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On July 19, 2018, PrepareForChange.net spoke for a sixth time in this series of 2018 interviews with Benjamin Fulford.

Benjamin tells us what Putin and Trump talked about in Helsinki, including security of Europe being provided by Russia and the likely return of Golan Heights to Syria. Benjamin speaks again about the rise of India and the potential of Africa.

Benjamin Fulford continues to work to liberate the planet from the bad guys. He is literally fighting to bring freedom and new life to humanity.

This interview is about 45 minutes long and we hope you enjoy it.

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Transcript: Benjamin Fulford Talks: Helsinki, India and Africa. Interview July 19, 2018 with Prepareforchange.net

A big thanks to Mary and Erica, whose skillful editing helped create this transcript.

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(Meg) Hello everyone from Prepare for Change.net
I am “Meg” coming to you from the USA and here is my interview partner.

(Richard) Hi there! I’m Richard. I’m talking to you from the UK.

Who is Benjamin Fulford?

(Meg) Today at Prepareforchange.net, we are interviewing Benjamin Fulford.

Benjamin’s website is www.benjaminfulford.net.
We would like to introduce Benjamin to our listening audience.

Benjamin is a reporter and investigative journalist. He has been a correspondent for several news organizations in Asia and notably he was the Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes magazine. He left Forbes in 2005, in disgust over their editorial direction and censorship.

Benjamin’s weekly reports are based on information from a broad range of sources including, among others, the Japanese Yakuza crime family; The British intelligence service MI6; the Freemasons; the CIA, the KGB, and the Mossad. Benjamin is actively fighting to rid the earth of the psychopaths currently in charge.

Benjamin’s weekly geo-political news reports provide updates and summaries of the latest events in the on-going secret war for control of planet Earth.

Benjamin’s website at benjaminfulford.net is completely independent and subscriber supported
We’ll make a few announcements and then we’ll get started.

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Okay, so let’s get started.

(Meg) Let’s begin today. It’s July 19, 2018. Hi Benjamin, we’re delighted to have you with us today.

Trump and Putin and the Helsinki Summit

(Benjamin) Thanks for having me on. What would you like to talk about today?

(Meg) Let’s start with the very recent Donald Trump-Vladimir Putin summit in Helsinki, Finland. Just on Monday, 16th of July, you wrote a column and you said that the US and Russia had already reached an agreement about Ukraine, Syria and Israel, according to your sources. Were these things discussed at the summit? What do you know?

(Benjamin) Yeah, I’m pretty sure. The thing is that the American intelligence military community realize that at this point, with Asia rising economically and geopolitically, Westerners should not be fighting amongst each other, but instead should have a united, what they call, a Christian alliance. Russia under Putin is very much a Christian country, unlike the atheist communists. So they’ve been discussing behind the scenes for quite some time. This was a way to start to break this out to the public. People in the corporate propaganda media were freaking out, because it was not part of their paradigm, that they had been fed all these years — that Russia was the bad guy and the Russia hysteria. It just wasn’t part of the plot that they had been living with.

(Benjamin) And I want tor remind people that when Vladimir Putin met with George Bush Senior at his boat in Kennebunkport, Maine, that according to British Intelligence, he proposed to Putin that they have a new Cold War. And that during this fake cold war, Russia would pretend to be allied with China. And the plan was to use this fake Cold War as an excuse to boost military budgets in Japan and NATO and the United States and Russia, and then at the end, Russia, Japan and NATO and everybody would turn on China and pounce on them. This was proposed and the Russians rejected it. But nonetheless, they were going along with that plot, with this Ukranian maneuver, overthrowing an elected government and installing an openly Nazi regime and starting this whole propaganda thing to make Russia, which is a democratic country, appear to be this horrendous dictatorship.

China Approves of Putin-Trump Meeting

(Benjamin) But that whole plot is being unplugged. It is not working. You notice that Chinese editorial welcoming that Russia and the United States are getting along well, because the new plot is, “Let’s all have a friendly, happy planet. Let’s not be cut into big geopolitical blocks trying to kill each other.” And because the plot changed and the ‘Russia as enemy’ thing is no longer the central policy pillar, the people who were part of the old paradigm were freaking out, because it didn’t fit with their world view, that they had been brainwashed into. That’s my understanding of it. And so the agreement, what I heard, was that the real guardians for the security of Western Europe are going to be Russia, except for England.

(Benjamin) And they have also agreed to split the Middle East along the Euphrates River, with the west of it being the Russia sphere of influence and the east of it would be the American sphere of influence. And that is what the reality is on the ground. You’ll see a Debka (debka.com) reporting, this is the Mossad links website, that Russia has been put in charge of security along the Golan border with Syria. That is evidence that this is all happening. I suspect that Israel will be forced to give back the Golan Heights and then have a peace agreement with Syria. That basically ends the isolation of Israel and they’ll be welcomed back as a civilized, peace-loving country, which they are supposed to be. And the final thing will be to stop their ‘seizing land from Palestinians’ business.

Israel Will Become More Civilized

(Benjamin) If you look at it, North Korea is one of the big problems left over. Now the other two big ones — one was created recently, Ukraine, that is being solved. And the final one, the world’s main rogue state, Israel, is being forced to join civilization. And the Chinese and the Russians and everyone was sick and tired of their behavior. They are now being forced to perform. They no longer have this secret control of the United States, as their secret weapon. They have lost it.

(Meg) So do you think this whole Israel issue was discussed during the private 2-hour session, then?

(Benjamin) For sure. They said it in public. They were talking about Syria. We know IS [Islamic State] was the creation of the oil companies and the Israelis, to steal land for a pipeline to export gas and oil to And that project is being dismantled. And they’re going to find another way to share the oil revenue.

(Meg) Now, it happened that Monday July 17 [correction: Tuesday, July 17] was the 100-year anniversary of the slaughter of the Russian Imperial Romanov family. Do you think that the summit was planned to be around that 100-year anniversary? For any reason?

(Benjamin) I’m not sure but a lot of these things don’t happen by coincidence. I did notice that they had a Russian Royal presiding over the opening of a bridge in Crimea. This was reported in the official news agency. There is definitely a big push to restore some kind of monarchy to Russia. I don’t know if a decision has been made but certainly the fact that Orthodox Christianity is now the leading ideological force in Russia and they like to have an emperor or king or czar as a stabilizing symbolic figure — that might happen, but I don’t know. There is a Russian FSB person coming to Japan in the Fall, and I will have a lot better intelligence then. In this day of fake video and eavesdropping, the final safety net is analog face-to-face communications and that is going to happen in the autumn.

(Meg) Wow. Thank you. That was really interesting.

The Trumps Didn’t Bow to the Queen.  But This May Be Insignificant.

(Richard) I suppose Trump and Putin weren’t the only thing that happened recently because prior to that, Trump came to the UK. And it seemed to be quite a small affair in many regards and he spent more time playing golf, as far as I am concerned. But he did have an interesting reception from the Queen at Windsor and didn’t conform to certain royal standards like bowing, or Melania curtsying. Was there any symbolism at that meeting?

(Benjamin) I was told by a Pentagon source that this was, in fact, symbolic of the UK, the Royalty ceding authority to the military industrial complex and the US president. I don’t know — that’s their interpretation. And they said that the reason why Prince William and Harry avoided Trump was to avoid the humiliation of this. But I don’t know if that is true. That is just what an American source told me. That’s how they like to look at it.

(Benjamin) At the end of the day, I think that the British royalty and the monarchy is going to remain. But it’s always been the case that since the UK is a Constitutional Monarchy, the real power is with the politicians actually running day-to-day affairs. So for her to acknowledge that the President of the United States is in charge of day-to-day affairs is not really that big of an issue.

(Benjamin) But what I don’t know and what I would like to know is… I know there is a lot of British involvement in the Fukushima nuclear and tsunami terror attack. There was a British special air service guy by the name of Spencer and the former head of the Hong Kong police was involved. But so were a lot of senior American people. I would like to know more about whether or not the British royalty was involved in that whole decision to murder 20,000 people in Japan in order to intimidate the Japanese into not trying to assert the right to spend their own money as they chose to do so. That is something I don’t know. I would like to know. Because if they are involved, that is serious. That is mass murder and terror.

(Richard) We also have pedophilia as well. It’s no secret that Charles was very close to Jimmy Savile. We know what Jimmy Savile’s reputation was like. And from that same operation that was done four years ago, now. We found out it went right through past prime ministers, like Edward Heath and other major dignitaries.

(Benjamin) We know that Heath was blackmailed into ceding UK independence to the EU because he was blackmailed over a video of him having sex with a 14-year old boy.

(Richard): Was that in Brighton?

Recent Arrests, Blackmailing and Truth and Reconciliation

(Benjamin) Well, it was in a hotel in London, I think. It was a restroom. But the point being, the thing that is tricky about this is that there are 13-year old girls who look like they are 18. Maybe some people were fooled into doing this and then blackmailed. We need to be careful and try to separate the real predators and criminals from people who have been entrapped, so we can get the people who were entrapped some sort of deal so they can testify against the really bad people, in order to clean up this mess.

(Richard) Also, true pedophiles have a very predatory aspect to them and therefore will have a long chain of evidence, which is now on video and they’re being blackmailed with it.

(Benjamin) We need to deal with people who are actually murdering–not just raping but murdering children. These are the people we need to take down. That is the network that has to be dismantled. It is going to start in the US. It has started. It’s been public now. They have arrested thousands and thousands of pedophiles. This is in the news, it’s on the Department of Justice website, in media release pages and stuff. So they have been arresting thousands of pedophiles all over the world, but not so far in the UK to the extent that it is needed. But again, it’s a tricky issue.

(Benjamin) The Greeks had a system when an older man would have a younger boy as his lover and student. Socrates had sex with Plato who had sex with Aristotle who had sex with Alexander the Great. Apparently the British private schools have carried on this tradition. I think that whole issue will have to be brought up as a truth and reconciliation thing. There is even a word for it, ‘catamite,’ the passive young male sexual partner for an older man. This is going on a lot more than people like to think or imagine. Some of that, there are cases where maybe the guy is 14, but he’s actually enjoying it, and it is consensual. It’s illegal, but something, for that kind of stuff, truth and reconciliation is probably what is needed. But when you are talking about taking a 3-year old and raping them and then strangling them, then what you need is severe punishment. We have to be careful here. It’s a tricky issue. We have to get the good people who are blackmailed to come out so we can get the real hard-core criminals.

(Meg) It’s actually not that far from the public consciousness, because I have had conversations with friends around this kind of issue explaining why, for example, our US Congress so consistently votes in such weird ways, against things for the people, and against policies that might really help the public. And a lot of it is because they are so blackmailed by this stuff.

(Benjamin) Yes, well let me tell you something that happened to me. I was in the local Starbucks and a young woman approached me. She basically propositioned me. I asked her how old she was. She said she was 17. I said, ‘Well, okay, why don’t you call me on your 18th birthday.’ And she didn’t call. I know. (Laughter). All right. I’m just saying…I’m just testing these people. I’m not a pedophile. (Meg: We understand. ) It was clearly an attempt to entrap me. And this sort of thing happens to a lot of people. And a lot of people take the bait and then they are blackmailed. It’s the blackmailers we want to get at, most of all. They are the real problem.

(Benjamin) There is the Rockefeller-linked site, VeteransToday [VeteransToday.com] which has military people, has put out stuff about Trump being blackmailed, about a girl on Epstein’s Island. And if that’s the case, it could explain some of the weird things Trump has done, like the sudden attack on Syria. But that needs to be out there and people need to either forgive him or ask him to… But they can’t have something like that affect national security. That’s the point. The country is much more important than the genitalia of a single individual and what they do with it.

(Richard) Yes, we need to isolate the case as well and see the difference between blackmail and the predatory instinct that somebody is driven by. Actually, it’s a good point. It’s something that as a listening audience, we are all going to be asked to come to terms with and consider how we are going to deal with this. It will affect us all in different emotional ways. And it’s probably coming sooner than we all think. This is probably a good time to reflect on this. It’s not going to be an easy decision.

Clean Up Big Pharma and the AMA

(Benjamin) There is much more important stuff to deal with. What we really want to do is stop the poisoning of the food supply, the spreading of carcinogens, the bigger area that still needs to be tackled is the whole pharmaceutical-medical complex. We know that the American Medical Association was taken over by the Rockefellers way back and their agenda to promote petroleum based medicine and chemical-based medicine, away from natural medicine. There needs to be a big investigation there. They should raid the American Medical Association (AMA) and get to the bottom of that. And clean that whole system up. They haven’t done that, but they need to. That’s a higher priority to me.

(Benjamin) And the attempt to start World War 3 has been diffused, for sure, but nonetheless, the perpetrators of 9/11 and Fukushima have yet to face either a truthful reconciliation or justice and that has to be done.

(Benjamin) And of course, we still have the people in Zug, Switzerland and the BIS, who control the world financial system even though they’re using it based on stolen gold and nobody actually gave them that job. So we have to put pressure on Zurich and Basel and (doorbell rings) the Rothschild family complex in Zug. Why don’t we take our little break now? Someone just rang my doorbell.

(Meg) Sure. So we’ll take a few minutes and then we’ll be back.

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And now back to the show!

(Benjamin) Okay, I’m back

(Meg) Okay, we’re back! We were just thinking about what else we could deal with here. I was also thinking the world-wide human trafficking issue is huge, so that’s kind of related to….these underage problems as well.

 India, China and Africa: All With Big Demographics

(Benjamin) I think the other issue we can talk about… I want to talk about India and Africa.
(Meg): Good.

(Benjamin) Right now, China has had their day in the sun. They’re having their day in the sun. They’ve had incredible economic growth, they have become in purchasing power, in real basis, the world’s largest economy by far. They have been given powerful new international financial institutions like the AIIB and they have their One Belt One Road (OBOR) project, which is 60 times bigger than the Marshall Plan and that’s all great.

(Benjamin) But I’ve noticed that India has been rather sulky about this. They’re part of the Shanghai Co-oporation Organization with India and China but they’re against the OBOR project, because they feel left out. Here’s the thing: according to Wikipedia, China has 1.41 billion people and India has 1.344 billion but the thing is, 50% of India’s population is under 25 and only 25% of China’s population is that age group. In other words, India is young and it’s big and will exceed China in population soon and they finally have got some competent economic management so it’s time to give India a big project comparable to OBOR … and I’m thinking that getting them to help with Africa and India would be a good thing in many ways. Both of these countries have a demographic explosion, whereas the rest of the world is starting to get a shrinking, aging population and it needs to be balanced or dealt with and also the world’s poorest people are still in India and Africa, and something needs to be done there.

(Benjamin) So I’ve been lobbying for a big, big India /Africa project, comparable in scale to the Chinese OBOR thing. To bring both of those huge groups—Africa’s 1.2 billion and India’s almost 1.4 billion—that’s almost half the world. They need to be brought up to the same levels we’re now seeing in East Asia and that Europe has had for a long time. So I think that’s the next big new trend we’re going to see and that has to be done right.

(Benjamin) Honestly speaking, I think that for a while, Africa is going to need a lot of foreign managers. You have to bring in Asians, Europeans, other people, to get what I call the social infrastructure in place… to build institutions that can manage railroads, hospitals and universities in a way that allows talent to rise and so that eventually the baton will to pass to African-Africans, But right now, if you look at what’s been going on, they need outside help. I think it’s time for the world to make a big, big push for Africa.

Return Africa’s Vast Resources to the Africans

(Meg) Besides not only the human capital there, but also enormous natural resources in Africa that have been exploited by the First World countries a lot but need to be returned to the people of Africa so they can use it to develop their own nations.

(Benjamin) Absolutely. Absolutely. China’s been doing a lot of good in Africa, but it’s also time for the West and India to make a contribution. That’s a big issue. And then of course, that ties in with protecting the rain forest there and nature there. You can’t separate poverty and environmental protection; they have to be linked. You have to give people an alternative way of living to burning down the rain forest so they can grow more yams. This is the sort of thing that we need to do. I’m lobbying for the Ching Dynasty Gold, which was stolen by the Rockefellers and it’s sitting in the hill behind Basel Switzerland, to be used as the backing for this project. That’s one thing I’ve been asking for behind the scenes and in public—and I think it’s the next big thing we could do for this planet.

(Meg) So who do you think would be the managing groups that would help Africa? I mean, they do have talent within those countries.

(Benjamin) I think we need to set up a new institution like the AIIB, maybe with an Indian gentleman at the top and with talent from around the world. A whole new institution to do this and it needs to have not billions, but trillions of dollars available to do this. And that money, as I have said, can be backed by the stolen gold and the thing is, the Manchu heirs have said that yes, they’re willing to let the gold to be used for that purpose. So now, the people who stole the gold—the people in Zug, Switzerland, Basel and the BIS—they need to be taken to account. And if they don’t, we’re going to have to force them. This is one of the things–I’m about to go on my summer holiday. I’ll be three weeks off the grid, I’m going to rest up and then I’m going to make a big push for this to happen in the fall.

(Meg) This is very exciting to talk about because I think we’ve all watched in the West the people of Africa having decade after decade of struggle and it’s so painful.

(Benjamin) They’re being paid a fraction of what their resources are worth. I think it was an African who told me that when the Westerners arrive in Africa, they bring weapons and when the Chinese arrive, they bring business. So it’s time to do something different from the West’s point of view. We have to start cleaning up our act in Africa and paying the people what they deserve for their resources. And help them modernize.

(Richard) And their education.

(Meg) : Right

Include Russia in the Council of Europe

(Benjamin) Otherwise, we’ll have to wait on events… But the big thing that happened also in Europe with Trump’s visit, was he publicly called the EU a ‘foe.’ That’s quite something when you think about it.

(Richard) And we heard about him telling Theresa May to ‘sue the EU.’

(Benjamin) Well, yeah, and if it was a business, they would do that. The whole premise of using blackmail to get the British government to sign over its sovereignty to that organization, to start…but I think that’s kind of backward looking. I think more forward looking is that the EU is only 28 countries, and the European democracies are 47 countries. It just needs to be built into something new that includes Russia and all those countries that are now supposed enemies.

(Benjamin) And of course, that means confronting the Agnelli families and the Rothschilds and the other people who own the EU, and saying ‘Hey you guys, you’re not democratic and this is not a pan-European thing. Step aside! Let the Europeans run their own affairs.’ And that’s the issue. It’s not democratic, it’s not run by the people, and it’s not really European. So it needs to be expanded so all the democracies of Europe–47 of them–unite in a new system that includes Russia and all those countries.

(Meg) We were talking last time about reinvigorating the Council of Europe, so bringing in the Russian countries.

(Benjamin) Yeah, and then we need to start–and this is the sort of thing that we can put all these bureaucrats to work at–is working out the nitty-gritty details of a new integrated European structure that includes Russia. That will give the bureaucrats plenty of stuff to do, and hopefully with freedom of the press, they will do it in a way that it doesn’t just add red tape, you know? (Laughs) I think that’s probably something that was also discussed between Putin and Trump, but I wasn’t there, I wasn’t in the room, but I’m sure this is the sort of thing they talked about.

(Richard) Exactly.

Japan Could Be Unified into a NeoManchuria

(Benjamin) I was told before by the CIA that Russia would make a big move after the World Cup. Well, that press conference with Trump was pretty big. I think there’s going to be follow-up. Let’s see what happens with the Ukraine and with all the other leftover issues in Europe, are they going to be finally solved? I think yes. Then Israel and that’s it. Those are the big problems left on this world. North Korea is more or less settled.

(Benjamin) I’ve heard too that when the new emperor takes over in Japan next year–I think it’s in May–then there’ll be a lot of changes in this part of the world. Japan’s gonna let in a lot more immigrants, there’s going to be a push to unify the Korean Peninsula, and I suspect that over time Japan will also be unified with northern east Asia, so like a “Neo-Manchuria,” which would include northern China, Mongolia, Korea, and Japan, and some sort of economic integration and cultural integration which would maybe later be followed by political integration. That’s what I’ve heard is being planned. And I’ve heard this from people in Asian secret societies. And of course, public opinion needs to be managed first because right now what’s been happening is an incredible push to make the Koreans and Japanese hate each other and fight each other. And so there’s a lot of poison in the atmosphere that needs to be drained before any kind of big political changes. But that’s gonna happen, that’s what I’m hearing.

(Richard) Mm-hmm.
(Meg) That’s good.

Poison in the Air, More Poisonings in the UK

(Richard) And speaking of that happening, poisoning the air, quite literally, we’re having that issue here in the UK. If the Skripal case to start with wasn’t a joke, they’ve got folded up with Act 2, and again within eight kilometres of Porton Down chemical warfare factory, we’ve got another couple of people who have just been poisoned with this supposed Novichok. Why is the UK intelligence services doing this, to demonize Russia? It just seems stupid and incredulous.

(Benjamin) Yeah, I would say follow the money and find out who is financing all of this stuff, but yeah, this is the sort of BS that has to be stopped. It serves no real functional purpose. I think it’s just oligarchs fighting each other and trying to create bad PR by financing these incidents. And so we need to go after the puppet masters of incidents like this, and put an end to this sort of nonsense.

(Richard) Absolutely.

(Meg) So you talked last time, Ben, about seeing some antigravity patent information that we talked about.

New York to London in Half an Hour?

(Benjamin) Yeah, I put out the link and I got a couple calls from people who wanted more detail on the patent, and I didn’t have it. Hopefully, this is one thing, though, I believe that the Americans–and by Americans I mean the US military-industrial complex–are holding this as a negotiating card with the Asians. I think that releasing some of this technology and developing it is something that might happen on the North Korea/Chinese development. That’s one possibility. The Americans don’t have gold and they don’t have money, but they’ve got all this super high tech, so there’s gonna be some kind of a trade: money for high tech. I think that’s another thing that’s probably gonna be part of the negotiation this fall.

(Richard) It would align with this sixth branch of the military that Trump’s recently put together as well, wouldn’t it? Now he’s got a platform and a stage to release some of this, and say, ‘Oh, look what we’ve developed.’

(Benjamin) Yeah, and hopefully we’ll be able to fly from New York to London in half an hour on a UFO.

(Richard) Yeah.

(Meg) That’s good. Well, look, I think that we can wrap it up here, on the idea that we can fly from London to New York on a UFO (Laughs). (Richard: Yes.)

In August, Off The Grid and Gone Fishing

(Benjamin) Okay. I’m gonna be off the grid, and I’m not gonna look at email or the Internet for a few weeks. I’m just gonna be fishing and swimming. I think everybody needs to do that at least once a year to ‘detox’ from all this digital stuff.

(Richard) Mm-hmm.

(Benjamin) So I’ll talk to you guys again in September.

(Meg) That’s great! We hope you have a great vacation!

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  1. Hello guys,

    thanks for all the work you put into this! 🙂

    I am right now listening to the latest Benjamin Fulford interview, and it struck me that in the intro (spoken intro with music), the music is very loud – so loud in fact that it is hard to understand what is being said.
    If you can, please make the voice louder.

    The interview itself is quite good technically, more loudness never hurts, so if you can give it some more compression/loudness, feel free to do so.

    Thanks & Best Regards,



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