Light Worker Unity Campaign – Join

Join the Campaign for Light Worker Unity!

Meditation to assist the the positive etheric forces is now recognized as humanities most powerful tool to create peace on Earth.

Research proving this has been published for many years, and today many groups have organized to conduct regular meditations for World Peace.  Quality of the meditation is also important and we know enough to teach those who want to participate, the techniques known to most effective.

We know that our meditations create a frequency field around the meditator, and many meditators in one location propagates away from that location as a more intense frequency that extends further and has a greater effect on those immersed in it.  So the more meditators we have participating in a synchronized meditation, the greater the effect of the meditation.

Creating this Campaign is a shared effort by all who want Peace and our approach is to invite all who feel that this is the right approach. We are asking people to join us for a set of three (3) conferences spaced two weeks apart.

The approach is that we are not telling anyone what it will take for Unity, but that we should seriously discuss it and share our conclusions at the end. Within this concept is the possibility that our scattered and fragmented community will meet one another and become friends during the time we are discussing the Campaign. That will be real unity.

We will send you an update each week , please see your email for a message with details about the Campaign.