Love Is The Solution For Everything

Please look carefully at the photo of this child kissing its ‘baby’.

There is an energy to it.

I want you to feel it.

It is the energy of Unconditional Love.

Love is the Strongest Force in the Universe that exists.

Love is stronger than hate.

Love is stronger than death.

Love is stronger than loneliness.

Are you ready? Let’s move on together…  you have the power to create your life…

Love Yourself:

  • You are flesh and blood that is combined with Spirit. Honor this connection to Source.
  • Honoring spirit requires quiet time relaxing in nature and doing something you enjoy, even just for fifteen to twenty minutes. (Surprisingly, some of my most ‘spiritual’ time is my commute to and from work each day. I turn off the music in the car, and pray.)
  • Your heart has a ‘mind’ of its own–it is a direct ‘connection’ to Source/Creator/The Divine. It’s not veryloud at first. This is why we honor spirit in quiet time.
  • Think good thoughts–here is an example of the daily thinking Masaru Emoto does. Please note he gives thanks for things he wants to have happen in the past tense. This is not because of the Japanese language. This is because Masaru Emoto knows it is a powerful spiritual tool, to pray for what one wishes to experience in the past tense:   When I wake up in the morning I sit up and I settle down. Then I gaze at a glass of water pre-placed at my bedside. For about thirty seconds I verbalize my gratitude by saying ‘I thank you, and I ask you for a nice day today.’ Then I drink half the water. Next I think about what I need to do during the day. With the feeling of success that I imagine upon completing each task, I say to the water, ‘Everything went well and I thank you.” Then I drink the remaining water. By doing so  good information is sent not only to the water but to the moisture in the surrounding air.  It is possible to resonate with both the water in the glass and the moisture in the air. I get up and I go to the bathroom. After relieving myself, I say ‘thank you’ to the flushing water with my feeling of gratitude.  I then take a shower. The shower water includes chlorine, and it is not good for the skin. Love and gratitude is necessary to improve its hado (energy in the water). This is especially important for those who have skin problems and might not be able to install a shower filter. It is a good idea to tape the words ‘thank you’ and ‘love and gratitude’ on the wall of the shower room to improve the hado of the water.  When I have some time in the morning, I try to go for  a walk. Basking in the morning sun brightens my heart. While I walk leisurely, I think of positive things.
  • Exercise strengthens the aura. Light, gentle movement is enough. Try to get some activity in your schedule every day. If you are busy  like me, park your car farther from the entrance to the store. Don’t take the elevator, take the stairs. Stretch in your work day. And do what you love to do–for movement–when you have the time.
  • Certain things weaken the aura. Educate yourself about them. Some topics are high fructose corn syrup, conventionally grown food, and GMO. Others are more easy to understand, but take a life change–hard alcohol, recreational drugs, tobacco, gambling, loud music, violent entertainment, and gossip have an energy-weakening effect.
  • A weak aura is prone to illness and negative energy attachments. (this is a subject of another blog post, you may look it up using the search box.)
  • If you have been denying yourself something you want, find a way to give it to yourself. Being self-sacrificing is not healthy for you in any way. Love Yourself First.
Love Others:
Aren’t these two bears simply adorable? That is how you look to Source–simply incredible and full of love and joy and creative energy from Source. Source cannot love another more than you!
This is because we are One–all of us are connected to Creator. Some might have it be more easy to see than others, that is sure! Sometimes I look at their behavior and ask myself, ‘what are they thinking?’ We do not become a doormat or a pushover when we acknowledge our common ‘spirit’ that we have in one another; instead, we refocus our gaze to look past all the ‘not so great’ behaviors to the core of ‘source’, and respecting both parties’  common connection to Source, we then act from this ‘perspective’.
Every individual you meet is actually a mirror of some part of YOU. It will help you see what kind of energy you are sending out, and how your personality is. They are your Teachers. 
In a way they are giving you a wonderful gift by being Present with you just the way they are; it gives you a choice on how to interpret that ‘lesson’ and incorporate it into your daily life. 
You in turn, are a Teacher to them.
Gather Together For Strength:
Have you ever seen an old couple who were getting up in years? His hearing wasn’t so good…and her eyes were terrible! Together, they helped each other make up for their weaknesses. He helped her to see, and she helped him when he couldn’t hear.
When we gather with like-minded people, our spiritual ability increases. Our auras strengthen. And we share our ‘pieces of the puzzle’ in the big picture of Life by being exactly who and what kind of person we are! It can be over a cup of coffee. It can be with friends to take a hike or enjoy some aura-increasing activity.
What is recommended at this time by The Resistance Movement is to meet with the same group of people, be it a large group or a small one, every Sunday to share the meditation for the Weekly Liberation Meditation. Together, our energies combine and increase the energy of Gaia for the better!
These meetings should be in person, if possible, and do not need to be long in duration. Together you will create a support system for each other for the time of The Event. (when Gaia gets restored deeply and completely).
Look to the top right hand corner ‘count down’ for the meditation. I do the YouTube one, which is called Meditation number two.


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