Architecture for Humanity Relaunches as Open Architecture Collaborative

The Open Architecture Collaborative has been created to replace the of Architecture for Humanity which closed in 2015.  Local chapters have banded together to create the new organization. More than 30 chapters in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa have come together to form the new organisation, which pledges to pursue community engagement through design. The group’s stated mission is “design advocacy, … Read more

A Man Built A Gold Pyramid In Illinois & Found Remarkable Energy

In a world now filled with outlandish and unconventional architecture, the idea of someone building a gold pyramid certainly doesn’t seem newsworthy, but the story of this Illinois man is simply remarkable. One day after stumbling across a university study suggesting that the pyramids at Giza generate energy, Jim Onan decided to test the theory by building … Read more

Vossa Intro to 5D Event – The Architecture of Ascension – USA, CA – Los Angeles – September 23-27, 2015 – See YOU there

5D Event – Los Angeles, CA September 23-27, 2015 Airport Holiday Inn http://www.5DEVENTS.COM Keynote Speaker Fernando Vossa, The Architecture of Ascension – Building Eco-cities for Planetary Liberation Fernando is a Free Energy Researcher – Consciousness Scientist – Whole Body Healing Technologies – Ancient Wisdom & Technology – Fine Artist – Virtual Environments. Vossa incorporates a series … Read more

Macrocosmic Harmony – by Scott Onstott

The best temples serve as bridges between human scale and the macrocosm. When Beverly Spicer sent me the following image, something clicked and I understood the human body, the Sphinx and the Pyramids in a new way. I’m not sure which book this black-and-white geometric analysis of Pharaoh Rameses II was scanned from—it appears to … Read more

The Prepare For Change Newsletter is Here! November 17, 2014

Angel Eye’s Healing Wish List Good News Everyone! The Angel Eye’s Healing Wish List is now a permanent part of the website! Thanks to all the pioneers who have already entered their wishes. Please remember other’s wishes daily in your personal meditations. That is how we gather strength to manifest our wishes. Remember also to … Read more