With the help of the public in this interview Eric Dollard speaks about the The Advanced Seismic Warning System fundraiser which has raised $20,125 which will help him redevelop the Tesla Alexanderson telluric apparatus.

This is the FULL INTERVIEW with Eric Dollard about Nikola Tesla and the origin of electricity and radio. Thanks to everyone who has generously donated on indiegogo and supported the project by sharing it with their friends, commenting and asking questions about the system.

In this frank and forthright interview Eric explains some of the history of radio, music, and electricity, and expands on applications of the Tesla system, technical details, analogues and new ways to express velocity in the fabric of space or the aether.

Origins of Electricity

Eric discusses the philosophy of what the cause of electricity, tidal force and weather systems may be caused by and makes comparisons of the spring tide alignments of planets in serial with an electrical tide.

Developing a Tesla Magnifying System & Telluric Waves

In this interview Eric Dollard speaks about the origins of Nikola Tesla’s electricity, using the telluric wave thru the media of the earth’s ground terminal. Eric speaks at length about what the true nature of electricity could be. Eric tells how he has been developing a system of knowledge to reveal electricities true nature.

Science of Old & New

New science is discussed, and old science, but the remnant fact of philosophical astronomy and physics is that “nobody really knows”. Heaviside once said “there is no finality”, or in other words modern science today believes it has reached a “condition of finality”, but it really looks like history teaches that geniuses of the past were themselves condemned and ridiculed against overwhelming opposition, only today to be quoted as gods by the scientific oligarchy of today, and as if there could be no enterprising scientist that could exist today that might himself be developing the next new science, and I am sure the oligarchy of tomorrow will herald Eric as a hero. In other words the men of today herald yesterdays blasphemer. Eric speaks about how a kind of religion exists in the study of science and physics and it results in some misunderstandings about Nikola Tesla’s work thru Einstein’s general theory of the velocity of waves. Eric believes that electrical waves can be algebraically expressed in the magnetic and dielectric component, separately, in something called counter-space without the requirement for velocity. Eric discusses planets act as “serial” capacitors when aligned, which themselves act on our planet itself in a way other than what would be described as gravity, but could be detected Electrostatically.

The Electron Shadow, The age of Enlightenment, Mozart & Bach

Eric talks about his service in the Navy and Johann Sebastian Bach’s music and how it’s sequence theory relates to the way in which electrical frequencies or vibrations are added together in a 3 phase electrical transmission line. Eric talks about several good books to read to find out more about bach, is to read on Robert Flood and his conjugate component of Johannes Kepler, that brought the whole thing together which made a union in the development of overtones, resonant and sub-harmonics together.


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