A NEW, PARADIGM-SHIFTING FREE DOCUMENTARY that can literally transform your entire reality in just 3 hours!  Awake-umentary “Deconstructing Sentience:  From Chaos to Coherence” brings to life the forgotten power of healing through feeling…for yourself, humanity & the planet! 
As we find ourselves at the precipice of a self-induced global emotional emergency, the need navigate our way through these turbulent times is at an all-time high.   Maybe our feeling mechanism, our capacity to be self-aware, consciously sentient beings, is the bio-encoded, built-in GPS we’ve been looking for as a Guiding Light.
Not a moment too late, this activating documentary deconstructs pseudo-separation, escapism, programming, nihilism, epigenetics & the emotional system to uncover the multi-layered facets of conscious connection as the antidote to self-destruction.
Using her personal journey overcoming addiction as the microcosm, Writer/Director/Producer Kristin Gillespie takes you on an epic journey beyond the macro that has the power to transcend humanity’s shadow for a Heaven on Earth for us all! This unprecedented marriage of science, spirituality & intuition is a true portal to collective healing…. Look no further than “Deconstructing Sentience: From Chaos to Coherence,” starring the world’s leading pioneers of SENTIENCE, to usher you through  this tectonic shift in consciousness.
Antonio Damasio – https://www.antoniodamasio.com
Bruce H. Lipton, PhD – https://www.brucelipton.com
Dr. Celestine Star, DD – https://www.celestinestar.com
Dawson Church, PhD – https://www.EFTuniverse.com
Elaine Griffiths – https://www.themonastery.co.uk
Her Grace the Duchess of Rutland, Emma Rutland – https://www.belvoircastle.com
Francis Xavier Aloisio – https://www.maltatemplejourneys.com
Gavin Andrews – www.heartmath.co.uk – www.weaddheart.com
James Malins – www.jamesmalinsofficial.com
Jovanny Varela Ferreyra – https://theartidote.org
June-Elleni Laine – https://www.june-elleni.com
Katherine Peil Kauffman – https://www.emotionalsentience.com
Lynne McTaggart – https://lynnemctaggart.com
Peter Granger – https://www.heartbond.co.uk
Dr. Richard Miller, PhD – https://www.irest.org
Dr. Rollin McCraty, PhD – https://www.heartmath.org/about-us/re…
Dr. Rudy Schild – www.rudyschild.com
Dr. Sue Morter – https://drsuemorter.com
Suzi von Mensenkampff – https://www.wakeuplittlesuzi.com

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