What is Compression Breakthrough – The Event? Part Two of Two

Becoming True Sovereign Beings

New insights come as we move forward in our attempt to learn to love unconditionally. Some of these insights are hard to digest when we come to a realisation that we have been holding onto some negative way of being/thinking, but have been absolutely unaware of it due to it being a normal way of existing / surviving as children. I personally learned that the only way to survive was to keep quiet about all feelings, be helpful at all times and even more so when being unjustly blamed for things/incidents that occurred. This led to my thinking negatively about the person in question and never daring to express those feelings for risk of more punishment. The consequence of this is that when people seem to be expressing unusually strong emotional reactions to something my emotional body is recalling these earlier situations and the negative thought reactions like “this person is stupid, or this person is crazy, or this person is unpredictable, or this person needs therapy” and so on. I recall the name of a book with the title ‘you can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought’ and by golly is this a tall order to follow.  However, this ‘tall order’, this ideal of being, is exactly where we are heading. Cobra was once asked how we should control our thoughts. I recall him saying that we should not control our thoughts, we have to allow them. However, when we become aware that we are sometimes thinking negatively about someone close to us while never expressing this openly we must realise that these thoughts are felt by the other person on some level and will infect the relationship until we change those thoughts by communicating in a better way with the person in question.

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Cobra / Prepare for Change: November Interview

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NOTE: The Prepare for Change Interviews are fully vetted and approved by Cobra,
which is not generally true of others which do not submit their transcripts to him.
For this reason we have the PFC Interviews listed separately.

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Just Some Cobra Basics in a Recap


All of the information in this recap is easily found on Cobra’s updates and interviews, however,  as there seems to be no end to the confusion surrounding the information pertaining to the shift of the global financial system about to happen ‘at any moment’ and The Event, I have decided to attempt to bring some more clarity to this confusion by repeating information from Cobra that he has already informed us about at least 25-30 times without any exaggeration whatsoever. Do not assume that I am complaining about the questions posed to Cobra on the recent PFC monthly interview, as I believe that this interview had some very important basic questions necessary for everyone who follows Cobra to understand that many newcomers needed clarity in and it has succeeded in laying to rest once and for all? the necessity for these questions to be asked again. If newcomers proceed to ask these questions they should be referred to this September 2016 interview. If you are a regular follower of Cobra, then all of this will be very familiar to you already. It may seem like repetition however I feel that this repetition seems to be necessary as people seem to forget the information provided by Cobra from one week to another.

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Cobra / Prepare for Change: September Interview

mierebeamship6See also: 08-31-16 Cobra Interview     07-29-16 Cobra Interview     o6-20-16 Cobra Interview    05-26-16 Cobra Interview   05-03-16 Cobra Interview   3-2016 Cobra Interview   10 – 2015 Cobra Interview     8 – 2015  Cobra Interview    2 –  2015 Cobra Interview

NOTE: The Prepare for Change Interviews are fully vetted and approved by Cobra,
which is not generally true of others which do not submit their transcripts to him.
For this reason we have the PFC Interviews listed separately.

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Situation Update ~ Cobra ~ 08.17.2016

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Since mid-July, the concentration of toplet plasma bombs has fallen below a certain threshold which allows cracks in the Veil to appear. This means that plasma free of primary anomaly began to appear on the surface of the planet. This allows clearer vertical energetic communication with non-physical spiritual guides that will begin to contact the awakened part of humanity more and more.

Also, as the new cycle began in July, various positive Agartha groups have begun preparations for physical contact with the surface population. These preparations include some exact protocols which I will gradually release through my blog to the surface population.

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Terms Of Surrender ~ Cobra Update 07.14.2016 ~

There are Cabal surrender negotiations taking place behind the scenes, and the general population has a right to know what is going on and to communicate their perspective. So here I am putting the terms of surrender for public review and discussion.

The Rockefeller faction will most likely fight until their bitter end, but the rest of the Cabal will surrender when it gets unsafe enough for them. Many positive factions are getting increasingly impatient and increasingly capable of removing the Cabal from the planet.

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Event Situation Update ~ Cobra Update ~ 8th May 2016

NROLRumors have been circulating across the blogospehere lately that the Event / Reset / RV / Restoration of the Republic has begun or is already happening. Those rumors are NOT based on reality and the situation is still business as usual:


Some people even claimed that I have said on the recent Ascension Conference that the Event has already begun. I have NEVER said that. Notes from that Ascension Conference that were published recently on several blogs are just about 70-80 % reliable, much intel is missing and none of the amazing energies from the conference are present, so it is much better for anyone interested to visit an Ascension Conference themselves, the first one coming in the beginning of June:

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China Launches Yuan Gold Fix To “Exert More Control Over Price Of Gold”

Overnight a historic event took place when China, the world’s top gold consumer, launched a yuan-denominated gold benchmark as had been previewed here previously, in what Reuters dubbed “an ambitious step to exert more control over the pricing of the metal and boost its influence in the global bullion market.” Considering the now officially-confirmed rigging of the gold and silver fix courtesy of last week’s Deutsche Bank settlement, this is hardly bad news and may finally lead to some rigging cartel and central bank-free price discovery. Or it may not, because China would enjoy nothing more than continuing to accumulate gold at lower prices.

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Q&A – What Is Really Going On In The US Economy?

This is a series of implied questions submitted by Shay Cassadaga.  I believed this to be quite relevant and important, but that it would be difficult for Cobra to answer in an interview. Hence, I took a stab at it myself.  She liked my response, and agreed for me to publish the Q&A on Prepare For Change.

Shay:  Can you speak to what is really going on in the US economy?  My church, which is comprised of a small group of 30 people,  has invested heavily in stocks and bonds. Our stockbroker says the economy will improve and to just sit tight. I’m afraid these trusting folks are going to lose everything but I’m the only one at the table advising against investing this way.  In fact they just look at me like I am from another planet when I start these discussions… and when you think about it, perhaps I am.

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Jim Willie: Onset of Return to the Gold Standard Is UPON US!

In the latest MUST READ Hat Trick Letter, Jim Willie reveals The onset of the return of the Gold Standard to trade, banking, and currencies is upon us…


  • Chinese tested successfully new financial platform for banking functions
  • China has wrested control of the Federal Reserve and Intl Monetary Fund
  • US banks are suspending proper accounting for energy firms
  • USDollar shortage goes global, in massive ongoing margin call
  • Russia & China no longer use USD in oil trade
  • Emerging Market debt implosion near
  • US pension funds begin to implode
  • energy sector implosion against Petro-Dollar demise background
  • systemic Lehman event is near for Western banking system
  • Deutsche Bank implosion as fuse for Western bank contagion
  • BRICS nations face debt threat


  • Pope met Orthodox Patriarch, Satanism of Western bankers confronted
  • new pact with cabal membership has 90% confirmations, all except helms
  • US Pentagon troops enter hot war with Langley mercenary troops (WARNING)
  • seven bowls poured upon the earth, as Agenda-21 in full swing
  • ISIS exposed as US-UK-Israeli tool
  • Bush-Saudi narcotics connection cut
  • US leads Saudi down garden path, to expunge $3 to $5 trillion in debt
  • US leads Turkey down garden path, as NATO will not rescue Ankara
  • no major nations pay much attention to the USGovt decrees anymore
  • the US-led trade unions might have signatories, but they will die on the vine
  • Russian Military key supremacy displayed
  • Germany, France, and England support Russian Military efforts in Syrian front
  • German industry objects to Russian sanctions, offers resistance to Chancellor Merkel
  • European nations sidestep Russian sanctions gradually
  • China accelerates its purchase of Russian farmland in Far East
  • Costa Rica has no chemtrails in the sky, but Panama does
  • Australian property targeted by Chinese in massive wave
  • Russia blocks GMO food and related US imports
  • Hungary just says “NO” to Arab immigration


  • Hillary treason in Benghazi exposed, soon possibly confronted
  • Clinton Foundation influence peddling exposed
  • US presidential election is largely a contest of fascists and midgets
  • roadway billboard monitors of cell phone user activity and movement
  • cancer cure has been publicized & murder of their discoverers also
  • US sports events in military display (see Super Bowl 2013, see Summer Olympics 2012)


  • Iran enters the global economy and joins the Eurasian Trade Zone
  • fascist business model climax in global depression
  • Cuban oil & gas deposit is a few billion barrels worth
  • North Sea oil & gas deposits are almost depleted
  • shipping strike might have USDollar avoidance angle
  • California kill continues with drought, HAARP walls, radiation dumping, CO dumping
  • US free trade zones flourish quietly with Chinese proprietors


  • Shanghai wresting control of gold market with Gold Fix and RMB Gold Futures
  • massive drainage of London gold has been completed, gone East
  • failure of Western central bank concept gaining recognition
  • negative rates are banker cabal last gasp before failure
  • ban on cash is feeble laughable attempt to control money
  • gold refiners finish recast crime on stolen gold
  • silver cycle vanishes
  • Rand Refinery in South Africa triples output during major SA nation gold mine decline


In time, expect an eventual refusal by Eastern manufacturing nations to accept USTreasury Bills in payment for trade. The IMF reversal decision assures this USTBill blockade in time, and might accelerate the timetable. The United States Govt cannot continue on five glaring fronts of gross violations. These violations have prompted the BRICS & Alliance nations to hasten their development of diverse non-USD platforms toward the goal of displacing the USDollar while at the same time take steps toward the return of the Gold Standard. The violations are:

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