Keshe Spaceship Concept

Mehren Keshe has indicated there is a contract out on his life and wants to make all of his intellectual property available over the internet.   This is the Keshe Spaceship layout.  Enjoy!

Spaceship Concept – 2012

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Prepare For Change Event Support Groups Send Us Your Pictures

Another wonderful PFC Event Support Group from France has sent in their group photos!  Thank You Avi.Victory To The Light ROB POTTERPhoto de groupe 1Photo de groupe 2 read more

Playboy magazine interviews Bernie Sanders – Senator from Vermont

PLAYBOY: You complained recently about ExxonMobil, “They had a bad year in 2009. They only made $19 billion in profit, and they paid nothing in federal income taxes, but they got a $156 million refund from the IRS.”SANDERS: Bank of America operated 200 subsidiaries in the Cayman Islands. In 2010 it got a $1.9 billion rebate from the IRS. There’s a list of about 15 companies that paid nothing, or very little, in taxes. Many of these institutions—Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase—were actually bailed out by the American people. They were wonderful, proud American companies when they came for their welfare checks from the American people. After the bailout, they suddenly love the Cayman Islands and are parking all their money there. The next time they go broke, they can go to the Cayman Islands for a bailout, not the American people. There’s an estimate out there that we’re losing about $100 billion a year because companies are taking advantage of the tax havens in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and so on—$100 billion a year!

PLAYBOY: That’s a sizable pile of cash.

SANDERS: Today one out of four major profitable corporations pays zero in federal income taxes. Got that? Today, what corporations are paying into the U.S. Treasury, as a percentage of GDP, is lower than in any other major country on earth. You would think that before you cut health care, education, nutrition or Social Security, you might want to take a hard look at that issue. I mean, am I missing something here?

PLAYBOY: You once said, “It is Robin Hood in reverse. We are taking from working families who are hurting and giving it to the wealthiest people.”

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Welcome to a new feature of the Media Committee, BE THE CHANGE by DOV. Each week’s update will include ideas and reminders on how we can bring forth the positives change we are looking for. These articles will show how our intentions, our willingness to heal our emotions, and to create new patterns of thought and action are the keys to bringing about the changes we are preparing for. It will focus on how things are connected, and empower us to take steps that will ultimately guide us forward in our visions and dreams; for ourselves and the large ecosystem upon our wonderful planet.

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Media Group Newsletter #3

Greetings from Irene and Judi, Co-chairs of the Media Group.

We are delighted to share episode 3 of GroundCrew NewsFlash with you, which has suggestions from the Galactics about  how to enhance our telepathic abilities so that we can become more joyful peaceful and loving. In the second half of this episode, Shannan shares some insights about raising our vibrational frequency in order to move away from stress and fear in all aspects of our lives. We hope you will enjoy this episode.

And here is the link that goes with this Episode 3 containing the full message referred to in the video which was received from Peter and the Pleiadian ring of 500.

Our GroundCrew NewsFlash team received press credentials to attend the LA Conscious Life Expo at the LAX Hilton last month. Our correspondents attended workshops by Greg Braden, Dannion Brinkley, and David Wilcox. We researched some amazing information which perhaps we can share in upcoming episodes.

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FDIC Insured? Is that good? Why public banking?

Visit Ellen’s web-site for  recorded radio shows:  and

Solutions in banking.

Send me your solutions.

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Prepare For Change Event Support Groups Send Us Your Pictures

Dear PFC, Here is a Florida PFC Meet up Group from  Orlando Florida hosted by Carolyn McComber. Thank You Team Orlando We are calling out to our world wide membership to share their group photos with us if you are interested send them to “contact a leader” / Rob Potter link on this site. V Y’all Rob

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The History of An Important Part of The Resistance Movement Within Our White Hat Community

Dear PFC, The article below is good for giving a background into some of the good guys who have been trying to stop the treasonous activities of the Bush Nazi Family Crime Syndicate. You will see their efforts and organizations efforts to curb illegal wars and drug running for profit by the controllers of US policy. This article reveals that the ongoing strife in the Ukraine is a US based destabilization plot in conduction with Zionist interests to create endless war for profit. They hope that by inculcating fear and terrorizing the world that they can create an ever more restrictive police state to enrich themselves as they rape pillage and plunder nature and their fellowman. The time is now we must top this insanity that WE HAVE ALLOWED BY OUR SILENCE!

Victory to the Light

Rob Potter

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Plasma Technology Turns Trash Into Energy

Huge Cigar UFO Filmed Flying Over Ukraine!

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