From Cobra’s Blog, published on July 21, 2013.

Event Support Groups need to be formed around the world in every country.

Instructions for group formation:

Those groups will be the main nodes of the network of Light at the time of the Event and will stabilize the transition. Before the Event, these groups will hold the Light for the planet and train their members in preparedness. After the Event, these groups will assist the human masses in dealing with the transition by providing intel and counseling.

Event support groups need to be formed around the world in every country. Instructions for group formation:

1. Every Event Support Group needs to meet physically once a week at the same time, preferably in the same location. Virtual meetings on Facebook or Skype are not enough.

2. It is suggested that every Event support group does the Weekly Liberation Meditation. Instructions for this meditation are here.

The best time of all Event support groups to meet is every Sunday evening.

3. It is suggested that members of every Event support group discuss their own preparedness for the Event and actively search for ways of contributing to the transition. Members of Event support groups can join our Renaissance, Technology, Financial, Leadership, Healing and Media teams.

You can also join our translation teams to help spreading the message locally in your part of the world. Currently there are more than 200 people translating our message in 38 languages.

4. Existing Event support groups are listed on the Prepare for Change home page. If you find your location listed and would like to join an existing group, you can use the Participate form for the Prepare for Change team. They will connect you with the group nearest to you. If there is no group close to your location, you can create one and inform our team of its existence.

You can also create a Facebook group for your local group to make its coordination easier.

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  1. I need to connect with a group here in Los Angeles North County area, Santa Clarita, CA to start learning about the whole process and help others to learn about tha changes are coming soon, blessings.

  2. Do you have anything going on in Kamloops? I’d like to get something started! Some of this is happening for me personally (but I didn’t know really why I was doing it _ie stand up meditation)

  3. please..let me know if that hepls…
    as you can survive without electricity for two weeks?
    as you can purify water for 2 weeks?
    as you can feed the kids for 2 weeks without cow’s milk?
    with oats, ground barley as well as everything that is organic cereal, brown rice, with beans, with chickpeas, with tomatoes, onions, garlic and lemons, vinegar and oil, lettuce and broccoli, mixed nuts, and fruits, with salt and honey, with that and everything else do we find enough to live in peace and harmony.
    not needed: soft drinks, bottled water, refined flour, refined salt, refined sugar, baby food by boat, or athun sardine cans or other” can”, crisp packets of fried bananas, almond , nuts or anything that is fried and spicy, eggs or derivatives, including milk or meat.
    and sure you can avoid more products yet.


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