11-11-11 Mass Meditation – Remembrance & Intention

Dear readers, (Note: Please read to the very end, the message is important) We’ve waited to the last moments to see the lay of the land on the upcoming meditation(s) for the 11-11-11 portal this Sunday the 11th November 2018. Numerologically, this Sunday is a rather special day. It’s the 11th day of the 11th … Read more

Cobra Update – Time Sensitive Situation Update – 9th November 2018

Delta Option plan has triggered many different and strong responses and thus requires a little clarification. https://spearoflight.blogspot.com/2018/11/personal-thought-operation-delta.html  First, the general plan for the Event has remained the same. Delta Option covers only certain aspects of pre-Event operations. Second, the main aim of the Light Forces is to minimize suffering on the planet and to decrease … Read more