Part 3: The Magical, Conscious Apple and Artichoke

In Part 3 of this series, we present the magical, conscious apple and artichoke and their little known, but powerful health benefits. In Part 1 of this series, Your Vegetable Garden Is Magical and Conscious,  we introduced you to Medical Medium, the quite unconventional book author and health consultant named Anthony William.  A mysterious man … Read more

How Discovering Gluten Sensitivity Helped Tennis Super Star Novak Djokovic Become the World No. 1

By Nikola Djordjevic, Going “gluten-free” has been such a trending buzzword for quite a while now, and you need to look no further than your supermarket shelves, which now sport an entire section of gluten-free products, ranging from food to personal care items. This goes to show just how popular the gluten-free diet is these … Read more

The Lowdown on Canola Oil

Here’s the lowdown. Think your cooking oil is safe and healthy? Canola oil producers claim that it’s the healthiest oil you can use, but science begs to differ. Unless significant weight gain and diminished memory are your idea of good health! This article was slightly adapted from an original article written by Sayer Ji of … Read more