The Good the Bad and the Ugly… Financial Reset

First things first. It’s not a currency Reset or revaluation. It’s a Currency Re-denomination. It’s not just a detail. It’s important stuff at the time of the Event that I’ll explain in a few paragraphs. Think about it. If someone hears the banks are closed, what would be his or her immediate reaction? There are … Read more

Our Love Affair with – – – GOLD

March 18, 2014 Gold:   Beneficial for All   Maybe one of the most interesting financial topics of all time has to do with human’s love affair with gold. My best guess is that gold craving was genetically woven into our DNA strands. Why? Well, you can’t eat the stuff, and it’s too heavy to … Read more

100 Reasons to Shut Down the Federal Reserve – forever

On The 100th Anniversary Of The Federal Reserve Here Are 100 Reasons To Shut It Down Forever By Michael Snyder, on December 22nd, 2013 December 23rd, 1913 is a date which will live in infamy.  That was the day when the Federal Reserve Act was pushed through Congress.  Many members of Congress were absent … Read more