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The Angel Eye’s Healing Wish List is now a permanent part of the website! Thanks to all the pioneers who have already entered their wishes. Please remember other’s wishes daily in your personal meditations. That is how we gather strength to manifest our wishes. Remember also to look for signs of answers to your wishes. They are granted by heaven’s standards and time.

You can add your wishes by clicking the redirect button picture of the wishing well on the right side of the page! By writing out your wishes you are confirming to the universe that you want and support the manifestation of these wishes. Many blessings to you all & may all your wishes be granted!

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Greetings Everyone,

First I want to share the correct painting from last week’s newsletter, as it was left our accidentally, here it is.
Until next week, keep your eyes to the skies.



By Joan Hangarter

30X40 Mixed Media

All is possible

Everything is part of the cosmic brew. Being reborn anew. Stir the fires, stir the longing, release, what hides within you.

This beautiful and intense angel began as my Scorpio muse, focused intentions, attracting and calling forth exactly what she needs to manifest. As she developed and her intentions manifested, miracles began to happen, her hearts opened, expanded and grew, till formlessness became the brew of all creation. Hers is the heart of all.

Dr. Joan Hangarter is an artist, intuitive and channel who brings in messengers and beings from the divine. She has spent her entire life on her spiritual path and is a renown healer, author and speaker. One year ago the Messengers began contacting her with instructions to “Paint us and we will come.” The Earth Messengers are currently on exhibit in Palm Springs, CA through Dec.  14, 2014. For more information check out Dr Joan at or Facebook page at:

This week, I am sharing the third painting in Joan’s series, Mother Mary. It has special meaning for me, as I have experienced many beautiful connections with mother Mary throughout my life. A channel named Beverly  brought me one such message in Sedona in 2001. She said, “Greetings, I am Mother Mary. I am here to heal the drama and trauma, to give you release and freedom from all the times that you felt compromised. To add light to those of you who are working to protect children. You, dear Judi know that your husband, David Chase, was killed because he knew about the abuses that were being done to innocent children. You communicate in a way that others cannot…You are here to speak up for the children who are not given the opportunity to speak for themselves. Your work on this issue will receive national coverage. There are many angels working with you on this, and a huge darkness that has been over the planet will be uncovered and will move away.”

(As you will see farther down in this newsletter, I did take action including speaking at Congressional Hearings on the subject of protecting children)

So here is Joan Hangarter now to share her Mother Mary painting with you…


Says Joan: “Mother Mary – when I found myself in a time of trouble, Mother Mary came to me, singing words of wisdom, urging me to let it be. She whispered gently in my ears, her song so divine, my brush responded to the psalms, and her hymns became my lines. As I flowed within the colors deep, the brew was stirred, my devotion deep. Mother Mary sang to me Let it be my love just let it be, release those worries onto me. Beloveds, now is the time Mother Mary supports you to be strong, to believe, to take her hand, take your stand, walk beside her, gently, quietly if you must, but don’t be shy, don’t retreat, for to do so would be to admit defeat and make it harder to emerge.

Be brave beloveds, for you are not alone, “I walk beside thee; I hold thy hand. I wipe the tears from your eyes, as your heart sighs, and when it seems your heart would break, your fears and worries, are what I take.

These are trying times she whispers, don’t forget to love, to forgive, to see these challenges from above.

But I hear the sounds of all earth crying, from inside out, from above down, my heart is heavy, my energetics, drowned from the weight of the sorrow, the pain, the devastation, and inhumanity. I can hardly speak to forgive, to understand, nor to let compassion be my guide.

And as I paint, my intention focused on my attention, I hear her singing softly to me, to let it be, simply, beloved, let it be, for there is more to this situation then you see.

And best to know that within this flow, Mother Mary calls to all, to heal, to love, to grow and sow the seeds of miracles for what we plant will grow.

Trust and know the mother of mothers, joins with you now, aligning your chakra, and bioenergetics, to heal your heart, heal the fractures and the wounds and mend tears in your fields, so only love, only the pure energetics of the heart surrounds.

“I am loved. I am love.”

Thank you Joan. The song ‘Let it Be’ has moved me deeply and I would like to share with you a version I just found sung by a young girl, Connie Talbot.

I wanted to finish this week’s newsletter by sharing a message to lightworks, Nov. 13th 2014. It summarizes how Justice and Truth is here now.

Greetings, friends! We are glad to meet with you again this way today!

And we are full of positive reports and news.

Because your visualizations, your meditations, your expectations and powerful and empowering beliefs in your New Earth are birthing many changes in your world, on many levels.

Understand that those who have committed crimes against humanity and against the very nature of Life, breaking not only your humanmade laws but Mother/Father God’s Universal Law, are increasingly being apprised and informed of the trials, charges and in some cases, executions which they face.

They are to be given the chance to speak their tale and tell their story.

They are also now being given the chance to turn toward the Light, if that is their preference and their soul path.



Understand that for many, it will not be their path.

Some of these ones are warmongers.

Others are child traffickers and child abusers or killers, fulfilling a particular role within a high-ranking institution such as the British Parliament, the United States Congress, or the Vatican, in which they procure children for abusers.

Others are high-ranking officials and politicians who change laws to enable banking and investment fraud of all kinds.

Others are the bankers and brokers themselves, or their legal teams who represent and protect them.

Others are intentional polluters of the Earth, or of the minds of the masses through the mass media.

Whatever their crime, they are aware of who they are, and increasingly feeling terror, and for some, remorse regarding what they have committed and expected to get away with, and the consequences they must now face.

Click this link to read the rest of the message…

I wrote this song with Dov to raise awareness of the plight of missing and exploited children. The video was produced by Cynthia Caron of LostNMissing, Inc.

Our hope is this heartfelt message will help to heal this problem.

“Every child is everyone’s child. Every child is the child of us all. Shine the light around the world so we can protect them all, every child, every child.”

Click here to watch the video.

For more info on my quest to uncover hidden child exploitation see

Aloha from Judi, Irene, and Smaly7, Co-chairs of the Media Group.



PFC Renaissance Group Transmission


This is Dov with the Renaissance Group Newslettter,

This week showed us that our technology achieved the remarkable event of landing upon a comet, as ESA with other worldwide space agencies managed to land a stove size craft upon the tiny 2 mile wide comet 67P.

“Against the odds – with no downwards thruster and with the automated harpoon system not having worked – Philae bounced twice after its first touchdown on the comet, coming to rest in the shadow of a cliff on Wednesday 12 November at 17:32. GMT (comet time)

The spacecraft that made the journey some 350 million miles away is called Rosetta, and just as the Rosetta Stone provided the key to an ancient civilization, so ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft will unlock the mysteries of the oldest building blocks of our Solar System – the comets. As the worthy successor of Champollion and Young, who deciphered the first hieroglyphics, Rosetta will allow scientists to look back 4600 million years to an epoch when no planets existed and only a vast swarm of asteroids and comets surrounded the Sun.

These could be the very building blocks of water and even keys to life.


And while advances are happening in space, So many things are happening here on Earth, including in India, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi created a ministry of yoga and alternative therapies for the country this week.

Reuters reports that the “AAYUSH portfolio will include traditional medicines and practices of ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy, unani, siddha and homeopathy. Shripad Yesso Naik was appointed to head the ministry.


“This is our system and it has not received enough prominence. We will take it to the masses,” Naik said on Tuesday, according to Reuters.

India’s prime minister is known as an avid yoga fan.

Modi used his September address to the United Nations General Assembly to promote the practice and call on member countries to mark June 21 as International Yoga Day.

“Yoga should not be just an exercise for us, but it should be a means to get connected with the world and with nature,” Modi said at the U.N. “It should bring a change in our lifestyle and create awareness in us, and it can help fighting against climate change.”

India’s mission to the U.N. has started preparing a draft resolution on the topic of International Yoga Day and will push for its adoption by the end of the year. So far, the resolution has received support from countries like the United States, China, Nepal, Bhutan and Canada.”

Here is a link to a yoga video I put together to one of my songs to inspire us all to stay fit and healthy!

And once it a while, or more often even, it is essential to refer to one of the Giants of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci.

While he is known for so many inventions and advancements he is also the one who raised the appreciation and respect for artists, from craftsmen and skilled workers to visionaries and luminaries.

It was he who gave talent a greater respect and leadership role in society, and must have opened many doors that took away the superstitions that had been haunting humanity by bringing knowledge, clarity and beauty, while, opening the passageway for mankind to be able to connect with the higher mind.

There were hardly any limits to his imagination, where he found inventions that were precursors of automobiles, helicopters, clocks, parachutes, weapons, and of course his paintings, statues, and medical science advances.

What may be less known is that he created a model for the perfect city.

Perhaps no idea speaks to the epic ambition and scope of Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions better than his ideal city. This invention focuses not just on a single area but combines da Vinci’s talents as an artist, architect, engineer and inventor to create an entire city.

Da Vinci’s ideal city idea came about after the plague had ravaged Milan, killing off nearly a third of the city’s population. Leonardo wanted to design a city that would be more united, with greater communications, services and sanitation to prevent the future spread of such diseases.

His ideal city integrated a series of connected canals, which would be used for commercial purposes and as a sewage system. The city would feature lower and upper areas – the lower being canals for tradesmen and travelers and the upper being roads for “gentleman”. The roads were designed to be very broad, most likely in response to Milan’s narrow streets where people were jammed together, probably contributing to the spread of the plague.

Being an artist and architect, da Vinci’s city also would be a vision to behold, with elegant buildings featuring large arches and pillars. Da Vinci said of his style of urban planning: “Only let that which is good looking be seen on the surface of the city



Da Vinci detailed many other great and small aspects of his city. These include special stables for horses, which the animal-loving da Vinci saw as integral to the workings of the city, and fresh air vents in buildings. However, since da Vinci’s design was so grand in scale and required an entire city to be rebuilt, his ideal city never actually came to fruition.

The Renaissance concept of the ideal city is expressed by Leonardo in his rigorously geometric urban planning. His ideal city is characterized by the perfect integration of a network of canals, which are used both for commercial purposes as well as a sewage system. Leonardo conceived of buildings as hydraulic machines, which distributed water in all the rooms of the house as well as in the artisan workshops through a mechanical lifting system. In the workshops the energy released in this way was used to drive various machines.

He saw science and art as complementary rather than distinct disciplines, and thought that ideas formulated in one realm could—and should—inform the other.

And  he felt he had so much more to complete in his final days. Fortunately, his legacy lives on and grows, including the Laguna Beach Pageant of the Masters where we see his Last Supper recreated by living human models.



And the last bit of news I would like to share is about a new film, which was the winner of the best Sci-Fi Short Film at the Burbank Film Festival 2014 called “Stranger at the Pentagon”.



“The landing of Valiant Thor was perhaps the first documented landing of a human-type alien by military officials. He met with President Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon for an hour, then the alien was put on VIP status and shuttled back to the Pentagon.” 
        –Harley Byrd, Project Blue Book, United States Air Force

“Stranger at the Pentagon” is inspired by True Events from the book of the same name. It was first published in 1967. It remains a UFO classic to date.

Valiant Thor, a Created Being and Universal Envoy, met with President Dwight D. Eisenhower on March 16, 1957. This human Angelic came with a divine design for mankind on how to eliminate sickness, disease and poverty. Eisenhower put the enlightened extraterrestrial on VIP status for three years. He lived in a Pentagon apartment three stories underground.

To go to the website, as well as purchase the DVD, go to

to see the trailer,  click the link below

This story of Valiant Thor has been shared in the Media Newsletters previously.

For Raissa, this is Dov wishing everyone well and see you in the new Renaissance.

You can listen to Music that reinforces the love of nature and
positive change at:

Have a great week!

Dov and Raissa

See you in the New Renaissance!


I would like to offer some wise words from James Gilliland and Foster Gamble. Follow the links provided.  We do need to offer a disclaimer – use your discernment as in all things.


First I apologize for not being available lately due to traveling and dental concerns. I had two crowns prepared and a molar pulled in one day. I am also in Mexico at a place that will remain undisclosed. There has been many inquiries as to what is happening on many levels. There is so much going on I almost don’t know where to start. Foster Gamble put out a youtube video concerning your money is about to change.

I highly recommend watching it mainly because it will save me a lot of typing. I am in contact and working with major key players as far as the currency re-evaluation, the movement back to universal law and sovereignty. I am glad Foster and Kimberly decided to put out this information yet there is more to the story. What is unfolding is in alignment with universal law and the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. It is a step one of many. Eventually we will evolve to a civilization that does not use money as most advanced civilizations. For this to occur we must make the shift to unity consciousness. The 9th wave the Mayans speak of is a wave of consciousness and energy that is exponentially increasing until all match its vibration or frequency. What is unfolding fits into that process. While there are some who are trying to create WW3, creating false flags, fake epidemics etc. to govern you through fear and dependency they are imploding due to a much grander force. This force includes families and mega trusts aligned with a higher force for good. Many refer to these negative factions as the cabal, zionists, illuminati etc. I have to ask what is so illumined and enlightened about separation, greed and actions harmful to humanity and the Earth. These are all base, primitive beliefs. What they refer to as superior in action and belief is in fact inferior and not frequency specific to the evolutionary path of Earth. What they refer to as power has nothing to do with power. Power comes from source, prime creator and prime creator, God, Creator, Great Spirit what ever you want to call it is love. Love is the ultimate power in the universe. So where is the love in their thought and action? Where is the nobel virtue? No love, joy, bliss, no power. What you have is a very primitive mind cut off from spirit and trapped in the false ego.

Those who operate under universal law, love and serve all creation are coming forward. They are riding the 9th wave. They are multidimensional and are a force beyond comprehension. This force includes the benevolent Annunaki which are recalling the fallen ones left behind. Those who broke universal law are standing in front of the councils, facing their deeds and the consequences. The Pleiadians, Orion Council of Light. Arcturians, Andromedans, and a host of other extremely advanced off worlders or what others refer to as ultradimensionals are all coming forward to liberate the Earth and reset her back on her original course. There is a massive cleanup of the archon network a collection of demonic and degenerate Ets which is about 80% complete. This means their puppets here on Earth will loose their false power, protection and guidance by these dark forces. It is a recipe for disaster for the dark hearts especially when the masses wake up to who they are and what they have done. This is the big picture yet there are many aspects to it. Universal Law demands that everyone do their part, make the necessary changes in their lives aligned with Universal Law. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Freedom and Prosperity for all is the base foundation for Universal Law. It is was summed up in two sentences by one of your masters. Love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourselves. There is one more sentence necessary. Honor the Creator in All Creation, the sacred circle of life. We need to be kind to each other and all creation. Live a life in balance. Now I have to ask how many of your institutions operate according to Universal Law. Your religions separate man from God and God from Creation when in fact you cannot separate the Creator from Creation nor man from omnipresence. Your governments serve the corporations, souless entities which worship profit at any expense. This has caused the greatest suffering to humanity and the Earth. The war industry is responsible the escalation of wars and the pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the escalation of disease. The oil industry is responsible for the escalation of pollution along with the nuclear industry, coal industry etc. all unnecessary with todays advanced fueless energy systems. Your media is bought and controlled designed to trap you in the external disempowering you from making your internal connection to source. This is all governed on the highest levels by the archon network a grid which is being torn asunder as we speak. We are in that process and it is well underway. We still have free will to choose which world we wish to support and participate in yet one world is coming to a close. My best advice is to choose wisely in thought and action in the days to come because that will determine your future or lack thereof. Let the archon network fall, don’t participate in it. If you have played a big part in that network and benefited from it now is the time to play a big part in the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. Time to balance out the karma. There is action/reaction, there is a grand uncovering where all iniquities will be shouted from the rooftops. Nothing will remain hidden, there is no protection other than forgiveness and right action from ones karma. This is true soul repentance not lip service. This must be followed by restitution. Sound biblical? It is far beyond the bible or any religion. It is what is unfolding and the path to freedom and survival during these challenging times. We have the technology to end disease and regenerate the body. We have the technology to supply all our energy and transportation needs fuelessly. We have the ability through organic technologies to feed the world. The resources are there to end poverty, homelessness, all of the ills of humanity. This includes process oriented therapies to heal the mind of wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences. The only thing missing is the leadership and the uprising. Both are in the wind backed by forces beyond imagination. Be the force. Be well,

James Gilliland

I encourage each of you to continue to heal your “stuff” and get on the side of leadership and uprising.  Be a force, make a difference in your community and around the world.

DaNell Glade
[email protected]


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