The French Resistance Movement/ PFC Leadership Team Joins Anonymous March

Dear World Wide PFC Team,

Please note some of our Leadership Event Support Group Team Members were in France supporting the Cause for freedom from tyranny. We encourage this kind of dedication and commitment to non-violent change.

Please see the letter below and perhaps send us similar stories if you have them.

All victories all important. I have removed his name for privacy reasons.


Rob Potter


This is A.

Here are some pictures of the Anonymous March on last november 5th. I am wearing the mask.

nov 5 marchnov 5th march 2

This was a very funny day.
200 or 300 cops for only 60-70 people in the march.

Police arrested all the people wearing a mask and getting their identity, then conducted them to the subway station.
In france it’s forbidden by law to wear a mask on the street!!

It was an occasion to speak with passing people and give them flyers for PFC that I printed.

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