On September 27th, members of Sisterhood of the Rose hosted a Planning and Vision Web Conference to state our intentions.

We have been very fortunate in gathering a wonderful group of people together, who each had beautiful intentions for our planet. The atmosphere was one of love and acceptance, where we supported each other’s vision for the world we wished to live in.

I’d like to share the group’s declarations with the greater community, to re-energise the intentions and assist with the manifestation process.

“The universe is asking… Show me your new vibration, I will show you miracles.”

  – Anonymous

The summary of our intentions are as follows:

  • Perfect weather. Sunny days or cooling breezes so awesome you feel blissful.
  • That every child is wanted, loved, welcome and cared for, in such a way that all their needs are met and that they never have to feel left out or excluded
  • Visualising Peace on this planet, people dropping arms, hugging each other and forming a big huge community
  • That the vibration of the planet and humanity reach a really lovely level where everyone has what they need. Everyone can do what they love.
  • As Goddess wants peace and love, always forever, eternal love. Victorious love forever and eternal love
  • An end to the down side of duality and prejudice

  • Abundance and prosperity around the Earth
  • Claiming ones sovereignty and power as a human being, being free from external/governmental control
  • Global unity consciousness, and increasing intelligence and awareness of the human evolutionary process with the Divine Feminine
  • Envisioning America particularly, growing beyond the challenges we are having right now, and envisioning all of us leading the world towards peace, sustainability, clean food and water, joyous health and joyous prosperity. Merging spiritually, and showing the wisdom we all have, men and women alike.
  • To belong to Love and go where Love moves me. To raise the consciousness of humanity through the female energy fields I work with.
  • We all start to reach out to each other, to our neighbours, and through that connection/contact we make a change in the hearts of everyone. So that we can feel we are where we belong, and recognise each other’s true worth.

  • The Light is Victorious in a world where freedom reigns and all people are free. Our food, water and air is clean and healthy. We are free to pursue our missions and have the freedom to think and feel our own thoughts, without manipulation.
  • To live more co-operatively, instead of with competition
  • Being the very best I can be, healing from the top of my head to my toes, to every cell in my body, so that I can be the best to assist our planet – and in our transformation into unity and healing of all beings on our planet and elsewhere. So that we become one with our brothers and sisters.
  • To live in a magical, joyous world, where all wishes are granted

We then had a discussion on manifestation techniques, and finished with a guided group meditation where all the above intentions were visualised together. There was a very loving, supportive and powerful energy present.

I would like to thank all participants for attending and making this happen.

“Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

 Albert Einstein

An audio recording will not be posted as we did not notify participants beforehand.

The next Web Conference held will be on Energy Healing, where Healers and those healed will be invited to share.

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