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FRACKING COMPANY SHILLS ON A NEBRASKA OIL AND GAS COMMISSION SAY THEY'D DRINK FRACKING WASTEWATER — UNTIL A MAN POURS IT FOR THEMA meeting between a community group with the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission for public comment on a proposal to allow TEN THOUSAND BARRELS (EIGHTY TRUCKLOADS) PER DAY of wastewater from fracking in Colorado and Wyoming to be dumped in Nebraska. An injection well would be drilled in Nebraska, down through the Ogallala Aquifer and toxic wastewater would be pumped into a geological layer under the largest and most important aquifer in the center of the USA. We all have good work ahead to prevent the masses from being deceived into permitting greed among the influential to poison all life on earth. .Petition to protect the aquifer against this proposal: above clip begins almost ten minutes into Part I of the meeting, below. Some viewers have reported that the videos may occasionally get stuck while playing. If that occurs, solutions are to move the video back a few seconds or to reload the page. I — II — — — — — — — courtesy of BoldNebraska

Posted by Healthy and Wise: Issues and Solutions on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I understand that ley lines are also being destroyed by fracking. . . or attempting to be destroyed.

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