5 Elements Practice ~ from Untwine

Connecting with the 5 elements is a very efficient and powerful practice that can help us to stay healthy, balanced and centered, especially as the Galactic waves arrive to us. The idea here is to connect at least a little bit to each of the 5 elements, ideally on a daily basis. Here are a … Read more

Protect water

FRACKING COMPANY SHILLS ON A NEBRASKA OIL AND GAS COMMISSION SAY THEY'D DRINK FRACKING WASTEWATER — UNTIL A MAN POURS IT FOR THEMA meeting between a community group with the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission for public comment on a proposal to allow TEN THOUSAND BARRELS (EIGHTY TRUCKLOADS) PER DAY of wastewater from fracking … Read more

Water Droplet Orbiting a Needle in Microgravity – NASA Zero Gravity

Expedition 30 astronaut Don Pettit uses knitting needles and water droplets to demonstrate physics in space through ‘Science off the Sphere.’ This is part of the first video in a series for a partnership between NASA and the American Physical Society to share unique videos from the International Space Station with students, educators and science … Read more