Consciousness Descension into Matter – Lisa Renee and Energetic Synthesis

In Lisa Renee’s latest blog she talks about how our soul consciousness descends into matter from the higher dimensions into our third dimensional physical bodies. This Blog entry is taken from her Ascension Glossary. Just like Wikipedia, highlighted text below is linked to a new title page that gives a detailed description of the linked … Read more


A NEW, PARADIGM-SHIFTING FREE DOCUMENTARY that can literally transform your entire reality in just 3 hours!  Awake-umentary “Deconstructing Sentience:  From Chaos to Coherence” brings to life the forgotten power of healing through feeling…for yourself, humanity & the planet!  As we find ourselves at the precipice of a self-induced global emotional emergency, the need navigate our … Read more

Planning and Vision Web Conference Report

On September 27th, members of Sisterhood of the Rose hosted a Planning and Vision Web Conference to state our intentions. We have been very fortunate in gathering a wonderful group of people together, who each had beautiful intentions for our planet. The atmosphere was one of love and acceptance, where we supported each other’s vision … Read more