Galactic Synchronization Ray

Galactic Synchronization Ray

This video is made with excerpts from the movie: SOLAR (R)EVOLUTION by renowned German biophysicist, Dieter Broers.

Well explained in this movie is that the current Rising Planetary Consciousness corresponds to a super-massive Galactic Synchronization Plasma Ray originating from Sagittarius A, which is reaching us through our Sun. Its ongoing influence on us will be ending by mid-2013. Humanity, the planet Earth and the entire solar system are being upgraded at this very moment!

The full movie, SOLAR (R)EVOLUTION is at this link: Solar Revolution Movie. Visit the Solar (R)evolution web site to buy or rent this important work.


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  1. Very Excited to become part of this I have much Knowledge to Share and am always open to New Thought and Ideas Did Own from DEc 2004 to Feb 2009 Thought I could make a Better World for Everyone But the Cabel Shut me down and Dennis Lee Down Now I live on VA Disability from USMC Nam Service in 69-71

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