Prepare for Change Needs Your Help – Newsletter Update March 18, 2016

The “Prepare For Change” website is a group of dedicated volunteers working for free for the greater good of humanity. We are driven by higher spiritual guidance and have made great strides over the the past few years. A new layout and design has been implemented, substantially increased the amount of original content, provided translations … Read more

The PrepareForChange Newsletter June 15th, 2014

Dear PFC Family, We have some very good updates and good news for all of you. We do now have the new “Worldwide Facebook Network Page” up and ready for you all to add your PFC and cobra inspired Facebook Pages to our links page! This page will need your help so please do … Read more

Prepare For Change Newsletter June 9th, 2014

Dear PFC Family, There have finally been some long promised changes made to PFC website with some of the promised new pages finished and others on the way. I have now stepped down from being the main liaison from the PFC council for our website administrator Charles. I do this so I can focus on … Read more

PFC Email Newsletter – Leadership / Event Support Group

Dear PFC Family, Please be aware that our email blast software program called Awebber. The only problem we have now noticed is that the E-mail blast that you have signed up for may not show up on your regular e-mail list. Depending on your e-mail host, you may even find our e-mail newsletter in your … Read more