Delta Option plan has triggered many different and strong responses and thus requires a little clarification. 

First, the general plan for the Event has remained the same. Delta Option covers only certain aspects of pre-Event operations.

Second, the main aim of the Light Forces is to minimize suffering on the planet and to decrease the level of violence, and Delta Option plan will be activated ONLY as a last resort when all other more peaceful options have failed. The probability of this happening oscillates from moment to moment, but the Resistance estimates the probability for the Delta option decreasing in the long term as the situation stabilizes.

There has been a lot of activity behind the scenes in the last few days and this article is partially correct:

Corey Goode | Alliance Update: New Phase of Operations, Preparations Underway, Secret Grand Juries

The Resistance has not been as active on the surface as it is now since early 2000s.

On a very positive note, I have received certain awesome intel on the level I did not receive since the year 2000, from a very high and reliable source.

I can just say that the amazing future we have been fighting for is real, and will happen. Replicators, free energy, interstellar travel, the Golden Age, all this is awaiting us. Trillions upon trillions of dollars are spent by the Cabal every year to give us the impression that nothing has changed and nothing every will. When this Truman show falls apart, you will all be amazed.

Until then, instead of falling into a black hole of despair and passivity, you can use this book as a tool to go through an inner transformation and experience a better life:

You need to understand that if you wish to make your life better, you need to do 80% of the work yourself so the Light forces can help you with the remaining 20%.

11 stargate sacred geometry

On November 11th, a very important portal will open with a lot of activity of the Pleiadian fleet.

On the same day, there will be a  Putin-Trump meeting in Paris with members of the surface Alliance and Resistance agents present. Certain backdoor negotiations about the future of or planet will be taking place there:

There will be many mass meditations organized by various groups taking place on that day and you can join them if you feel so guided:

The 11:11:11 Liberation Of Humanity Meditation Event

Light forces have communicated that a mass meditation that would focus on bringing Light to negotiations in Paris on the November 11th would be very welcome, as important decisions for the future of the planet will be made there.

Victory of the Light!



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  1. Coolos cobra i’m a great f’a’n and hoW I feel when i read your intel are talking to me. one questions if yaldabaoth is in every human or just in the earth field.go to Amenti Victory of the event we all embrace the sourcee’

  2. I give thanks for the update. Cobra you are an amazing Soulja of light. Oneness of heart to you and for the great work you been doing.
    Victory of the Light.

  3. Thank you so very much Cobra and all light and love alliances. Because of people like you, I get to know how amazing this time in our history is. Along the way I have been doing my own inner work when the fears have krept in to be embraced and understood. Recently finding out. how amazing I am. I am a 55 year old female who has never thought or felt amazing.Not normal, my belief systems are purging. I just created a flyer on the great awakening, I thought I would put into action a few questions for people and hand them a flyer. I added this websight along with Qanon. Faith of a mustard seed. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me…With Respect Love and Light. Cheryl.

  4. Sashwat pranam , salute , salaam , namastey , my dear Cobra , so dear to all the hearts that fallen in the love of all that was and is going to be .
    In the enlightenment of the light ,
    we can see the love and peace ,
    becoming the one soul we are .
    with the Victory , Victory , Victory of the light.
    lots of hugs and kisses


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