Community Leaders Brief: FAQ 4 Health Effects

Category 4:  Health Effects

Community Leaders Brief: Frequently Asked Questions

Directory to the 10 Planetary Leaders Group General Categories with Positive and Negative Aspects for:

  1. Consciousness Shift & Changes:  Video titled Secrets inPlain Sight and others
  2. Environmental Effects:  Chemicals, Chemtrails, Deforestation/Clear Cutting, EMFs, HAARP, Hormone Disruption (Phthalates), Nuclear, Pacific Ocean, Petroleum, etc.
  3. Financial:  NESARA, St. Germain Trust, Bkgd on Rothchilds, Financial Tyranny,
  4. Health Effects: Vaccines, GMOs, Excitotoxins, HEAVY METALS: Fluoride, Chlorine, Mercury
  5. History – Hidden:   True, but hidden history, throughout the planet, that we never learned.
  6. New Technologies & Science:  Electric Universe, Kesha Foundation, Nanotech, etc.
  7. Political:  New Scientist article, Agenda 21, 911, USA Inc., Catholic Church,
  8. Planetary –  Geo Changes:  Pole Shift, Solar System in Center of Milky Way Galaxy,
  9. Miscellaneous: Videos and websites emphasizing solutions to outstanding problems.
  10. Information on ETs: Citizen Hearings, Documentaries, Sirius, etc.

 Category 4:  Health Effects


Dr. Russell Blaylock, author: Excitotixins: The Taste That Kills [1996]:
a) NVIC [National Vaccine Information Center]:

b) Vaccine Liberation:

c) Dr. Perlingieri. “Danger in the Shots” 2009:

“Hidden Dangers in HPV Vaccines” 2010:

d) Michel Chossudovsky. “Manipulating the Data…” 2009:

e) Robert Kennedy, Jr. “Deadly Immunity” 2009:

f) Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot, author The Medical Mafia, 2004.
“Vaccination 101” Part 1 of 4:

g) Dr. Russell Blaylock on“Vaccines and Brain Development”:


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