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Letters to the Resistance Movement

All readers of the Prepare for Change website are invited to communicate with the Resistance Movement. After discussing this with Cobra we have discovered that members of the RM desire more information from us, the surface population of Earth.

Cobra has passed this information to us:

(PFC0517)  Lynn  – Cobra, is the RM the ones that give you feed-back on our meditations, you know the strength of it and the numbers.

COBRA – Yes, yes.  (OK)

Lynn  – Are we as surface humans  able to communicate with them telepathically.

COBRA – It is possible.  It has happened in a few instances but it’s not very common and very few people from the surface have enough awareness of the RM to hear that telepathic contact.

Lynn  – Would it be useful to show them certain situations we are experiencing. 

COBRA – Yes. It is sometimes not simple for them to understand their reactions of the surface population because they are simply, I would say psychologically quite different and if you explain to them a little bit more, even telepathically or in writing you can even post an article on your blog and address it to them, that would be a great idea. (wow, that’s a great idea.  Thank you Cobra.) (PFC0517)

In order to facilitate this for all people and make it easy for both us and the RM, we are using this page with its comment section for this purpose. The idea is simple, go to the bottom of the page and use the comment box to share your feelings about the situation on Earth.

So please ask your questions or make your comment with your Letter to the Resistance in the comments below.

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  • Dear Resistance Movement, Thank you for giving us a chance to express our gratitude for what you are doing. I am thankful for what you are doing to help us. Let me tell you a story. In 2014, a young boy of fourteen years begins his journey to awakening. He becomes fascinated with the occult. For hours a day, he researches many occult topics. Eventually, he encounters a sect of Spiritual Satanism that catches his fancy. They promise him power and glory. For months he follows them, learning their ways, until he witnesses their blatant anti-semitism. He leaves them, but his curiosity does not falter. He discovers Aquarianism, which worships the Annunaki. Since they were similar to the past Satanic sect he encountered, he approaches the subject cautiously. He finds they are more agreeable, but cannot quite accept their beliefs. It is a year after the beginning of his journey that he discovers Corey Goode. Goode's message resonates with the boy, and he looks through all of Goode's articles. As far fetched as the story is, the boy feels like he can believe it. Soon after, he discovers COBRA and his message. This message also resonates strongly with the boy. The boy begins daily meditation and reflection, and becomes a much brighter and happier person than he was before beginning his journey. Three years have passed since the boy started his journey. He is now seventeen years old, has graduated high school, and is preparing to go to college. To this day, he still reads Goode's and COBRA's articles. However, he is not the same as he was before. Where he had total faith that the Event would come when it was time, now he has doubts. He has neglected his spiritual duties, and as a result the wait has eroded his will. Almost every night he cries, fearing that the new world he is preparing for will never come. He tries to hold on to his hope, but it gets harder with each passing day. Each week. Each month. He knows that there are others that have waited longer, that he is being selfish and impatient. That makes him feel worse. He hopes for tangible progress, but knows that hit will get none until the time is right. But when is the time right? When his will is broken away? When he finally becomes a slave to the system? When he finally decides that it isn't worth the trouble, and gives up hope entirely? Why? Why? Why do I have to feel like this? I try to have faith, but nothing has come of it. I only hope that I can hold on to the last vestiges of it, until it is time. Thank you for listening. It actually kind of helped to get that out there. That is how I feel about how things are going. I will do everything I can to stand strong. I only wish I could do more.

  • Thank you RM, for your service to mankind. The Elected and highly overpaid Congress and the other knuckle heads that run the World Have pretty much run out of everything they can wreck. Fresh Water, Oceans,Air,GEO Enggineering Fake and overpriced Health Care, GMO Food Corruption.Clinton foundation. The Economy ect. ect. We could use some help. A Ufo air show would be cool. I love anything that can Fly Just a bit of humor to end my little Rant. Thank you all jpmiller

  • Hé! Bonne nouvelle, cette intercommunication! Ce que je trouve le plus difficile est le détournement des intentions par oblitération (peu importe le moyen utilisé): ça demande un effort de concentration accru ainsi que des supports sensitifs mnémoniques pour parvenir à maintenir le cap de destination. C'est d'ailleurs pour cette raison que je «pète les plombs» car là réside l'injustice à mon avis. L'humain est paré à ses capacités latentes; son système nerveux est seulement bombardé donc il ne peut être totalement efficace dû à la surstimulation endocrinienne. Je suis écœurée de tout cet abus, il est temps que ça arrête. Nous sommes patients mais il y a des limites à la tolérance. Je maintiens cependant ma position de paixière et suis convaincue que nous sommes une espèce formidable capable de très grands accomplissements. Gratitude, amour, gratitude. (H2O!)

  • Dear sisters and brothers of RM. first i will start by saying thank you to Cobra for introducing me to you through his work that there is someone like you out there helping humanity. for all my life i have this question what is going on on this world? and searched to find answer by reading books but i could not find the answer i was looking for until i found Cobra's blog. now thanks to Cobra i start understanding what is going on some how. this is my request please help us, to free ourselves from this out of control place, please help us in my life i have seen many bad things happen to humanity simply put if i were asked today what do i want right now, i will say this i call to end war, i call no more hunger on this planet, i call for equality, i call for world peace, i call for free earth, i call for free humanity, i call to end killings, i call for all beings to drop their killing machine gun at once, i call all people in the leader position to start telling the truth, i call to end human suffering, i call for all beings to be free, i call all criminals to serve their time or to be removed, thank you Cobra, thank you RM. for being there, thank you all the people who is working hard to end the crimes that is being done to humanity, to all of us. thank you Victory Of The Light.

  • Hello Cobra & Resistance Movement Members, My name is Marilyn & without going into too much emotion, I would like to say how grateful I am for all you are doing to free the earth planet. I would love to be able to do something to assist with what you are doing besides meditation. I am more than willing to assist in any way I can. I try to inform as many people as I can about the truth & the upcoming Event although most people just don't want to believe it. I send out information to every person I know & ask them to pass it on. If there is a way, I wish you could let us know what we could do individually to facilitate the Event to happen sooner rather than later. Many of us including myself are suffering considerably with health issues & would give anything to be healthy & feel good. I have 6 autoimmune diseases that cause considerable pain & depression & I know there are millions out there who also suffer. While we know you are not here to "save us" but instead to help us, could you give us some suggestions of other things we can personally do to assist in our liberation. Many of us are ready & willing but do not know what we can do. I wish you love, light, peace & safety in your journey to assist humanity. Thank you for listening, Marilyn

  • My dear galactic brothers and sisters of the RM, This is short and simple. The pain and suffering of all living beings on this planet hurts me so much that I sometimes cry. Why? Because I know what pain is, I've experienced pain myself, and in short, never want a single being to feel it again. Thank you all for your assistance. It is humbling. I will continue to hold the light as best I can.

  • Dear RM, thank you so much for your love and protection. As a soul, searching for truth, I soon realized the immense obstacles in the way of mankind. People of the Earth got the potential to create a wonderful world around them. To do so, most humans need to feel safe und secure from a psychological view. So first of all we need hope and positive perspectives, to face the changes we are in. Spiritual Wisdom seems too far away for most of the every-day-people. But I see a great chance for change if we can reach those people, which are not familar with meditation ect. and show them ways to come and work together in a creative and peaceful way - no matter if they know something about spirituality or not. So many people want to help and need good ideas to work together. To build a smart-net of creative cooperation would help us all in a multiple way. Best wishes Markus

  • Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Galactic Federation, I am what our Bible calls a "doubting Thomas"-- which means that I am not so quick to believe a story without observable proof. The reason that I am listening to Cobra is because his style and language is similar to my Buddhist teacher with whom I studied for many years. I am an old woman now and just now i am able to appreciate the auspicious coincidence of my precious guru escaping from Tibet and arriving in my town to teach students whose minds were ripe for taming. And now I am ready to meet with you face-to-face and ask for your teachings on how to live more gently upon the earth. I very much appreciate your wish to assist all sentient beings in this time of great deception. Thank you. Irene

  • Since everyone is leaving their names here, I will tell you, my name is Paul. I hope all of this is enough to be able to establish contact. All of your efforts in liberating humanity are much appreciated. Thank you once again.