THE PLAN To Destroy The United States


Published on Feb 15, 2016

Following is a video of a purported WRITTEN PLAN to destroy the United Sates that is currently being implemented by the Obama Regime and the United Nations. The poster of this video has said that he works for the Lucis Trust, a foundation supporting Lucifarianism. Mount’s job is to tell us all what they have planned, so they can say “we told you, and you didn’t say anything then!” On PFC we are saying something, but to do it we must share what we are responding to and show everyone what is happening and why.

13 thoughts on “THE PLAN To Destroy The United States

  1. The bible is instrumental in shaping our intent. If enough of us believe in something, it will usually come to pass. This document, as well as movies, mainstream media, etc., are always using this method of intent manipulation. We should not fall for this trick—keep positive, it will piss them off!

  2. Dane ,
    caveats are definitely needed here. He does not work with Lucius Trust as he is saying these ideas come from the Lucius Trust. As one of the main founders of this group aI find this video is inaccurate in that it said to be the plan of Alice Bailey and the theosophical society. This is incorrect and I challenge anyone to show my evidence that Alice Bailey and the teosophical society had anything to do with this agenda as the video insinuates.
    This part of the video is completely false.
    The other parts of the plan are nothing new and are definitely part of the NWO. The avatars of truth including Yeshua the Christ are real sacred and true messengers of light and love. The NWO wants to destroy GOD and skew the messages of the messengers of god and remove the creator from the re reality in peoples distorted minds.
    It does not matter it cannot be done and one video or one post will not make it so. Christ has never left and continues to be involved on earth and in what the bible terms heaven . He will return to the world of man is the head of the entire program to end the quaratine. As the avatar he will be vert very involved in the healing of this world and this promise is soon to be experienced and revealed as well as the true universal laws of god to the outer world of men.
    No need to argue about it I can promise you this day will come very soon. It is not about the cults of disinformation or lies of churches or mans ideas it is about the return of the spirit of truth.
    Many have no idea bout the completely erroneous thinking of the materialist.
    This like all video must be looked at with discernment.
    sorry to see such a video here exacerbating fear not the intent of this site in the beginning. I would like to see more original well thought out content from the “leaders” here instead of being just another repost site!
    There is original content here but it is very much in the minority or the content posted here. Rise up PFC and be the change you want the world to be.
    No disclaimer to the info no evidence of the Alice Bailey link just blindly posted here.
    Rob Potter
    Former leader of The Planetary Leadership Group
    Primary Visionary of This Group 4 months before Conference was announced!
    The above is fact it will come with the usual attacks of big ego blah blah blah
    Many have contributed to this and it is clearly now a world wie group effort. This website is based on several conversations I had with with Cobra in thailand. We wanted to create an Event based site with the world wide input of Hope Girls fix the World Project as a model. There have been many who have worked here with lots of love and lots of love in their hearts and world wide contributions from many many people. this is acknowledge and respected and clearly known by all. I do not take credit for others work however. The vision I had for this group was a well intended the intent is to provide a positive platform for the world to contribute positive planetary healing and prepare for change. No fear these agendas are exposed and I would expect an article with answers and ideas to peacefully defuse this agenda? The attributing this to Alice Bailey is a lie and a slander.

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