Questions and Comments

Dear Event Support Group member,

THANK YOU for assisting us in creating our global community of light. Your efforts are very important. There are so many wonderful groups forming and making a huge impact on raising the love frequency of our surface population. If you have questions about creating a group or about the Event or anything on this website please let us know.   It would also be very helpful for other groups who are just starting out if you leave comments or provide feedback on how you’re running your local Event Support Group.

We ask that you follow the protocols listed below.

  1. We will not tolerate any questions or comments that contain foul language.
  2. We will refuse questions or comments that promote fear, prejudice, intolerance or hate.
  3. There will be no questions or comments allowed that encourage violence against any person or destruction of anything.
  4. Articles that personally attack or defame this site our members or cobra will not be posted.

These are very exciting times and we would LOVE to hear from you!

Infinite Love,
Event Support Group Team



  1. Thanks for the auspicious writeup. It if truth be tld used to bee a amusement account
    it. Look advanced to far brought agreeable from you! However, how could we keep up a correspondence?

    • Hi Maria,
      There are no search results for Venezuela. You are welcome to sign up to start a group. This is one way of finding people in your country who feel the way you do. That way you can support each other.
      Angel Eyes ~**~

      Hola Maria ,
      No hay resultados de búsqueda para Venezuela . Le invitamos a registrarse para iniciar un grupo . Esto es en e camino de la búsqueda de personas en su país que se sienten como tú lo haces . De esta forma puede apoyarse mutuamente .
      Angel Eyes ~ ** ~

  2. Hi,
    I couldn’t see anywhere in this website where i could register to be of assistance during the Event.
    I only found somewhere to form a group and as I know few awake people within my country this isn’t feasable.
    I am in NSW Australia and would like to offer.
    Could you please advise how I can do so?
    Thank You,
    Much Love, Fiona <3

  3. It appears that the Asheville NC (USA) event support group is no longer in existence. The link takes me to a page that doesn’t exist.

    • Ben, I will send this information to Eduardo who co-ordinates The Event Support Groups. May I suggest that you start a group in your area? You can get help here on our site as to how to do this. Thank you for your inquiry.

      Angel Eyes ~**~

  4. question I’d like to join a group but two things keep me from doing it ,one the slavery job that I hold today for surviving (we all know that well) had me chain down and take all my space ,the only time I can meditate is in the shower (not joking )and the question is How well protect the groups are from being infiltrate by the dark agents ? thanks I hope you understand my concert

    • Hi julio c vidal,
      We find the time in our lives for the things that really matter to us even when it is difficult.
      You might want to read Cobra’s post for January 19, 2015

      Angel Eyes ~**~

  5. Hello, I have a question
    Have you also experienced this light of truth you talk about?
    If so can you tell me about it and your circumstances?
    I’m just wondering.
    I also experienced this, and am wondering where it came from
    While in the hospital from brain inflammation during my recovery, I underwent about a 2 month period in which I was smart and wise beyond anYthing I had ever felt. The first night I could not sleep because I would ask myself a question and then solve it immediately, and then move on to a next question and so forth. I could tell when people were lying or being dishonest easily and completely understood and could interpret the meaning of scripture(despite never hav read the bible). The only question that took me a while to figure out was, whether or not God existed. After about 2 weeks of contemplation. I discovered he is very real.
    Is this what you all experience as ?

    • Hi D,
      Since you posted your comments under “Questions and Comments”, I am unsure if you maybe read an article on this site that prompted you to recall this event in your life. If so I am not the author but I’m interested to know if this is the case please let me know what you read because I would like to read it.

      Personally, I believe that everything that occurs in our life happens for a reason. There is always something that we can learn or that we are serving as a lesson for another. We don’t always know the reason for events in our life. Sometimes, over time we can discover possibly why the event occurred. “Why” is not always important.

      Sometimes events like hospitalizations are a way to change the course of our life, maybe preventing something more serious from happening or redirecting us to a path that is more suited to why we are here (even though we may not know consciously why or what our purpose is here). I really believe that we do not walk this path of life alone even though we may feel that we do. We have plenty of help from unseen forces that walk/guide us.

      From what you have described, it sounds like you were given a huge gift. There are probably explanations in science (or not) for this phenomenon. It sounds like a glimpse into experiencing a sixth sense. Maybe this is what it would be like to live in a higher dimension. Maybe it could be clarity achieved by some that go for days without the dietary pollution of the food and drink we are exposed to daily in our society, not to mention cell towers, scalar waves and geoengineering.

      How wonderful it would be to live our life with that ability. It would take the guess work out of so many things! I could see that this would be something that many would strive to attain and to keep forever. So, be thankful for this gift and live your life in the best way that you can until the day that this gift returns.

      Peace, love and blessings,
      Angel Eyes ~**~

  6. HELLO I AM FROM SMALL ISLAN IN SMALL COUNTRY cratia.. HERE ARE NO ANY GROUP,I WILL LIKE TO OPEN ONE,WHAT I MUST DO,TO GOT YOUR APROVALL..sorry on some mistake in writing,my lenquich are not english

    • Hi Goran,
      I am sending your information to Eduardo who is the leader of our Event Support Groups. He will be e-mailing you soon.

      Blessings to you,
      Angel Eyes

      Pozdrav Goran ,
      Šaljem svoje podatke na Eduarda , koji jevođa naše grupe podrške događaja . On će biti e – mailing vas uskoro .

      Angel Eyes ~**~

  7. Is it the case of ‘Planet X’ (not Nibiru) about which Cobra claimed in his earliest interviews?

    May be one of these the Planet-X?

  8. I have tried repeatedly to sign up as a support team participant. I have received no acknowledgement of any kind. Please advise.

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  10. Hello,
    I wonder if this software would be of use to any of the support groups?
    I have not stake in this and am only passing it on for the benefit of humanity.
    … an excerpt…
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    Sahana Eden’s features are designed to help Disaster and Emergency Management practitioners to better mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters more effectively and efficiently. Sahana Eden can provide valuable solutions for practitioners in Emergency Management, Humanitarian Relief and Social Development domains.

    With love and gratitude <3

  11. I have been following the many updates and reports about the event and believe it will happen at some point, maybe sooner, maybe later. Reading about the restructuring of work and careers, music and the arts are my concern. I am a professional musician of over 40 years, making an adequate living in the Phoenix area. I’m obviously curious about that aspect during the restructuring process. Any thoughts about how musicians/performers will be asked to serve? I really don’t know how to do much else except in performance, recording, and production. I know it’s impossible to predict such things, especially in a profession like mine. Thx.

  12. Gather Yourselves Now!
    Back in September I got listed as a local Event Support Group, in Mount Shasta, Northern California. Then the website team had its midlife crisis and I noted that I was taken off the listing. Since then I emailed different administrators and asked to be put back on the list.

    Also, I had contacted the category for article submissions and filled out the form with all my personal data, yet no response either.
    So I’m posting my message here in hope of somebody contacting me: [email protected]
    My listing link is:
    Victory of the Light! Karin Lacy

      • Dear Rob,

        In the one your ‘youtube videos’ you and the lady on the video sound like the people who present the Armageddon News. Is there any connections?

        In God We Trust!


        • M,
          Best to ask questions of my personal site at To answer you here I cannot, which youtube? I have so many so please reply via my website contact form.
          thank you

  13. Hi, I have two requests please.
    Could you show our member, Linda, as an Organizer too? I listed us both when I signed us up for our local group but it only shows me listed as an Organizer.
    Could you please show our website and email address on our Meetup group page too? [email protected] I’m not sure how to add these. Thank you! ~ Charlene

    • Charlene we will soon be taking down all grouops on our site! we can no longer keep up we have over 200 groups to add. Th only place to see your group will be on the www.Meet-up website. thank you for your patiance while we try to take care of this issue. thank you also for your kind support.
      I would like to thank all other Event Support Group Teams for their joining us in pour efforts for world peace.
      Rob Potter

    • Denise
      If you do this on the Meet-Up website page this will be enough! We cannot keep up with the over 200 new membership teams our growth has become so big so fast we are only NOW asking people to go to meet-up page to see all groups they will no longer be on our site.

  14. Hi, just found this site, and am blown away because i’ve experienced what you say before coming here, which is how i know you are right, i saw the Sun inside, happened July 21st last year, long story, but everything you say is true, but there is a lot of folk thinking you are a NWO trap ‘planning’ this event, so much paranoia around, the land of confusion, i know ‘the event’ is coming, it includes many things, but that’s all one can say, and it leads to a leap in planetary consciousness and freedom, Gaia is ready to bloom

  15. Question: I have attempted, with numerous internet browsers, to sign up with my name and email for the PrepareForChange email Stay Informed service. All browsers have returned error messages stating that the email sign up web site cannot be accessed. How can I receive regular PrepareForChange updates?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance with this question and sign up issue.

  16. I am starting a Coppell Texas(Dallas area) meetup group. I searched your site and couldn’t find an exact protocol or format to announce my group on meetup. Since most of the people on general meetup sites are probably uninformed about the Community planning pre/post EVENT what is appropriate to say and not say?

    Thanks… Liberation NOW.. Lori Coens

    • Lori
      Say what you want to say go to leadership group and read protocols page for what is appropriate to say. But say whatever you like and feel. Protocols covers this info. Go to participate button and create a group and then register your group.

      We will no longer enter groups on our site but will provide a link to PFC meet up groups as we cannot keep up with new groups we over 700 now. This may take some time to make this clear on our website but it is coming.


  17. Hello to all

    I would just like to say to all of humanity that the end of the “involution” period is now over and that humanity is in a transition period to another “evolution” cycle. This new cycle will not allow any form of domination and control. The most important thing to remember is that we are in fact multidimensional beings that are experiencing the physical plane.

    The controllers are losing their open war on humanity. Those psychopathic controllers will have to answer for their crimes against us. We, together as one, have the power to end their control and domination.

    In light

  18. 台灣這邊有小組~但太公開

  19. I have just begun reading the information on this website and I am very intrigued and excited. However, I am noticing that there are many typos and errors in spelling and grammar. I realize in the grand scheme of things that these are probably insignificant, but I think it would lend more credibility to this cause if they were corrected. I am willing to make these corrections myself as a volunteer service if you do not already have a proofreader. Please let me know if you are interested.

  20. I understand that NO one can truly know when the event will happen But this is taking WAY to Long, I understand that it takes time and patience But with all the bullshit going on planet earth I just cant take it anymore, its getting way to hard to find a job and its been very stressful for everyone in my family, where almost ready to live on the streets for how bullshit life is. Sometimes I feel like this event Will never happen >:(
    how much longer can the world be so stressed out for and under slavery for ? the world is getting more and more depressed every day and no one cares

    • Dear Disappointed

      I can almost relate to what you are saying here.
      Like you, my family and I were also going through some very, very difficult times and were also wondering when is the “shift” or “event” going to happen.

      I started to look inside myself first and then spread this light to the rest of the family. I shifted my thoughts from a “negative” state to a “positive” state(despite the difficulty I was going through) and that’s when my Life began to change. Everything thought, word and action was offered to the Light first before anything.

      I then realized that “The Event” will off-course happen, that’s a foregone conclusion…..BUT we have to start with ourselves first. We start with ourselves and our family and allow this Light to get brighter and brighter.

      Dear Disappointed Citizen, I implore you NOT to lose hope, NOT now at least. Just manage the rough before the calm, hold your Light, Meditate and start each day in Prayer to God.

      All will get better.

      In Love and Light

      Naleen R

  21. i would like to contact people in ireland, especially in sligo.i am not ready to lead but would like to support others and work together.

    • Hi Ann
      My given name is Joan. I discovered this website this morning , March 29th 20014, after re-reading ‘the Mask’ (the third book of the Watchers)which led me to research the author Stuart Gordon which in turn led me to your post. I live in Ireland – Raglan rd Dublin.
      I’ve been hoping to come across a www world-healing meditation wherein everyone, at a specific time, once a day, tunes in and focuses on the issue with Light.
      Thats my main reason for responding to this website. I am already very aware of the true nature of whats going on.
      I too am and have been always just a supporter . I have a facebook which I dont use. However it would be good to reach out via other means such as this site.
      So have a good day, March is just over, I’m glad to say.

  22. hello, l have sign it 2 months ago , but l cant login, and l dont know how to get all this information back , l need to update my profile ,l cant find it .
    plesae help.

  23. I have signed already 3 month ago.but no sign or notification ever come adressed to me.I m tryin to create a group in Albania. thanks

    • Lenite,
      Go to PFC meet up page under “participate’ button and join a support group on MEET UP website see if there are people in your area if not start a group and people may join you!

  24. I signed up a few months ago with a different e mail.( [email protected]) I need to change that with you.. My new e mail is janetariel@yahoocom I also signed up today for a group in the Houston area. How do I find other Texas groups. How do they find me? I am a little confused. Also I forgot what modality I signed up for, healing I think? Or maybe organizing? I am anxious to find more like mined people in my area, as I already have a group here. Blessings of love and light to you! JA

    • Janet here you can find all the support groups around the world. Just type “texas” in the search box and press enter.

      If you need anything else fell free to contact me here.

      Blessings to you too Janet.* 😉

  25. Hi Mike,

    I am interested in coordinating support groups in my area and region.

    Please let me know if I can help. We appreciate all of your efforts.

    Victory to the Light,

    Steve Jensen

  26. I am in Bellingham, WA, USA. There are two of us here, myself and Tracy Bennett. Tracy’s name had previously been listed as group organizer, but I see it is no longer. In fact most of the Organizer names on the list have been replaced with “NA”

    It would be helpful if the organizer names for the whole list were restored.

    On another matter, I have tried to log in several times to add to my profile, but have been denied entry with the error message “Incorrect username.” Something has changed in your system.

    Tom Magnussen
    Bellingham, WA

    • Hello Tom, the reason why all the organizer names were replaced with N/A
      is because some people didn’t want their personal info to be published online.
      Since we didn’t know whether all the other had the same preference we had to
      remove ALL the names in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

      So please fill in the following form once more but instead of “create a new group” choose “update an existing group”.
      Write your details (name, email etc) and I will add all your info in your record ASAP.
      Regarding your profile now, please send me your user name and email here
      and ill take care of it too.

      Sorry for any inconveniece, honstely.

      All the best,

      Mike 😉

    • Roberto, you can create your own support group in Lamar if you like to be a coordinator.

      In order to do that, fill in the form at the bottom of the page and submit it plz.

      Thank you 😉

  27. The Escondido California group should be Diane and Jacob Henderson as I run that with my wife. The San Diego group should say Jacob Henderson and Ed Pettis as I coordinate the San Diego area and he hosts the meetings in San Diego downtown. Both groups should link to the San Diego Facebook group but have separate meetup pages. If you need to know anything else let me know. Thank you.

    • Done Jacob, and thanks for letting us know. Can you verify please that everything is OK now..?!

      Thanks for participating and being so active.* 😉

  28. Country: Brazil
    State:Rio Grande do Sul
    City: Taquara
    Phone: + 55 (51) 35412467
    Everybody is most welcome

    • Hello Waldemir, a new Support Group was created this very moment in our database with you as an organizer for the City Tauqara.

      Please click on the following link:

      and then go to:
      “Join and Suggest a New Meetup”

      Then Reserve a place on the right of the page and invite other friends of yours who live in that area too
      to join you in your new group.

      If you have any question or comment plz let us know.

      Thanks for being here!

  29. I have signed us up as a Leadership Group a few times already. However there as been no listing or contact. Do we need to do something else!?


    Steve 608 606 4951

    • Hello Steve, I personally created YOUR group yesterday. I also sent you an email.

      Please check at the end of the table, last row its you 😉

      Thanks for participating !


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