Crop Circles Decoded

Dear PFC
I have been  talking to a very wonderful and profound spirit named Judy. She has also had experiences with Commander Valiant Thor and reminds me very much of Dr Frank Stranges. Her insight into explaining the Spirit of Truth is a wonderful revelation beyond politics and dogma. The deep realizations she presents are simple , powerful and profound.
I highly recommend you subscribe to her youtube channel and share her videos far and wide. Many of her videos are best listened to while relaxed and alert in a passive/ active state of awareness. There are layers of teachings within her messages.
I will soon be interviewing her on my radio show on a regular basis as her time allows. I am happy to introduce you to Judy!

3 thoughts on “Crop Circles Decoded”

    • John,
      Yes she is way cool. The answers lie within all we must all ask the creator through our own inner contact with the divine all that is n our nature. Wait to you hear our interviews on my radio show pure truth from this wise soul.

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