Image: Budapest and Danube River
Budapest on the Danube

Cobra is having a conference  March 16-17 in Budapest, Hungary.   This time, the conference will be about “Soul Families.”

Click here to read the outline and information about the March conference.

Here is what Cobra has written in the past about soul families:

“Soul families are created when a group of Souls emerges from undifferentiated monadic essence and enters this universe through a seventhdimensional portal of the Galactic Central Sun, either in this galaxy or any other galaxy in the universe.

Millions of highly evolved Souls that are now incarnated on the surface of this planet have mainly entered this universe either through the Galactic Central Sun in this Galaxy or its sister galaxy, the Andromeda galaxy.
They have then gained their experience by traveling throughout the Galaxy through higherdimensional light filaments that crisscross the Galaxy and later focused their consciousness by gaining experience in portal star systems such as Pleiades, Aldebaran, Sirius, Arcturus, Vega (alpha Lyrae), Tau Ceti…
At some point in their evolution path they have encountered Galactic Wars and they got involved and this is their main reason they found themselves on Earth.
Either they made a conscious decision to enter the Quarantine Earth to anchor the Light and help the Light forces to liberate the planet, or they have simply wandered into a dangerous zone in the Galaxy without fully understanding the risk and got caught by the Archons in the interdimensional scalar net, dragged to Earth and forced into reincarnation cycle.
It is of the utmost importance for all higher dimensional star beings incarnated on the surface of the planet to awaken now, remember their missions and carry the out.
It is also of the utmost important for members of the soul families to start connecting with each other from higher perspective and not only as human beings being caught in Quarantine Earth.”


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  1. Hello I’m happy i found your site. I am light worker and I spread love on Facebook and around my house with my neighbor’s and friends.???❤

  2. COBRA,
    We are waiting for you, for the ULTIMATUM in Saturday, March 16th, in front of the Parisian stations 10:00 AM .
    Victory of Light.

  3. COBRA,
    We are waiting for you, for the ULTIMATUM in Saturday, March 16th, in front of the Parisian stations 10:00 AM .
    Victory of Light.

  4. Sashwat pranam, salaam, namstey , salute dear Cobra, Thank you so much fro all the love. Lots of love . Victory of the light .

  5. Thank you, Ed, for taking the time to add a past reference to Cobra’s statements about this topic.
    What is most interesting in his statement is the reference directed to those who came here with a mission in mind and the need for them to remember more about what it is and act on it. Many “lost souls” would find their way back to a purpose filled life if they had the means to recall their past involvement with the higher goals of performing Light work, first as they reach into developing their own potentials and then for the common good of awakening other people in obtainable steps.

    • Hi, Rob. Thanks for the comment. Actually, I posted this (and I occasionally go by “Ed,” so you aren’t far off…:^)..) Hope all is well. -Megan


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