Alien Civilizations May Number In The Trillions, New Study Says

This colorful deep space image captured by the Hubble Space Telescope was released by NASA in 2014. What’s astonishing about the image is that it depicts a very small portion of the sky but shows approximately 10,000 galaxies, each made up of billions of stars.

We really do know that pretty much every star in the sky hosts at least one planet,” says astronomer Adam Frank.

The possibility that we earthlings are not truly alone in the universe has gained some added credibility, thanks to a new study that coincides with NASA’s recent planetary discoveries. The research, published in the journal Astrobiology last week, suggests that more planets in the Milky Way galaxy may harbor advanced civilizations than we previously imagined.

Study co-authors Adam Frank and Woodruff Sullivan looked at recent discoveries of potentially habitable exoplanets and considered the odds of whether sophisticated civilizations existed on them in the past or present.

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The EU and the Deforestation of Ukraine


NOTE: We offer this story to illustrate another consequence of the takeover of the Ukraine by the gangsters of Europe and NATO. Irreplaceable assets of the Ukraine being sold off to the highest bidder by the Oligarchs. Who benefits from this? You can be sure that they are using the illegal profits to payoff legislators to make what they are doing legal and allow them to clearcut all of the forests of Ukraine as quickly as possible, before the people realize what they are doing. This should be a warning to the people of Brazil as their country has been hijacked too.

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Benjamin Fulford Update – Earthquake Irregular Signature of Underground Nuclear Explosion in Japan

Are the Earthquakes natural or were they man made?

Article Correction of below:

Original Article: Posted on April 18th, 2016 – Red and Green Asian secret societies under new leadership promise to “make the earth tremble”

Screen Capture of Data To Help Cipher through the Loads of Information

The data seems to be pointed to very irregular occurrence that relates to a nuclear detonation.

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Amazing Discovery: Plant Blood Enables Your Cells To Capture Sunlight Energy

Chlorophyll Enables Your Cells To Capture/Use Sunlight Energy: A Copernican Revolution In Biology, Medicine & Nutrition

What if conventional wisdom regarding our most fundamental energy requirements has been wrong all along and we can directly harness the energy of the Sun when we consume ‘plant blood’?

Plants are amazing, aren’t they? They have no need to roam about hunting other creatures for food, because they figured out a way to capture the energy of the Sun directly through these little light-harvesting molecules known as chlorophyll; a molecule, incidentally, which bears uncanny resemblance to human blood because it is structurally identical to hemoglobin, other than it has a magnesium atom at its core and not iron as in red blooded animals.

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Human brain hard-wired for rural tranquillity


Humans may be hard-wired to feel at peace in the countryside and confused in cities – even if they were born and raised in an urban area.

According to preliminary results of a study by scientists at Exeter University, an area of the brain associated with being in a calm, meditative state lit up when people were shown pictures of rural settings. But images of urban environments resulted in a significant delay in reaction, before a part of the brain involved in processing visual complexity swung into action as the viewer tried to work out what they were seeing.

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5 Elements Practice ~ from Untwine


Connecting with the 5 elements is a very efficient and powerful practice that can help us to stay healthy, balanced and centered, especially as the Galactic waves arrive to us. The idea here is to connect at least a little bit to each of the 5 elements, ideally on a daily basis.

Here are a few examples of how you can connect to each of them :

– Making a fire (using natural materials)
– Sun gazing
– Burning holy smoke (palo santo, sage, incense, etc)

– Touch the earth with your bare skin, especially bare feet or bare hands
– Lie down on the earth
– Take a walk in nature, hug a tree

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Life in Syntropy

A short and genial documentary on the wonderful work of Ernst Gotsch in Syntropy agriculture. How this great man managed to turn 1,200 hectares of desert area in an oasis of life and abundance of food, a perfect balance between large-scale agriculture and ecosystem. He managed this so well to the point of having changed the climate (!!!) and soil of his property !! There is hope in Humanity. Yes, we can. Share it, spreading this seed together we can make a difference !!

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New Norwegian Study Accuses Monsanto Of Falsely Claiming GMOs Are Safe


International findings on the safety of Genetically Modified Organisms are rarely reported on in Western mainstream media. Despite fierce resistance to GMOs in other countries, North Americans are just now starting to learn that GMOs are unsafe for human consumption, and that they pose significant environmental risks, too.

This is precisely why dozens upon dozens of countries around the world have completely banned GMOs from being imported or grown in their country. While major Western government health organizations say the science is clear on their safety, multiple governments, researchers, and scientific publications around the world beg to differ.

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It’s not the Zika Virus! Microencephaly Caused by Petrochemical Pollution!


The purported cause of microcephaly, the Zika virus, is completely discredited. There is no science to back it up. In fact, the findings of Brazilian researchers constitute evidence that Zika has nothing to do with microcephaly. Recently the Jerusalem Post reported that a University of Haifa study that exposure of pregnant women to pollution from the petrochemical industry caused their babies to be born with heads 20 to 30 percent smaller than average.

Microcephaly = babies born with small heads and brain impairment.

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