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Prepare for Change Healers Directory : Entry # 3857
Name of Healer
Mark Morillo
Do you use Skype or Zoom?
No, not at this time.
Services You Offer
  • Energy Healing
  • Grid Alignment
  • Meridian Therapy
Berkeley Heights, Union County
State / Territory
New Jersey
United States
Other / Concerns
Healing: I specialize in assisting your self-healing process in recovering from any disease or emotional trauma. Of course, even if you're in overall good health, the services I provide can certainly help you to maximize your potential: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
I particularly get great, consistent results with: arthritis, general pain and inflammation, Crohn's disease and irritable bowel, diabetes, epilepsy, herpes, MS Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease and similar neurological conditions and related tremors, Scoliosis, recovery from injury or surgery etc.

There will always be benefits to these healing sessions and the immune system benefits tremendously. This may be used as complimentary care to assist with any condition in which a healthy immune system is vitally important. Sometimes, energy healing is all that's needed, but some challenges may require medicine (natural medicine included), dietary changes, and a willingness to process and heal inner emotional turmoil. In many cases, the body cannot be fully healed without healing the mind and heart. Luckily, energy healing heals on all levels of your being.

Grid Alignment (AKA Axiatonal Alignment): I also provide a once in a lifetime alignment to the electromagnetic grid of the universe. This has been disconnected by our unusual ancient history. Of course, the connection is still somewhat there, but the alignment is off - hence, Grid "Alignment".
You only need to receive this alignment once in your life and cannot be out of alignment with the Grid again. Of course, you can still be out of alignment with your truth and integrity but this is the challenge for inner balance we all have. Being reconnected to the Grid certainly helps you to stay on the straight and narrow and brings out the best in you, making the path of inner balance and self-mastery much easier.
This alignment also helps others who practice the healing arts to greatly increase their ability to channel and work with divine light. This can also assist people in getting in touch with their intuition.

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  1. Hi, names Chris, well in this incarnate at least lol, < little spiritual humor, you said something about light language and symbols which both i am very interested in, i would like to also heal a few parts of my body, i think they may be energetic wounds as i am a frequent time/dimensional traveler and have.. come across some .. interesting situations here or there xD lol but really i know i can heal as i am now awake, but hey asking a friend for some tips and knowledge is always good ;D love and light have a great day!

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