ITCCS Breaking News: Report on the disruption of the Ninth Circle cult’s sacrificial rituals on April 30, 2017 – please post and circulate – youtube broadcast to come

(Thank you Kevin for your tireless pursuit and help.  The elite have been protected by the Police and Courts for years, decades and centuries.  Things are finally changing.) The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) A Special ITCCS Communique: May 3, 2017 ​ (GMT)​ Breaking News Report on the disruption of the … Read more


There is a push on currently by the dark forces to curtail all good work by lightworkers. This emergent news concerns Kevin Annett. He was just interviewed about his current connections to controversy by Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection. Please listen to this interview that can be found at the following link: The divide … Read more