FDIC Insured? Is that good? Why public banking?

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Solutions in banking.

Send me your solutions.

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Prepare For Change Event Support Groups Send Us Your Pictures

Dear PFC, Here is a Florida PFC Meet up Group from  Orlando Florida hosted by Carolyn McComber. Thank You Team Orlando We are calling out to our world wide membership to share their group photos with us if you are interested send them to “contact a leader” / Rob Potter link on this site. V Y’all Rob


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HADO: Incorporating Healing With Water Into Your Lifestyle

De L’Eau

You are mostly water.

It is in your body fluids and inside of every cell.

Your choices on water affect your well-being more than you might realize.

The goal is to have a good source of water in your day that has the least chemicals from the packaging, the most purity with only healthy minerals, an alkaline pH (for most people, but not all–in kidney disease especially look that one up), and Very High Vibration from Nature.
Here are some options, and at the end we will give two brief tips on things you can do NOW, without buying a thing, to make what you are drinking more healing for you. More here http://reikidoc.blogspot.com/2014/03/de-leau.html

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Kirlian Photography & Alternative Medicine

March 7, 2014 | By WakingTimes | 1 Reply

Posted by Alexandra Meadors

WIKI - Lotus_KirlianDeborah Lindholm, MACP, Guest
Waking Times

Kirlian photography has a well-established diagnostic purpose in the field of alternative and Eastern medicine. The images produced have a profound effect on the ability to heal. Let’s take a look at what Kirlian photography is and how it can be used to heal.

What is Kirlian Photography?

Discovered accidentally by Semyon Kirlian in 1939, Kirlian learned that when an object was placed on a photographic plate and connected to an electrical source, a radiant image created by an electrical field around the edges of the object showed up.

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The History of An Important Part of The Resistance Movement Within Our White Hat Community

Dear PFC, The article below is good for giving a background into some of the good guys who have been trying to stop the treasonous activities of the Bush Nazi Family Crime Syndicate. You will see their efforts and organizations efforts to curb illegal wars and drug running for profit by the controllers of US policy. This article reveals that the ongoing strife in the Ukraine is a US based destabilization plot in conduction with Zionist interests to create endless war for profit. They hope that by inculcating fear and terrorizing the world that they can create an ever more restrictive police state to enrich themselves as they rape pillage and plunder nature and their fellowman. The time is now we must top this insanity that WE HAVE ALLOWED BY OUR SILENCE!

Victory to the Light

Rob Potter


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Plasma Technology Turns Trash Into Energy

Huge Cigar UFO Filmed Flying Over Ukraine!

Measuring Consciousness Levels (Dr. Hawkins)

posted by Alexandra Meadors –

2 12 2009

Source: SpeedofLightFilms.com

Consciousness has been defined loosely as a constellation of attributes of mind such as subjectivity, self-awareness, sentience, and the ability to perceive a relationship between oneself and one’s environment.

The progress toward the attainment of higher consciousness can be derived through the research of David Hawkins, in Power vs. Force, through a concept he calls ‘consciousness frequencies’. The consciousness frequency of humanity underwent a major shift around the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, and again surrounding the events of September 11, 2001.

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Daily/Weekly News

Dear PFC,

I am going to try and provide some relevant information on a daily or weekly basis. I make no claim to the accurracy of these stories as these have all come from the public domain on the internet. I personally feel there is more truth in some these postings than you will find on MSM media, however you must come to your conclusions.

This information presented is not to incite fear or anger or revenge or any negative thinking in your minds. I intend these links to provoke awareness and critical thinking toward our planets problems at this time. This site does not endorse or promote any political agenda or viewpoint of any of these sources nor the articles themselves. We do  promote non violent postive changes in our world through self realization, community outreach education and service. We also hope to support the lawful arrest of criminals in the worlds banking and political infrastructure during the EVENT.

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From: Cobra Resistance


=&0=& Rob,

Please post this on PFC NOW, TIME SENSITIVE, URGENT:


V Cobra

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