Man returns, the "Times of the Gentiles will be fulfilled". The word 'fulfilled' means done and over with. This means White dominance of the world will be over.
    But Americans don't want to talk about THIS PART OF THE BIBLE because it HURTS THEIR FEELINGS. Pretty soon thought, the White Bible believers are going to have to face the reality of this verse, and we'll see if they still love Jesus after its all said and done because the Book of Enoch gives a detailed account of the Son of Man destroying all of the societal systems of the White people as he shuts down this reality. White Bible believers must ask themselves, "Why would Jesus shut down White society?", "Why did he say Gentile dominance would be over?". And then the only answer they can come up with will be that there must be something wrong with Gentile dominance and society. What could that be? Could it be that the Fallen Angels downloaded the ideology of White Supremacy as a virus into the consciousness of Whites to cause them to lack clarity, move forward for long times in error, shut down their higher chakras limiting their sphere of compassion (loving stray dogs but hating brown skinned humans), causing them to be blind to the destruction they cause, making it impossible for them to learn from or listen to those who don't look like them, and ensuring that they can't take part in ascension because their higher chakras are closed? Could it be that the Son of Man is shutting down the Times of Gentile dominance in order to SAVE GENTILES and give them a chance at Ascension? Would Gentiles be able to see this as a chance at being saved or MOAN AND COMPLAIN about the Brown people being uplifted and made whole? Did the White Bible believers think Jesus was going to return and say, "Hey, let's keep everything just the way it is with Whites on top having all of the material wealth and the Brown and Black people on the bottom"?

    The people occupying Jerusalem are White Khazars, not Semitic Hebrews which fulfills the prophecy of Jerusalem being "Trodden under foot" by Gentiles. Ignorant Americans continue to confuse Jew with Hebrew, not understanding the difference.

    Until you rightfully acknowledge who the real Hebrews are, you will NEVER be able to make sense of prophecy and that is why there is so much confusion.

    According to Strong's Concordance, the Bible passage where God describes his love for Israel above all others (Deuteronomy 10:15 “Only the LORD had a delight in thy fathers to love them, and he chose their seed after them, even you ABOVE ALL PEOPLE, as it is this day”.) uses an ancient CHALDEAN WORD 'AHAB, WHICH MEANS ‘GERMINATION’ OR, TO “PRODUCE FRUIT”. The promise to Abraham that his SEED would FATHER MANY NATIONS is their ONLY IDENTIFYING CHARACTERISTIC. (Genesis 17:4)

    This means the only characteristic of the “Chosen People” is their wide genome, DNA capable of “fathering”, or “germinating”, or “SEEDING” other groups; which is exactly what modern genetic scientists have found in Africans but NOT in those who occupy Jerusalem and claim to be Jews.

    The word ‘Jew’ carries NO GENETIC MEANING in the Bible as described by the Apostle Paul in the New Testament Bible (Romans 2:29 KJV).

    The word ‘Hebrew’ is BASED SOLELY ON THE GENETIC ability of one’s DNA to “father many nations” or, seed a planet, which requires a very wide Genome.

    Jews do not possess a very wide Genome as proven by the results of the 2012 John Hopkins DNA Study of the Jewish Race. Additionally, the study concluded Jews are not Semitic at all. Therefore, anti-Semitic legislation cannot be applied to Jews as this would violate the laws of Science and logic.

    This shows that some Black tribes were the favorite specimen of choice for Extraterrestrials when seeding the planet. With Blacks, ETs had a wide selection of genes from which to choose and simply needed to either turn off gene expressions or mutate genes to create new groups of humans. Something human science is also now able to do!

    The DNA Evidence shows Black people seeded most of the planet and they carry a very wide Genome, “fathering many nations” as only the offspring of the Ancient Hebrews could. Khazarian/Jew DNA is NOT Semitic and very narrow in diversity and cannot seed a planet.

    The criminal denial of this truth provokes all who know the truth.

    Here is the structure of the Joo’s crime:
    It is scientifically false to claim Jews are Semitic.
    It is intentionally misleading to use an identifier that has no genetic markers, to make material claims that can only be verified using an identifier that requires a specific genetic marker, namely, the ability to seed a planet, or rather, “father many nations”.

    Jewish control over media allows the omission of the 2012 DNA study results from public discourse. Jewish control over sports, entertainment, politicians and courts allows them to use the omission to act under the color of law and inflict emotional pain and suffering and irreparable harm and damage.

    J3w R@bbl admits the truth about Black Americans’ identity

    Scientist discovered that the entire human race outside Africa OWES ITS EXISTENCE to the survival of a single AFRICAN tribe of around 200 people who crossed the Red Sea 70,000 years ago. AFRICANS “FATHERED MANY NATIONS.”

    Examples of Africans “Fathering Many Nations” based on the DNA Science that PROVES THEY possess a Genome capable of SEEDING A PLANET!

    1. Blacks Fathering the European Nations

    a. Early Europeans who lived 7000 years ago had dark African skin and blue eyes,

    2. Blacks Fathering the Chinese and Asian Nations

    a. DNA traces Chinese back to Africa,

    3. Blacks Fathering the Polynesian and Island Nations

    a. 12 discoveries they don’t want you to know about African history,

    4. Blacks Fathering the Hindu Nation
    a. Was India Once An African Country?,

    b. Indian Sculpture Debunks History – Shows Ancient African Civilization,

    5. First modern Britons had 'dark to black' skin, Cheddar Man DNA analysis reveals

    6. Early Irish people were dark skinned with blue eyes – documentary


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