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In addition, you can  organize Local Event Support and Sisterhood of the Rose groups, There are several other ways to participate on this drop down menu that you should consider:

  • Global Social Media such as Facebook have many Prepare for Change groups with which you can connect. You can use them to help connect with others in your area.  The page offers a list of Prepare for Change Facebook groups from all over the world, as well as a link to a PFC Database of ES Group,  and others too.  A new type of social media that is nice is the Community Connector which is growing all over the world.  Check it out!
  • Please join us in the Weekly Liberation Meditation, it is our most important contribution to world peace!
  • Find some inspiration to get prepared with these Basic Practical Steps to Prepare for the Event
  • You can Submit a Post you have written, either anonymously or with your byline . Read the instructions and protocols for submissions to be sure you can publish it here.
  • Download the “Community Leaders Brief” document and share it with your friends and neighbours and be prepared to give it to community leaders at the time of the Event.
  • You can send a message to a leader on the About Us page to express your opinion or point out issues of which we should be aware. This can be done anonymously as well.
  • Sign up as a Language Translator to help make this website available to people all over the world.
  • Angel Eyes Healing Wish List Form and Instructions are here and the Angel Eyes Healing Wish List is on this page.
  • Prepare for Change Radio Show has a Nomination form you ca use to suggest interview guests, so if you would like to hear from someone in particular, please fill out the form!

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Thank you for taking the time to participate!

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25 thoughts on “Participate

  1. FYI: For those seeking translations, I found a Website with a free translator that works pretty well as long as you have some notion of which language you need it to translate from. If you’re not sure, you can just plug in the text and try a couple until you hit the right one. For example, as a test, I plugged that Chinese post above into the translator and selected “Chinese (Traditional),” but it did not fully translate, so I changed my selection to “Chinese (Simplified),” and that translation essentially matches the translation traceycooke posted on this site.

    Not all Earth languages can be translated at that site, but quite a few can. Here’s the link:

    Love and big hugs!

    ~ Lauren 😉

  2. A anos esperamos por mudanças,por isso estou disposto a participar e também poder ajudar meus irmão.
    Já chega de sermos escravizados pela cabala escura esta na hora das mudanças,sem violência e sem medo,sempre com AMOR e pelo AMOR.
    Peçamos ao mestre Jesus que nos ajude a sermos um ser humano Manso e humilde como ele foi quando estava aqui entre nós na terra.

    • Traducido al Inglés Tomaz: “The years hope for change, so I am willing to participate and also be able to help my brother.
      Enough of being enslaved by the dark cabal in this time of change, without violence and without fear, always with LOVE and the LOVE.
      Let us ask the Master Jesus to help us to be a human being meek and humble as he was when he was here with us on earth.”

  3. Hi fellow humans,mutants,light warriors and light-workers,as well the Star seeds,Extraterrestrial and Intra-terrestrial giving FREEDOM to SUFFERING HUMANITY. Just 20 DAYS ago,I could not walk properly due to Diabetes -Metabolic Syndrome,Chronic Pain Syndrome 8-9 / 10 in the scale of pain;on =off blindness.Ihad a real limited mobility,hauling my body’s weight of 420 pounds. I have been enduring a life of pain and misery since 1997, which got worse since 2004. I also been fighting evil in its different featuring as a light warrior since age of 14 years old. I been fighting dark forces in third,fourth and fifth dimension,here on EARTH AS WELL YONDER AND BEYOND OUR SOLAR SYSTEM. In 1998 I started special sacred ritual and meditation-prayers ,asking for help,begging help not only for me ;but also, for the suffering humanity. I always managed to get the appropriated feedback from the ASCENDED MASTERS,DIFFERENT LOGOS,MY INNER FATHER-MOTHER ;EVEN HELP from our brothers from ANDROMEDA,PLEIADES ARCTURIANS ,ETC.ETC.ETC. 20 DAYS AGO TODAY,I got a very special help from the BROTHERS UP-STAIRS.The help came in person to person fashion;a face to face contact in my house’s living room here in LONDON Ont.I was medicate with a green-blueish-violet shot on my left arm ;it was hot,a very bright substance, liquid energy,photons…whatever it was is working and taking me back in shape very fast. Suddenly I LOST THREE INCHES FIRST TWO WEEK. No more insulin needed now – I used to take 300 -400 units of NOVO-RAPID /DAY;plus,80 units of LANTUS /DAY. I stop taking LIPITOR,PROZAC,ATENOLOL as well . Regarding pain killers like :TRAMACET, CELEBREX;also, those guys has been reduced at its minimal dose.Hope get rid of them completely by the end of this very month of JANUARY /2015. Here by ,I do express my sincere thanks to them,to my brothers from up-stairs . Next thing I want to share is my concern regarding the “how to create an event support group” button,cause I can not figure out it. Thanks so much. VICTORY OF THE LIGHT IS ALREADY HERE AMONG US !!! Dr. ELZERETTONE OTTOLINA LACAVALERIE,M.D.

    • Hi Elzerettone,

      I’m so happy for the progress you are making! Please check out Dr. Joel Wallach, DVM, ND. He has several videos on YouTube. There are natural solutions to many or most of the problems that plague humanity. We have not had direct access to these due to our world situation. It is now time to get as many people as possible oriented to finding solutions for their medical problems in nature instead of pharmacies.

      We would love to have your participation in a Prepare For Change group in your state. There is one in Ontario, Canada. Go to:
      Under the heading “Participate” in the drop down menu see “Worldwide Facebook Network”
      When you scroll down the page you will see: Prepare For Change – Ontario and Prepare For Change – Québec. I hope that one of these two groups are close to your location. If not create one in your area.
      Guidelines for conducting a group are also given.

      Never give up…..keep your light shining brightly!

      Blessings & love,
      Angel Eyes ~**~

  4. Every day, centred in love and light, meditate for love, light and peace on this world. There are millions of us meditating throughout this world, no need for a group, just join in, your intentions to connect to others that have the same goals are instant, including the wondrous beings above us now.

    Right now, today, meditate/pray for protection for self, family and all life on this planet. Connect to Source, radiate the love and light you are. Every one of us can make a change, start yours today. Do not wait for others to do it for you, be part of the change we all pray for.

  5. Hi, new to this site, have noticed that there are posts regarding joining the Illuminati along with testimonies. Asking if this site is connected to the Illuminati in any way.

    Thanks for your reply

  6. Eu sei que posso fazer pouco , mas o pouco que posso será suficiente .

    Algum brasileiro por aqui ?
    I know I can do little, but the little that can be enough.

    Some Brazilian here?

  7. Spero che il bene e l’amore trionfino il prima possibile ovviamente con tutta la grazia che è la loro virtù e con meno traumi possibili.
    Resto in attesa di consigli su come poter aiutare.
    Ricordate che l’amore è l’energia più potente nell’universo!!!

  8. Acabei de me inscrever, e estou muito feliz em fazer parte desse grupo. Não me inscrevi em nenhum grupo especial, no entanto estou disponível para ajudar. Aguardo notícias! Paz e Bem!

  9. I Travel for a living, taking temp job assignments. I will be in the US, but have no idea where, so I will just need to find meet up groups as I relocate.

  10. Hi guys,

    Just a little info to be organized after the different events. I did not sign up to an event support group (not possible – however met the leaders from Paris) but I’ve been preparing hundred of people in Paris and around giving conferences about what’s coming.

    Therefore, regarding Paris and areas around, do not hesitate to contact me to be organized. A lot of people will contact me to ask what to do next.

    As many of us, I’ve been prepared all my life for what’s coming and let you know that we are many people working behind the scene as you can imagine.

    Thank you so much for all your effort, and as say Cobra, Victory is near !


  11. Olá amigos;assim como muitos estou ansioso para vivenciar este momento único para toda humanidade;Espero dar minha parcela de contribuição para a vitória da luz!!!
    Um forte abraço a todos!Que Deus abençoe a todos nós.

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